How to Tie the Alberto Knot

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The best way to join a line to line knot using lines that are of different diameters, such as monofilament or fluoro leaders to braid lines, is with the Alberto knot.

Also known as the Crazy Alberto knot, a tribute to the angler who invented it, it is THE go-to knot for both newbies and veteran anglers, especially for tying heavy fishing lines together. It comes in pretty handy for anglers who use heavy tackle. 

Recommended Practice Fishing Lines:

Tying the Alberto Knot

Alberto Knot

Step 1

Make a loop in the monofilament leader line and pass at least 10” of the line through the loop. 

Step 2

Then hold the loop and the braided line in your left hand before wrapping it around the double leader mono line. 

Step 3

Make at least seven wraps away from the loop that you created.

Step 4

Wrap the line backward and away from the loop. 

Step 5

Then make seven wraps backward, making sure these wrap over the previous ones.

Step 6

Pass the tag end of the fishing line into the loop and through the part where it entered the loop.

Step 7

Pull the wraps tight and slide them to the end of the loop. 

Step 8

Cut the excess line from the tag end of the braid and mono loop to complete the Alberto knot. 

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Other Types

Modified Alberto Knot – Tie the modified or improved Alberto knot using the same steps but repeat step number 6 twice before proceeding with the rest. This single step enhances knot performance and allows the tag end to be cut as close to the knot as possible. It is also known as the Modified Albright knot. 

FG Knot vs. Alberto Knot

The FG fishing knot has a higher breaking strength compared to the Alberto knot, especially if you want to tie a braid to a heavy fluorocarbon leader line. It is 30% stronger in comparison to the Alberto, even though it takes longer to tie for anglers. Plus, the FG knot has a slimmer profile out of both knots. 


  • It has a high breaking strength.
  • It is easier to tie than the stronger FG knot.
  • It has a slim profile that can pass through guides easily.


  • The Alberto knot has to be tightened well, or it will slip out, especially if you are using a heavy braid or fluorocarbon line. Make sure that you double the mono leader line accurately while you are making it to prevent this. 
  • It is weaker than other fishing knots, such as the FG. 


John Collins Knot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the strongest fishing knot?

A: The Palomar knot is considered to be one of the strongest out of all fishing knots, especially for braided lines when double-wrapped. 

Q: How strong is the FG knot?

A: Anglers prefer the FG knot out of all the knots if they want to tie two different fishing lines together because it is stronger than the line. That’s because it is made by weaving braid over fluorocarbon, which makes it super thin and prevents it from curling. If you fish with an expensive fishing tackle, you should learn how to make this knot by heart. 

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