Best Fishing Coolers for Keeping Fish Fresh in 2023

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Our top fishing cooler for keeping fish fresh is the Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler, Charcoal. This cooler can keep your fish frozen for days thanks to its 3 inches of PermaFrost insulation. It also features self-draining cup holders and tie-down loops that can withstand harsh wet environments. The Rotomolded construction and rust-resistant stainless steel screws protect your catches from UV and sun damage. Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler is another great option if you want something more portable. This cooler features an ultratherm insulated body and lid that keeps your fish cold throughout the day. It also features ultraviolet inhibitors that protect your fish from sun damage. This cooler has non-slip grip handles, making it easier for you to carry along even when wearing gloves. Lastly, it can withstand harsh environments as it’s made of indestructible, rust-resistant stainless steel screws.

A good fishing cooler can store your catch cool for your entire fishing trip. It should also be multi-faceted and large enough to accommodate all your catches comfortably. Here, we cover the best fishing coolers in 2023 that will keep your fish fresh while fishing.

6 Best Fishing Coolers For 2023 Reviewed

1. Yeti Tundra 

Best Marine Cooler

Built to withstand the harsh, wet environments of life. Indestructible rust-resistant stainless-steel screws, lid strap, and hinged latch.

As for its ice retention, the insulation in the body and lid keeps ice frozen for days. UV protection shields from sun damage.

A threaded drain plug lets you hook up a hose for ultimate easy-to-drain performance. It also includes self-draining cup holders and a lockable lid or tie-down loops.

This is one of my favorite best fishing coolers.


  • Quality cooler
  • Easy to use latches to secure the lid.
  • Barefoot no-slip grip.
  • Easily anchor it to your boat.

Yeti Warranty Information: Link

2. Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler

Best Igloo Marine Cooler

This igloo marine cooler is built to withstand harsh, wet environments, with indestructible rust-resistant stainless-steel screws, a lid strap, and a hinged latch.

Ultratherm insulation in the body and lid contributes to ice retention for up to 5 days, keeping the contents cold. UV protection shields from sun damage.

A threaded drain plug lets you hook up a hose for ultimate easy-to-drain performance. It also includes four self-draining cup holders and a lockable lid or tie-down loops.

The igloo marine cooler has all the features of comparable coolers but at a much lower, more affordable price.


  • It is affordable with many same features as other coolers.
  • Maneuvers well on most all-terrain.
  • The telescopic handle makes it easy to carry along behind you at the proper height.

Igloo Warranty Information: Link

3. Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Portable Marine Cooler

One of the Best Marine Coolers

Keep your food and drinks cold for the full length of your next boating excursion (or even a camping trip) with the best fishing marine coolers, the Coleman 120-Quart Coastal Xtreme.

Specially designed for boating and fishing, this portable cooler combines a generous capacity with a rugged design. This design stands up to tough saltwater conditions.

Large enough to store up to 204 cans, this huge cooler offers plenty of room for beverages, food, and any catch you might haul on board. The insulated lid and walls offer up to 6 days of ice retention, helping ensure your catch stays fresh even during multi-day voyages and keep your beverages cold so you can enjoy cool drinks in hot weather.

Built to withstand years of rugged marine use. This heavy-duty cooler comes equipped with rust-resistant stainless steel hardware and UV guard sun protection. This resists yellowing and cracking. A threaded drain with an easy-to-clean valve allows you to empty excess water without tilting the cooler.

The smooth EZ-Clean lid easily wipes clean of grime and dirt, while the Have-A-Seat lid offers a comfortable place to sit and relax.

And thanks to its comfortable no-crush handle grips, this finest fishing cooler is easy to transport whether you bring whole meals for your long fishing trips or fishing adventures.


  • Very durable lid.
  • Comfortable handle grips.
  • Ice retention for up to 6 days.
  • Same performance as the more expensive brands.

