4 Best Bass Fishing Kayaks For 2023

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Choosing the best kayak can be difficult. There are so many to choose from. Of course, the best boat for kayak fishing is one that’s comfortable, durable, and affordable. That said, we’ve got you covered!

This article will review four of the best bass fishing kayak on the market. This list helps you narrow down your choices based on what matters. Read on!

4 Best Bass Fishing Kayaks

1. Old Town Topwater 120 Angler Fishing Kayak

Best Tandem Kayak for Bass Fishing

Key Features

  • Has EVA foam deck pads for added comfort
  • DoubleU hull design for stability and precision
  • Has a breathable and comfortable ElementAir Seat
  • Comes with an oversized stern tank for extra storage
  • Equipped with a universal transducer mounting system for your kayak fish finder

The Old Town Topwater 120 is a stable fishing kayak that’s perfect for a kayak angler looking for compact gear. This kayak boasts stability and performance thanks to its DoubleU hull design. The Topwater 120 also glides even in rough seas.

This kayak also gives you a comfortable platform, making standup fishing easier. Not only that, but it also has a universal transducer mount! 

2. Wilderness Systems ATAK 120

Best Sit on Top Kayak for Bass Fishing

Key Features

  • Boat length: 12′ 3″
  • Boat weight: 86 lbs
  • Compatible with the Helix MD motor drive
  • Made with Polyethylene for maximum durability
  • Comes with a customizable platform and wind-shedding deck

If you want a striking balance between speed and stability, the Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 is for you. This kayak features a long waterline and a walkable surface. It also has an open deck design, allowing you to customize your boat and extra storage.

Additionally, the boat is equipped with AirPro MAX seats, so you don’t have to worry about comfort. Lastly, this factory-loaded boat has a Flex Pod OS console that lets you integrate your electronics into the boat.

3. Pelican Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

Best Bass Fishing Kayak for Solo Anglers

Key Features

  • Comes with various fishing accessories
  • Lightweight and comes with two retractable carrying handles
  • Features an ERGOFIT G2 seating system for support and comfort
  • Has a Multi-Chine flat bottom hull design for stability and tracking
  • Comes with a 4″ day hatch, a storage bag, and a storage platform with bungee cords

This Pelican Basscreek 100XP is the answer to what anglers demand. It’s made with multiple layers of durable high molecular polyethylene, ensuring that your boat lasts through time.

Additionally, it’s lightweight and compact at 50 lbs, ensuring that you have precise boat control. 

You’re also going to love the many fishing accessories it comes with, including two molded-in rod holders and swivel rod holders. Not only that, but the Basscreek 100xXP also has a paddle tie-down for paddle storage. Its adjustable footrests also allow for extreme comfort even in harsh water conditions.

4. Hobie Mirage Passport Pedal Fishing Kayak

Best Pedal Kayak

Key Features

  • Has gear tracks in front of the seat
  • Features a molded area for your fishing gear
  • Equipped with a storage sock for your valuables
  • Comes with a low-profile frame seat for comfort and breathability

For avid kayak anglers, another popular choice on the list is the Hobie Mirage Passport. It’s one of Hobie’s first thermoformed pedal kayaks, making it lightweight and affordable.

With its capacity of 400 lbs. This is the perfect kayak for avid anglers with many gears. It features a wide beam for stability and has a flat deck for a solid fishing platform. 

Additionally, it has MirageDrive fins perfect for shallow water or offshore fishing. And since it’s thermoformed, it’s easy to transport and store.

best bass fishing kayak
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What to Consider When Buying the Best Bass Fishing Kayaks

When choosing the best fishing kayaks, you have to consider a few things before purchasing. Of course, the right kayak for you should fit your needs and budget.


The primary consideration you have to think of is the kayak’s purpose. For example, a pedal kayak is a good option for those who want to experience hands-free fishing.

Kayaks with trolling motors are also great if you don’t want to tire yourself out. Additionally, these kayaks are also a good option if you want to go sight fishing.

On the other hand, paddle kayaks are less expensive, give you simplicity, and are lightweight. Whatever purpose you’re using the kayak for, ensure that it has rock-solid stability.


If you’re a new kayak angler, you should keep your cartop capacity in mind when choosing a kayak. Of course, you should buy one that you can carry, as a heavy boat will most likely require a wheeled cart for movement. Additionally, the weight of your kayak will also determine its portability.

Purchasing a kayak that’s too big for you to carry means you won’t be able to use it on your own. Lastly, your kayak should be compact without sacrificing paddling performance.


As anglers, it’s crucial to find a kayak that gives you enough room for your fishing gear. Some kayaks have integrated storage and live wells.

Others have molded-in storage, including those with coolers. Generally, sit-in kayaks give you more open space in the hull for your fishing gear. 

When choosing a kayak, list down all the necessities you’re likely to bring on a fishing trip and visualize where you’ll put them.


Another consideration to keep in mind is the kayak’s seat, as it will be your companion on a fishing trip.

If you’re looking to buy less expensive kayaks, expect to get molded-in seats or removable seating pads. Most kayaks on the market also offer adjustable lawn chair-style seats, which give you back support. 

That said, make sure to test the seats out before making your purchase. That way, you know what’s comfortable for you.

Extra Features

Extra features are optional, but these come in handy when you’re out in the water. For example, you can find kayaks with storage for fish.

Having molded-in storage for your live bait is also a good consideration. Additionally, some models allow for kayak camping, which is another helpful feature.

Many kayaks in the market have extra features, so ensure that you find the ones that you need for your money’s worth.


When buying a kayak, your goal is to choose one that will give you the most features without breaking the bank.

Of course, you should consider the first five things on the list, but affordability plays a role along the way. There are many places to look for kayaks, so make sure to research before investing.

You can also look for a second-hand kayak if a new one is not within your current budget.

The Best Fishing Kayak for You

There are many kayak options in the market, from an inflatable kayak and motorized kayak to an ocean kayak. If you’re a newbie kayak angler, this can get overwhelming. 

Hopefully, these fishing kayak reviews helped you decide which to get. If you still haven’t found the right one for you, you can also check out Vibe Kayaks and the Hobie Pro Angler.

Whatever you choose, the best kayak for you is a fully-loaded fishing machine that matches your needs and your fishing situation.

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