parts of a fishing reel a conventional fishing reel

Understanding Your Reel Parts

Understanding the parts of a fishing reel doesn’t have to be scary. Overview   Fishing reels are essentially just line

minnows in hand

How to Bait Live Minnows

Are you tired of using artificial baits and want to use live minnows? Live baits have long produced some of

Jon Stenstrom with a Mekong Catfish

Mekong Catfish Fishing Tips

  Are you interested in catching the Mekong Giant Catfish, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world? While

sheepshead fishing tips

Sheepshead Fishing Tips

Did you know there is fish that has a full set (and more) of human-like teeth? Meet the sheepshead or

golden dourado fly fishing

How to Catch Golden Dorado

There aren’t many fish as majestic to fish than the golden dorado. Also known as the river tiger, Argentinean pit