Coleman Warranty Information: Link

Best Fishing Coolers
Coleman coolers have been keeping fish cold for decades. Source

4. Reliable Fishing Products Kill Bag

Best Fish Kill Bag

This is a great alternative if carrying a larger cooler is not feasible for the trip you are going on.

Reliable fishing insulated fish bags are the best on the market. They are made with the highest quality material and insulation. They have many great features; for example, the material is mildew and UV-resistant. Also, they have a 12-inch gusseted bottom which allows them to stand on their own and hold more fish.

All the bags come with a drain plug for an easy clean up and are completely collapsible for easy stowaways. Why use bulky coolers or make your fish holds stink? There is no need for that with the reliable fishing insulated fish bag.

These bags hold more fish, alleviate smells, and are easy to clean and stow away. Because they have such high-quality insulation, their ice retention is excellent.

This allows you to stay out longer, knowing that your fish is fresh and safe. Reliable fishing products make 9 different sizes to accommodate all boats, no matter the size. The sizes range from 18×36 to 30×90.


  • Very easy to transport.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Hangs on the side of the boat for easy access.
  • Performs better than larger coolers in small boats.

5. Igloo Trailmate Journey Cooler

Most Convenient

Best-in-class mobility and convenience. The Igloo Trailmate wheeled cooler has oversized 10-inch never-flat wheels. These provide clearance and a smooth ride to help tackle the most challenging terrain.

The ergonomic glide tow handle, single button operation, and triple point grab handle – reduce towing effort by 50%. Making your travel to the site easy and enjoyable. Bungee tie-down loops on top help you utilize the cooler to haul your towels, quad chairs, & more.

Once at your site, you have accessory holders that support beach umbrellas or fishing rod holders. You also have a media docking slot that props up your electronic device so you can watch a movie, read an e-book, or listen to music hands-free while relaxing.

Oversized never-flat wheels tackle sand and other challenging terrains with superior traction and ground clearance of 10 inches. It’s one of the best coolers today.


  • It maneuvers well for the size.
  • Can handle a large amount of equipment.
  • Has a large amount of inside storage.
  • Rolls well even in thick sand.

6. Engle USA Cooler

Best Fishing Cooler with Rod Holders

If you take out a few rods and reels with you for a day of fishing, it’s easier to carry them using your cooler than using your hands.

This cooler allows you can carry up to four rods at a time.

This is perfect for when you’re taking the kids fishing, and you want to bring a cooler for food and drinks. Hopefully, you take to fill it with fresh fish for your supper!


  • Four-rod holders.
  • It keeps everything well insulated.
  • It also works as a minnow bucket.


  • No wheels.

Fish Cooler Considerations

Fish put on the ice and chilled will taste better than fish kept on a stringer or in a live well where they can die.

Keeping fish chilled can often make cleaning and filleting much easier when you get home.

There are many different brands of these coolers on the market, such as Yeti, Coleman, Igloo, and Pelican, to name a few.

Fish on ice in a fishing cooler
It’s best to keep your fish on ice as soon as you catch it if you plan to keep it.

The more insulation your cooler has, the colder it will stay. However, there are a few other things to keep in mind.

  • Does the lid close tightly? This can make up the majority of cold air escaping from the cooler.
  • Is your cooler cracked or busted? This can compromise the insulation’s ability to shield the cooler temperature inside.
  • Does your cooler have ice only, or is it ice water? If there is water in the cooler with the ice, it can speed up the rate at which your ice melts. This, of course, will cause the cooler to “warm up.”

Now that you’ve caught your fish and weighed it with a fish scale, it’s time to store it in a cooler that will keep it fresh.

What Are the Best Fishing Coolers?

With so many great coolers on the market today, it is hard to pick just one that tops them all.

Igloo coolers, Engel Coolers, and Coleman coolers have been around for many years and produce long-lasting, reliable, and the best fishing coolers.

More recent companies such as Yeti coolers and Pelican coolers also offer durable and reliable coolers. These are coolers that rival, and some say perform better than Igloo and Coleman.

