7 Best Bluefish Lures (Our Top 2023 Picks)

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Fishing for bluefish is a rewarding activity, but it can be a difficult experience without the right resources, so these finicky creatures call for upgraded equipment that is resistant enough against their defenses. 

In this article, we’ve chosen the most efficient and best bluefish lures to help you catch more. We have also included some fishing tips and tricks to make your fishing experience even more productive!

7 Best Bluefish Lures

1. Crocodile Spoons Silver Color with Treble Hook 

The Most Preferred Lure for All Environments

Key Features:

  • With triple strengthened treble hook for heavy-duty fishing
  • Sturdy treble hook
  • Has silver prism chrome plating
  • Works best for catching trout, tuna, bass

This saltwater lure can mimic its target through repeated jerking movements and blinding flashes. It’s a good choice for starting anglers to professional ones and is efficient for multiple strokes from various fish species.

Its silver finish comes with a prism pattern and has an appearance of a minnow plate and shape. The treble hooks can set and snag when a bluefish comes to strike the lure.

This lure comes in different sizes suitable to catch big bluefish and can work well, even for long-distance casting. 

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2. Rapala X-Rap Saltwater Fishing Lure 

The Most Efficient Saltwater Lure

Key Features:

  • With a long casting system with tempting rattles
  • Built with holographic inserts
  • Has dual treble hooks
  • With reflective designs

This high-end lure is a great option for fighting against bluefish as they are designed to mimic them during casting and retrieval. It is guaranteed to mimic its target accurately as it is tested in water tanks so they can effectively wander around the water. 

Its holographic inserts allow flashes and light from different patterns to be reflected appropriately. In addition, its rattles provide additional visuals and sound to be enticing enough to trigger bites even to fish not actively feeding.

3. Creek Chub Striper Strike Slow-Sinking Long-Casting Fishing Lure 

The All-Around Fishing Lure

Key Features:

  • Has extremely sharp stainless steel trebles
  • With popping and chugging cupped mouth
  • Durable and trophy-worthy
  • Long-casts are necessary to catch fish

This lure can deliver the most wanted casting action and distance you are searching for because it can limit the depth of water you can fish around.

What sets it apart from other lures is they are effective for drift fishing in lower water levels while mimicking the action of your bluefish target. 

Its dual treble hooks allow your hookups to be consistent, although it may be difficult to unhook the fish. The lure is designed to have a balanced shape and weight, allowing the lure’s casting ability to extend to schools of fish away from the shore. 

4. Storm WildEye Swim Shad 05 

The Most Realistic Bluefish Lure

Key Features:

  • Has internal lead heads impregnated with bio-salt tails
  • With a 3D wild-eye finish
  • Designed with a prism to target fish hard
  • Has pre-rigged premium VMC needlepoint hooks

This bluefish fishing lure has polyvinyl chloride soft-plastic WildEye bodies incorporated with salt to attract fish. What ​​makes it realistic is its hard yet much softer body on the outside, together with its 3D wild eyes. 

A buried lead head will prevent fish from spitting baits prematurely. The natural colors give lifelike details that match its holographic flashes for improved visibility. It also features an I-Bolt construction, adding to its extreme durability.

5. P Line Diamond Bar Fishing Jig 

The Deep Water Jigging Bluefish Lure

Key Features:

  • Has smaller-sized diamond jigs for shore fishing
  • With sturdy rings and swivel
  • Superior strength and stability

This bluefish fishing lure is perfect for aiming bottom-dwelling fish such as lingcod and is available in different sizes, making them ideal for shallow-water fishing as well. It has a holographic laser finish to give more attractive flashes to fish. 

The reel​’​s increased capacity allowed the improvement of each casting distance and provided a more natural look to both trolling lures and baits.

This line has incorporated fluorocarbon and copolymer technology and features abrasion resistance and ulterior strength, making it the best choice for anglers.

6. Savage Gear Sand Eel 

The Best Bluefish Lure for Vertical Fishing

Key Features:

  • Equipped with Japanese carbon steel saltwater-grade hooks
  • 3D scanned realistic artificial Sandeel lure
  • Can imitate sand water eel action
  • Made for heavy-duty fishing

This bluefish fishing gear features a sand eel imitation, making it desirable for many marine predators. The soft body gives a triggering swimming action and has proven to be a deadly swimbaits.

It is designed with Japanese-grade hooks to combat vicious attacks from large bluefish. Cod, coalfish, and smaller halibut are great catches for this lure.

The tail enables the most brutal and hardest attacks with its positive and incredible actions. It makes use of the “sleeper technique,” which works as a search bait by trying to slow troll the sand eel around smooth bottoms.

7. Nomad Design Madscad 

The Versatile Twitching Sinkbait

Key Features:

  • Has through-wire construction for durability
  • Comes with KK super strong trebles or single inline hooks 
  • Various color and design options to pick from

This lure is designed from a deep-bellied baitfish widespread around the world. What makes it a versatile and successful lure is its lifelike profile and its key features: a head with a flattened top, small tail wings, and scalloped sides. 

Together with its action of rapid twitching underwater, it can give the lure to perform actions like side darting accompanied by second pauses.

This lure can perform wiggling actions, effective in copying the actions of an injured fish. Smaller sizes of this lure are great for catching redfish, snook, striped bass, and other saltwater fish.

best bluefish lures
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Tips for Bluefishing

It is exciting to catch larger bluefish and can be done by trolling, surf fishing, and using an artificial lure. Bluefish can be dangerous, so it’s best to use wire leaders for protection.

Here is some information about their behavior so you can decide when and how you can catch more bluefish. 

 Tough Tackle 

Bluefish are fighters or attackers. They can attack at any lure or bait. Bucktails, trolling spoons, and metal lures are the best bluefish lures that work best for them.

You have to be prepared with your equipment. You must have a wire leader with high durability because their very sharp teeth can cut.

Best Bluefish Lures

Most Bluefish favorite live baits are eels and menhaden. Cut bait is the second option you have, which can attract more bluefish because of the lure oil and scent it gives off. 


Several species have their own time to appear on the water. It varies from dusk to morning. There are smaller bluefish available the whole day, and the best time for fishing for bluefish is during the daytime. 

Best Bluefish Lures to Use

Lure materials must be made of metals and plastics that are durable enough. The designed lures for fly fishing for bluefish are wobblers, spoons, bucktail jigs, and crankbaits. 

The Choice for the Best Bluefish Lures

Because bluefish bite anything that comes into their sight, there are many efficient lures you can use to result in a bluefish feeding frenzy. Just be careful in choosing lures, as their sharp teeth can tear your lure easily. 

There are many efficient artificial lures we can use to catch bluefish. They bite anything flashing in front of their face; however, you need to choose the best bluefish lures correctly. 

Bluefish Are Worth the Catch

Bluefish species are known to be a hard catch, and this is the reason why every angler is on the lookout for the best lures to add to their tackle to make the most of their fishing trip.

Now that you know the best fishing tips and the best fishing lure and their importance in surf fishing, you can catch bluefish productively and enjoyably.

So, keep this information in mind and weigh out each product feature to finally decide which is the best appropriate for your techniques, budget, and preferences.

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