5 Best Baitcaster Combo In 2023

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Finding the most suitable fishing rod and reel combo can significantly improve your fishing experience.

This is the article for you if you are looking for the perfect baitcaster combo. There are many of these combinations on the market, making the one that is best for you more challenging to find.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the best baitcaster combo to help choose the right one for you.

Best Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

1. Shimano SLX150/SLXCX610MH SLX Casting Combo

Best Overall Baitcaster Combo

Key Features

  • A multitude of potential combinations to cover a diverse range of techniques
  • Quality components for years of dependable performance
  • Comfortable high-density EVA grips that are paired with the sleek cosmetics of SLX
  • The body of the SLX was made of highly rigid metals that produce a solid casting distance

With its tournament-level performance, the Shimano SLX150 is the best overall baitcaster combo on this list. A little inexpensive, but it does not disappoint.

It offers a multitude of potential combinations for covering a diverse range of fishing techniques. Also, it can be cast on the left and right, with optimal strength, sensitivity, and action blend.

2. Lew’s Mach 1 Speed Spool Baitcast Combo

Best Game Fishing Baitcaster Combo

Key Features

  • The left-hand retrieve speed spool combo features a 1-piece lightweight SLP graphite frame
  • It comes with a reel with a premium eight-bearing system with zero reverse
  • Reel featuring a high strength solid brass Speed Gears
  • A multi-setting brake that is an externally adjustable dual cast control system

The Lew’s baitcaster rod and reel combo are perfect for game fishing and a wide range of techniques. It has an ultra-low profile for easy retrieval.

Also, it has an external adjusted magnetic control system for casting different lures and fishing conditions. Cheaper than the Shimano, it is made of high-quality metal materials.

3. Shakespeare Alpha

Best Affordable Baitcaster Combo

Key Features

  • Low profile combo that offers excellent performance
  • Made of lightweight graphite reel that comes pre-spooled with an 8-pound line
  • Lightweight EVA grips that provide comfort during long fishing outings
  • Tubular glass blank construction that made a responsive feel and rugged durability

The Shakespeare Alpha Baitcaster combo is the most affordable on this list. It is a very lightweight, portable rod with good action and power because of its middle-of-the-line rod.

Suitable for small fishing applications. If you’re going to catch a bigger fish, then this is not for you.

4. Shakespeare Big Game Baitcasting Combo

Best Saltwater Fishing Baitcaster Combo

Key Features

  • An 18-pound combo for max drag
  • It has graphite side plates and a reel body with an aluminum handle
  • Made of stainless steel guides for corrosion-resistant bearing
  • Everlast bail system for an improved durability

The Shakespeare Big Game baitcasting combo is suitable for max drag. It is a medium-action rod that is made of stainless steel that can handle a medium weight.

This 18-pound stainless steel rod and reel combo is not perfect for heavier and big fish.

5. Daiwa LX-WN300HSL Lexa Type-WN Baitcasting Combo

Best Bottom Fishing Baitcaster Combo

Key Features

  • A 7-feet medium-heavy power conventional rod for a long-distance casting
  • It offers the benefits of a low profile gear at a lower price
  • It comes with a reel that has sufficient fighting power, drag, and line capacity for the application
  • Much smaller, easy, and manageable size than most spinning reels

The Daiwa reel and rod combo are the most expensive baitcasting combo on the list. This is more preferred when bottom fishing, salt, or freshwater fishing.

It will not limit you to just jigging, and it can also be perfect for a casting technique in large swimming plugs and topwater. It’s also a great rod and reel combo for bass fishing.

Things to Consider When Buying a Baitcaster Combo

Gear Ratio

This determines how often the spool turns in a single spin of the handle. The best baitcaster combos have a higher gear ratio as more line is retrieved per turn.

Handle Size

A shorter fishing reel handle size is way more preferred than a longer one. It is for techniques that use worms or jigs.

However, a quick handle size cannot handle a more extensive and heavier bait. A more oversized, extended fishing reel handle is ideal for a heavy, hard-fighting catch.


Ball bearings are designed to make a smooth casting and reeling. Having a few stainless steel ball bearings is far better as it increases the reeling speed without losing control.

Moreover, when choosing the best baitcaster combos, choose the one with ball bearings with shields. They keep the dirt out of the bearings.

Spool Size

Knowing the spool size will tell you how much drag your reel can support. Small spool size is preferred for short-line applications like flipping. For smaller line coils, a larger spool size is ideal as it can be easily managed.

Brakes and Tension

The brakes are designed to control the fishing line through the end of casting. Tension knobs the controls as you begin to cast the line. A good braking system and tension can facilitate long casts with a wide range of lure weights.


The best combos are aluminum, magnesium, graphite, or fiberglass casting rods. For fishing on saltwater, you need to pick a graphite composite rod as it protects them from corrosion.

Aluminum rods are more rigid and rugged. Fiberglass is lighter, sensitive, and expensive.

Advantages Of Using A Baitcaster

The bait caster reels sit on top of the rod, and the spool is parallel to the rod. It works well with many types and brands of line.

The line comes off the spool directly in line with the rod. While on the other hand, the line is being removed from the rod. This allows for more accuracy.

Disdvantages Of Using A Baitcaster

Bait caster reels are recommended for advanced anglers. This is due to the issue with bird nesting line. Bird nests are when the line is miscast, and it becomes tangled and knotted in itself.

Bait casters are also less effective when targeting larger surf fish or fishing in rugged areas when extra power is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are baitcaster combos good?

Baitcaster is not that hard to use if you’re a beginner. A spinning reel is easy to use, but baitcasters aren’t that difficult to master. They are excellent for accurate and long-distance casting.
Baitcast is the go-to reel for heavy line fishing. It can handle heavier lines than other reels so that you can cast longer and harder with the same weight of the line.

What is a good brand of baitcaster?

One of the good brands available on the market is at the top of this list, Shimano SLX DC, because of its tournament-like performance.
Other brands are Pflueger President XT Low Profile Reel and Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB.

Final Catch

A baitcasting combo is a significant change from the standard spinning rods on the market. It’s extra smooth, and power casting action can help you step up your techniques.

If you haven’t tried owning one before, or maybe you’re looking for improvement from using a spinning rod. Then, investing in the best combo is the way to go. 

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