Yeti Fishing Coolers
Yeti coolers are some of the best ones on the market. They’ve been beaten up and still perform! Source

When it comes to the best fishing coolers, these come in the form of seats and rod holders.

A high-quality fishing cooler often has wheels for easy transport on and off boats. This is also great for traveling to boat docks, piers, and the beach.

Today’s coolers are built with durability and longevity, so you still have plenty of ice and cold drinks for the ride home. They are tough and, with proper care, last a long time.

Fishing Cooler Features

The best fishing coolers are designed with options a fisherman might need. Standard coolers will typically only have handles and a drain spout, and some models grace you with a few cold drink holders in the lid and are leakproof.

The fishing coolers, however, have the following:

  • Rod holders
  • Seats that double as the lid
  • Wheels
  • Good ice retention capabilities
  • Bottle opener

These features allow the fisherman to easily transport the cooler while allowing it to help transport the rods. And in the case of pier fishing, it can be used as a seat. Some even come with a bottle opener.

They come in varying sizes, from small fishing coolers to 150 quarts. Cases like the Grizzly 400 have a whopping 400-quart capacity with 2 inches of insulation. It is also a great kayak fishing cooler!

How to Care for Your Cooler

You never want to store your cooler with the lid closed while still damp inside.

This is the perfect breeding ground for mildew.

Always wipe dry or sundry your cooler regularly entirely before storing it. If your fishing coolers require more cleaning than a rinse, a mild soap should do the trick.

Yeti cooler used while kayaking
If you beat up your cooler, just be sure to take care of it when you get home. Simple cleaning prevents later disasters like mold. Source

You can use a soft brush, ideally a dish sponge, to scrub it. Just be sure to give it a thorough rinse after.

Pay special attention to the drain. Make sure it gets rinsed and dried well. Some people leave the drain open, but this can be the perfect home for spiders and dirt daubers.

If you store your fishing cooler for a long time, it is a good idea to open it up and let it air out occasionally.

How to Keep a Cooler Cool

When the days get hot but the fishing is good, you want to ensure your fishing cooler performs at its absolute best, and be leak proof. You don’t want hot air coming in during your fishing trip.

Here are a few tips to make sure your fishing cooler stays as ice cold as possible for days and with good ice retention:

  • Chill the cooler before packing. A cold cooler keeps ice longer.
  • Freeze your food and keeps drinks ice cold.
  • Use ice blocks instead of ice cubes.
  • Drain water on long fishing trips but not on short ones.
  • Pack in layers.
  • Don’t trust food packaging.
  • Add an extra layer of insulation.
  • Keep it latched and closed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fishing cooler?

This really depends on the way you plan to use your fishing cooler. Usually, the higher insulation rating will provide the best temperature consistency.

Why do you need a fishing cooler?

A good fishing cooler can be used to keep your fish cool and fresh or to take your lunch and drinks along with you on a fishing trip.

How long does a fishing cooler stay cold?

On average, it takes approximately 3 days. However, some models hold ice for up to 7 days. To get the maximum cooling retention, make sure to “prime” your cooler as stated in the “how to make sure your fishing cooler stays cool for days section.”

How big does a fishing cooler need to be?

This depends on how you will use it and how much storage space you need. Fishing coolers range in size from small, medium, large, and extra-large. It’s up to you if you want the best small fishing cooler, a heavy cooler, or the biggest one.

What is the difference between a fishing bag and a fishing cooler?

A fishing bag can be hung on the side of the boat for easy access. They do stay cool for long periods. However, not typically as long as a fishing cooler. A cooler offers more options, such as fishing rod holders, seats, more capacity, etc.

What are fishing coolers made of?

High-impact plastic with expandable foam insulation.

How long can you keep fish in a cooler?

While it is always advisable to process your fish as soon as possible, fish will remain fresh as long as there is visible ice in the cooler and they are cold to the touch.

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Best Fishing Coolers for Keeping Fish Fresh in 2023

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