9 Best Camping Tents for Backpackers & Families

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Camping is a perfect activity to unwind and enjoy the peace away from the busy city streets. Especially if you need to hit the backcountry to unwind with a bit of fly fishing.

But a camping trip wouldn’t be as relaxed and comfortable if you don’t have the best camping tent for you to rest on after a day’s hike or a long car ride. 

best camping tents
Setting up the best camping tent should be easy and fun. Source: Brian Yap

Here are the best camping tents that will help you get the most out of your camping trip.

9 Best Camping Tents

1. Marmot Crane Creek

Two-Person Backpacking Tent

We’ve been using Marmot gear for years here in the backcountry of the Eastern Sierras. Their gear has stood up for years through abuse and tough conditions.

When it comes to backpacking tests it’s important for it to be lightweight and durable. The Crane Creek is a solid tent that can fit one-person comfy and two-people a bit snuggly.

The rods are nice and sturdy. Others love the footprint as well. Well worth you checking out.

2. Coleman Sundome

Six-Person Tent

Coleman Sundome ensures that you and your friends can comfortably rest after a long hike or car ride with its Sundome tent. With its bigger windows and a ground vent, this 6-person tent enhances airflow to give you better ventilation while you rest and relax.

You and your friends can easily set up the Coleman Sundome tent in under 10 minutes without spending too much energy.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about the rain and cold weather, as Coleman has its exclusive WeatherTec system with water-resistant fabric and zipper to keep you dry and sheltered. Its tub floor has welded corners and inverted seams to keep it durable, waterproof, and leak-free.

The tent is engineered to stand in stormy, warm, and unpredictable weather conditions during your camping trip as it is well-equipped with an e-port for fair access to electricity inside the tent. 

3. REI Kingdom 6

Family Tent

Family camping has never been more exciting and fun as the REI Kingdom 6 ts the whole fam without compromising quality and comfort. This tent’s wall and floor plan allow family campers to maximize its livable space and ensure the freestanding pitch’s stability.

You can zip the center divider to create two rooms into the tent without compromising the great view and ventilation as it has bugproof mesh paneling and doors.

This family tent protects campers from the unpredictable weather as it has two doors with four zipper sliders, and one door has a weather-protective awning.

Plus, the REI Kingdom 6 tent gives you a comfortable experience in rainy and stormy weather as it has a seam-sealed waterproof polyester fly, which you can roll up from sides or ends. 

4. REI Co-op Grand Hut 4

Car Camping Tent                                                                                   

The REI Co-op Grand Hut 4 is a classy yet simple portable cabin with space for a small group of campers. The cube-like shape of this four-person tent makes its floor space livable and usable. One camper attests that the vestibule doesn’t leak as the rain fly extends all the way to the ground.

The tent features a single-pole assembly and clips for a stable and freestanding cabin design. It has two large doors with low sills for easy entry and exit to and from the cabin. You get to enjoy the view anywhere you’re camping as the wall panels are up high and bug-proof.

Plus, it also offers privacy with its ripstop panels down. You can quickly secure the high-quality tent by attaching the fly with buckles when setting up. 

5. Big Agnes Scout 2

Backpacking Tent

If you and your buds plan to camp away from home where you’ll have to hike, you need a comfortable tent that is easy to transport and easy to set up. With its lightweight design, you can pack it down to the size of a water bottle and carry it easily throughout your hike.

Despite its weight, it has a Dyneema fabric, which keeps it durable, and rainproof, perfect for three-season weather protection. This two-person tent incorporates trekking poles as its mainframe, which they couple with the pre-cut guylines for a quick set up.

It also features a single-wall design combined with 3D bin pockets for more organized backpacking gear for your trek.   

6. Kodiak Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe

Two-Person Tent

The Kodiak Flex-bow tent boasts a convenient design that makes it an easy setup tent done by one person. It features a Hydra- Shield, which is durable, watertight, and breathable. The flex-bow frame makes for an exceptionally sturdy and taut tent, creating high quality and comfortable rest.

The Kodiak tent’s two doors have the #10 YKK zippers for a convenient entry and exit. You can also customize this tent to your liking and move freely inside as it has a spacious 6’6” ceiling height.

