Jon Stenstrom


A Southern California local, Jon has fished up and down the coast of California and into Baja.


Jon is a seasoned fisherman with a deep love for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. He’s been casting lines since his childhood, spending countless hours on the water honing his skills.


In freshwater fishing, Jon has a particular fondness for catching trout in the backcountry of Yosemite. But his passion for fishing extends beyond freshwater. Jon is also an experienced saltwater angler specializing in spearfishing for White Sea Bass, Leopard Grouper, and Yellowtail. The challenge of hunting big game fish in the open ocean is a truly unique experience.


Jon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC San Diego and a Master’s in Engineering from San Diego State. His educational background and experience in product development have given him a unique perspective on fishing, allowing him to apply his analytical skills to understanding fishing techniques and equipment.
can fish see braided line

Can Fish See Braided Line?

Fish’s ability to see braided fishing line depends on several factors, including color, water clarity, and the species of fish.