7 Best Dive Computers in 2023 (Reviews & Guide)

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When it comes to dive computers, you’ll want to buy the right one for you. It’s important to consider your level and diving skills.

You’ll end up buying a dive computer that’s far too advanced for you or not enough if you blindly buy whatever you find. The best dive computer for you will be within your budget, skill level, style, and more.

With so many to choose from, we’ve made it easier for you to find the perfect one. Here are our top picks for the best dive computers!

7 Best Dive Computers

1. Scubapro G2 Wrist W/ Transmitter and HRM

Best for Technical Diving

Key Features

  • Easy-to-read display
  • The wireless air integration monitors tank pressure
  • Full-tilt compass
  • Has an adjustable dive profile for a more or less conservative experience
  • Use multi-gas blends in a single dive
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts for 50 hours
  • 1,000-hour dive log

Scubapro G2 Wrist has a large display. It is loaded with features for recreational diving. Here it allows wireless air integration to nine different tanks to indicate air levels. More so, Scubapro G2 can incorporate the wearer’s heart rate and skin temperature. It also provides a dive table.

2. SUUNTO Eon Core with Transmitter & USB

Best for Advanced and Technical Divers

Key Features

  • Gas switches up to 10 gases. Uses Air, Nitrox, Trimix, and more.
  • Battery remaining time indicator
  • Has Digital Compass
  • Wireless air integrated
  • 150 m depth

SUUNTO EON Core is a multi-gas technical dive computer made for serious tech divers. This has a large color display and is easy to read. You can customize the data you want to see. It is suitable for use on-air, nitrox, or trimix whether it’s recreational no-decompression or technical decompression dives.

3. SUUNTO D5 Scuba Diving Wrist Computer with USB Cable

Best Dive Computer for Scuba and Freediving

Key Features

  • For Entry-level and Advanced
  • Uses air, nitrox
  • Has a digital compass and interchangeable straps
  • Wireless Mobile Connection
  • 100 m Water Resistant

SUUNTO D5 is great for new divers and divers with more experience. This can adjust the algorithm to become more conservative. It has gas-switch compatibility and an in-built compass. This can take you from your Open Water course and has all the features a recreational diver could need.

4. Mares Smart Apnea FreeDive Dive Computer BK/WH

Best for Spear Anglers and Freedivers

Key Features

  • Water-resistant up to 20 ATM
  • Countdown timer
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Daily alarm and time signal

Mares Smart Apnea is for spear anglers and has a free dive mode. This is a simple and user-friendly device. This has an alarm that reminds you to drink for hydration. The measure of descent and ascent speed is handy for freedivers.

5. Aqua Lung i200 Wrist Computer

Best for Beginner Divers

Key Features

  • Has four operating modes
  • Modes Air, Nitrox
  • Has Gauge with run timer
  • Tracks calculations to allow unrestricted switching for freediving mode
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Records can last 24 dives

Aqua Lung i200 was rated very good for ease of reading both underwater and surface. This has a good safety stop feature that can be adjusted for 3 or 5 minutes at 20, 15, or 10 feet. With its modest price and great features, the Aqua Lung i200 can be your best buy for a dive computer.

6. Suunto D4F Black Freedive Computer

Best for Beginner Freedivers

Key Features

  • It has a maximum depth of 100m
  • Light-Weight
  • For freediving, snorkeling, and spearfishing

Suunto D4f Black dive computer strictly focuses on essential features for freediving. This is a great option for free diving beginners who won’t need scuba functions. This has great value, appearance, and functionality.

7. Garmin Descent Mk2 Computer

Best Dive Computer for Fitness Lovers

Key Features

  • An advanced dive computer with 1.4″ color sunlight
  • Six dive modes which include an underwater compass
  • Dive logs can store and review data from up to 200 dives
  • Battery life is up to 80 hours in dive mode.

Garmin Descent Mk2 is an advanced computer made after Garmin descent mk1 that covers every type of diving. It has GPS tracking, making it easy to return to your favorite dive spots. The battery life can last 80 hours in dive mode and 50 days in battery-saver mode.

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What Are Dive Computers and Why You Should Buy One

What is the best scuba gear? It should contain the best dive computer.

This gadget monitors you during your freediving. It monitors depth and bottom time. More so, it calculates decompression and tracks nitrogen loading. It keeps you within the safety limits of your dive.

These should be one of your most essential bits, which will keep you safe when you change your dive plans. This will also track your time out of the water and monitor your physiologic features.

What Should I Look For When Buying the Best Dive Computers

Display Type

Your computer should show all your essential dive information. It should also have a user-friendly interface with two, three, or four buttons for menu selection and navigation. Some computers with higher price tags have a fluorescent display. It makes reading during low visibility or night diving easier.

Operating Modes

Each computer will have different operating modes. For entry-level computers and well-priced dive computers, it should have impressive features. This model will allow a selection between gauges only. The freediving and scuba modes are for advanced divers who have a multi-disciplinary approach.

Oxygen Blend

Your watch should be able to know how to navigate the air, nitrox. This is especially important for scuba diving with enriched air. Nitrox is an effective tool but must be used properly. You should know your air consumption to determine if you have the best computer.

Battery Type

Dive computers work best with lithium batteries. Aside from that, replaceable batteries are the top option. The watch’s performance is at its optimum level when you consider the battery’s life and material.


New divers should choose a simple computer with as few buttons as possible to avoid confusion underwater. Advanced or experienced divers may not find this important. Still, newbies will have an easier time navigating less complicated designs that are easy on their eyes and hands.


This can have your heart rate monitor, logging dives, time underwater, max depth, and watch mode. You must be able to know how your computer works. To have a great dive computer, you must be familiar with how it works. It will help if you choose a watch that is compatible with you.

Ease of Usage

It would be best if you were comfortable with your own computer. No matter how expensive or how techy it is, you may have a hard time if you are not comfortable with it. The best computers to have are the ones a diver is comfortable using.

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