Although this all-season tent can be used all year to withstand full rain camping, it is not advised and designed for extreme inclement weather conditions or heavy snow accumulation. 

7. MSR Hubba

Car Camping and Backpacking Tent

The MSR Hubba is a lightweight camping/ backpacking tent that gives enough space for one person. It is an easy carry and easy setup tent that is conveniently livable.

The Xtreme Shield Waterproof coating feature ensures that the tent will last three times longer than standard waterproof coatings. Plus, it has Easton Syclone Poles to resist breaking in harsh wind conditions. 

8. Marmot Limestone

Four-Person Family Tent

Camping with a family of four has never been easier, as the Marmot Limestone 4 makes it easier and convenient for you and your family to be comfortable in a reliable shelter where you can share camping experiences together.

The tent is durable with a seam-taped polyester rainfly, which makes it fully waterproof without compromising campers’ breathability.

Plus, it has a catenary cut design in the fly and tent, allowing the air to flow under the fly and around the tent to keep campers cool and dry. The tent has a super-sized double door for easy entry and exit and a rear D-shaped door with a large vestibule for gear storage.

This family tent is quick and easy to set up because of its color-coding system, where you’ll only need to match the poles to their clips. This weatherproof and ultralight tent ensures quality and a comfortable camping trip with your family. 

9. Nemo Hornet

One-Person Lightweight Tent

Nemo Hornet is the master of ultralight backpacking/ camping trips. It offers livability and comfort with its lightweight design. The premium 10D Nylon Ripstop fly with silicon repels water for a weathertight and rugged packed size tent.

It has a large vestibule where you can store your dry gear. The tent has guyots and struts at corners to increase volume at the foot, protecting sleeping bags from wall condensation.

Best Camping Tent Brands Worth Checking Out                   

One of my favorite brands for camping is Marmot. However, the brand that’s right for you depends on your exact needs. For example, if you need to fit a family of six in a shelter for a low-cost, the best brand might be Coleman or REI.

If you’re looking for a couple of tents that can be easily set up, Big Agnes and Kodiak tents will suit you well. This guide should help you to make a wise and informed decision when you purchase for your next camping trip. 

Car Camping Tent Considerations             

Car camping allows you to prepare your tent with your car conveniently. You need to consider the space it will give you to enjoy your trip and the tent’s portability in a vehicle. The REI Co-op 4 and MSR Hubba are profitable brands to cater to your car camping needs.     

Which Tents Work Best for Backpacking

The MSR Hubba is a good backpacking tent for four persons, but if you plan on camping alone, the Nemo Hornet has a lightweight design that will be easy to carry on your backpacking trip. 

How to Pick a Tent for the Family

Family camping should be fun and enjoyable for every part of the family. In picking a tent for the family, you want one with enough space for everybody without compromising comfort and breathability.                                                                                                                         

Tips for Setting Up a Camping Tent 

  1. When you get to your camping site, look for the best area where you should set up your tent. You want flat ground free of sharp objects. You also want to set it on higher grounds to avoid the chances of water going in your tent if the rain comes. 
  2. Once you find a good spot, unpack the tent and make sure all parts are accounted for. If complete, unfold and lay it on its respective area, depending on where the sun rises and sets.
  3. Stake down your tent corners after laying a ground cloth or footprint if you have one. Then, connect your tent poles to their respective counterparts. Most tents come in a color-coded system to ensure that you don’t put the wrong sections together.
  4. Assemble the frame tent depending on its design by sliding the poles through sleeves on the outside or securing the ends in grommets at the tent’s base and attaching the body to the poles via clips.
  5. Lastly, make sure to secure your tent’s rainfly to protect you from the rainy weather. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tent to buy?

The best tent to buy is one that will suit your camping needs and the conditions where you’ll be camping. If you’re camping alone, it is wise to bring the Nemo Hornet tent as it is lightweight and will give you enough room to rest comfortably and store your gear. 

Are Coleman tents good quality?

Coleman makes one of the better budget camping tents on the market. They are generally a bit heavier so transporting them via car is ideal.

What are the best four-person tents?

The best four-person tent which allows you to optimize your camping experience is the Marmot Limestone. It is lightweight, convenient, and spacious enough for campers to be comfortable. 

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