Best Beginner Fishing Rods — Our Top 6 Picks

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If you’re new to fishing, it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many different types of rods and reels that it’s hard to know what’s best for a beginner.

We’ve reviewed the top 6 beginner fishing rods on the market today, and we’ll break down all their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Our reviews will help take the guesswork out of buying your first rod, reel, line, and other gear because we’ve done all the research for you!

Choose the best beginner fishing rod from below!

Top 6 Best Beginner Fishing Rods

1. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Best Telescopic Rod for Saltwater

Key Features

  • Made with high-density carbon fiber with fiberglass
  • With anti-seawater corrosion-resistant material
  • With EVA Foregrip for grip comfortability
  • Portable closed-length design
  • With instant anti-reverse bearing 

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos is the perfect angling rod and reel set for beginners.

This combo is made with mixed fiberglass rods to enhance its elasticity and durability with a gear ratio of 5.2:1. The reel seat is also made with stainless steel, making it anti-seawater corrosion. 

More so, the PLUSINNO fishing rod and reel combo are one of the best telescopic fishing rods with a closed-length design for portability and convenience. This is also compatible with freshwater fishing.

2. KastKing Centron Spinning Reel & Rod Combos

Most Comfortable

Key Features

  • Designed with a lightweight and sensitive Toray IM6 graphite blanks
  • Guides made with stainless steel and premium O-rings
  • Finished with EVA handles and fighting butt for comfortability
  • With Centron reel for better angling

KastKing Centron Reel and Rod Combo are great for all-day angling because of their EVA handles and fighting butt, which enhances the comfortability of this fishing rod and reel combo. 

This product also has durable, lightweight guides with O-rings and stainless steel. The guides work great for both mono and braided angling lines.

With contoured EVA handles and a fighting butt, this rod and reel combo allows the angling rod to feel comfortable in the angler’s hand. Each KastKing has a Centron spinning reel that matches the fish type and rod. 

3. Penn Battle III Spinning Reel and Rod Combo

Best Fly Fishing Rod for Saltwater Gaming 

Key Features

  • Designed with a full metal body with side plates
  • With graphite composite blank for durability
  • Made with CNC Gear Technology
  • With Carbon fiber drag washers
  • Great rod for fly fishing, light inshore, surf fishing, nearshore, and heavy offshore 

The Penn Battle III Spinning Rod and Reel Combo are enhanced with CNC Gear Technology for their improved durability. It’s also designed with an HT-100 Carbon Fiber drag system that provides great control of the angler while out on the water. 

This spinning rod and reel combo is also made with graphite composite blanks, premium cork, and EVA handles for better comfortability, which works well with boat fishing.

4. Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Reel and Rod Combo

Best Rod and Reel Combo for Kids 

Key Features

  • Designed with lightweight EVA grips for kids and adults with smaller hands
  • Made with graphite and fiberglass construction
  • With HT-100 carbon fiber drag system for powerful drag
  • Machined with aluminum spool plus one ball bearing 

The Ugly Stik GX2 Fishing rod and Reel Combo are perfect for people with smaller hands because of its lightweight EVA grips. More so, this fishing combo is equipped with a durable Ugly Stik rod with a Shakespeare angling reel for optimal function. 

Additionally, this product’s construction of fiberglass and graphite rods offers exceptional durability and sensitivity. It also offers one-piece Ugly Tuff made with stainless steel, eliminating pop-outs for comfort during use. This is a great option if you’re looking for a fishing pole for kids.

5. Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Angling Rod

Best Angling Rod for Any Fishing Line 

Key Features

  • Designed with 35% more graphite for improved strength
  • Indestructible graphite and blank fiberglass construction
  • Made with a Clear Tip design with cork handles
  • Features a single piece of stainless steel Ugly Tuff

The Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod features a 1-piece Ugly Tuff made with stainless steel to eliminate pop-outs for ease of use in all types of lines.

More so, this rod has a Clear Tip design for improved responsiveness and strength. Its cork handles also provide comfort even when angling all day. 

The reel seats of this Ugly Stik are exposed and designed with cushioned stainless steel hoods ensuring that you can firmly grip your reel in place. 

6. Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Angling Rod

Best Lightweight Rod with Durable Construction

Key Features

  • Designed with Ugly Tech construction for better rod balance 
  • With one-piece stainless steel guides for pop-out elimination
  • Lightweight and durable EVA grips
  • Features an Ugly Stik Clear Tip design

This Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod features the Ugly Tech construction, offering great rod sensitivity and balance. Its stainless steel guides also allow pop-out elimination that is compatible with all types of lines.

More so, this rod’s Ugly Clear Tip design provides improved strength and sensitivity. This rod offers a comfortable and sturdy hold with its EVA foregrips. 

best beginner fishing rod
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Types of Fishing Rods for Beginners 

When you are new to angling, you must know the proper fishing gear to angle, including a good beginner rod. You can only learn to angle properly when your rod is suitable for your angling location and the fish type. 

There are various types of rods, but not all are suitable for beginners like you. The following is the ideal beginner rods for you.

Fishing rods

Spinning rods are perfect for beginners. These rods are very easy and smooth to use, relatively inexpensive, versatile, and widely available.

They also enable long casting with any type of lure. As a beginner this is an important feature because a casting reel is essential for beginners. 

These rods are commonly lightweight, with varying lengths and numbers of eyes. They are very basic rods with comfortable grips for all types of fishing lures, angling locations, and fish species. 

Telescopic Rods

Telescopic rods are also becoming popular for beginners. This is because they are also inexpensive, can be easily opened and closed, and you can easily transport them. 

Fishing Reels 

The reels you choose should match and be compatible with your rods and the fish species for successful angling.

You should avoid baitcasting reels for beginners because they are difficult to operate. More so, they are commonly for more experienced anglers. Instead, use spinning reels.

Although they are incomparable with the precision of baitcasting, they are a great starting point if you plan to become a professional angler.

They are the perfect reels for beginners because they can be paired with any angling rod.

These types of reels are easy to operate and offer various angling possibilities for beginners like you. The spinning combo is commonly the best rod and reel combo for beginners.

Another type of fishing reel is the spin-cast reel. Some beginners prefer spincast reels because they have closed housings and are suitable for any angle. However, take note that spinning reels are better. 

How to Choose a Beginner Fishing Rod 

The first thing you should take note of is choosing angling rods from good brands. This ensures that your rod will last long.

Angling rods are an investment. Better make sure that you choose the right brand. Nonetheless, it’s also important to take note of the following:


You also have to consider where your angling location will be. Other rods do not work well in both freshwater and saltwater fishing. 


Do not choose rods that are too long because it would be hard casting reels using long rods. More so, very long rods would also be hard to maneuver, especially when you are on small boats.

The optimum rod length for beginners is around 7 feet, which is ideal for any occasion. 


Another thing to consider is the handles. Choose a beginner rod with comfortable handles for better grip and comfortability during angling. 


Lastly, you should also consider the size of the closed rods. It’s better to choose lightweight rods that are easy to store in your tackle box, like a telescopic rod. 

Best Fishing Rod in a Nutshell 

Buying the right beginner angling rod requires research and comparison of many brands and features. You have to ensure that what you buy lasts longer and is perfect for your angling trips. 

After reading this review guide for angling rods, we hope you have found the best beginner fishing rod you need for your next fishing trip. What do you think? Let us know!

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