10 Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000 For 2023

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Pelican Saber 100X Basscreek tops our list of the best fishing kayaks under 1000. This kayak has a Multi-Chine flat bottom hull design that makes it a perfect option for pond, lake, and river fishing. It also features a Quick Lock Hatch unit that protects your fishing gear from water and U.V. exposure. This fishing kayak is also lightweight and easy to carry and can hold up to 325 lbs. If comfort is your utmost priority, the Wilderness Systems Tarpon is your go-to option. This kayak comes with adjustable Phase 3 air Pro seating for enhanced comfort. It also supports a padded footrest and seat to enhance comfort, stability, and comfort. Don’t worry about storage, as this kayak comes with a water-resistant Dry Tec storage box that you can easily detach and attach. Other accessories included are paddle keepers, flush mount rod holders, and an accessory carrier.

When fishing on a budget, you want to invest in an affordable kayak ready to meet your fishing needs. Kayaks come in different shapes and forms, and choosing the right one can be hectic. Here, we have compiled the best fishing kayaks under 1000 in 2023.

Best Fishing Kayaks Under 1000

Here are the best fishing kayaks under 1000, from an inflatable kayak to a tracking kayak with fishing rod holders, paddle parks, and ample storage space that’s great for beginners or serious anglers. Whether you’re planning to fish standing or sit in a comfortable frame seat, we’ve got you covered.

1. Pelican Basscreek

Top Fishing Kayak in Functionality

Key Features

  • Six accessory eyelets for gear
  • Maximum weight capacity of 325 lbs. (147 kg.)
  • Storage compartments that are water and U.V. exposure resistant

This kayak brand is a single-person fishing kayak suitable for both recreational and fishing purposes. It can be maneuvered in lakes, ponds, rivers, and creeks, no matter what the rapids are. If you are searching for the one with the best-upgraded features for your fishing trips, this is worth investing in.

With its impact-resistant properties, Pelican Basscreek is suitable in not-so-favorable environments. Even though it bumps against rocks or other underwater barriers, it can return to its shape when dented or compressed, making it one of the best fishing kayaks today.

2. Wilderness Systems Tarpon

Most Comfortable

Key Features

  • Three-point seat adjustability
  • Padded footrest and seat
  • Magnetic water bottle strap system
  • Flush mount rod holders, paddle keepers, and an accessory carrier

This Wilderness Systems Tarpon beginner kayak is a favorite for beginner angler kayakers with its stability, comfort, speed, and overall exterior attributes. You can use it in all bodies of water. It even features an adjustable seat (Phase 3 air Pro seating system) for enhanced comfort. 

Don’t worry about gear storage because it comes with a water-resistant DryTec removable storage box. This brand doesn’t only focus on comfort but also ensures that fishing accessories are kept in place.

3. Perception Outlaw 11.5 

Best Hull Design

Key Features

  • Multi-position rod holders for your fishing rods
  • Comfortable mesh seating area
  • Comes with molded-in trays and cup holders 
  • Padded standing platform

Compared to most kayaks, the Perception Outlaw kayak boasts a fold-away seat and wide-open deck, making it a stable kayak. It can accommodate paddlers of all sizes, whether you are petite or have a large physique. This is an applicable kayak if you use fish finders to catch a wide variety of fish species. 

It has built-in rod holders for fishing gear that can accommodate up to four-rod holders and kayak paddles. It even has a maximum capacity of 425 lbs.

4. Riot Escape 12 Angler

Great Kayak in Craftsmanship

Key Features

  • Exterior finishes made from glass-reinforced plastic
  • Adjustable sliding foot braces
  • Equipped with paddle hooks and deck plates
  • Flush-mounted rod holders

For easier paddling, the Riot Escape 12 Angler is a great fishing kayak that’s equipped with a pilot rudder system that has a profiled blade. You can expect smooth paddling because its pilot rudder system is made from a rubberized V-block and oval pulley. These can absorb vibration efficiently.

It makes your fishing activity convenient through its added accessories like the four flush mount rod holders, paddle holders, and anchor trolley system.

5. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 

Most Durable

Key Features

  • T-handles for easy transport
  • Paddle cradle equipped with shock cord deck rigging
  • Lightweight

One of the fishing kayaks under 1000 that can be trusted when it comes to durability that can support the safeness of the kayaker. It is made from polyethylene that is UV-protected and impact resistant.

It is highly stable because it is constructed with a stable flat bottom with deep tracking channels and chine rails to ensure stability.

This fishing kayak has a deep hull tracking channel for smooth maneuvering. It can take you to areas that are not easily accessible by boat no matter what the water condition is. It is a portable fishing kayak with a 10ft long dimension and a weight capacity of about 52 lbs. 

6. Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Best in Stability

Key Features

  • Slip-resistant flooring
  • Equipped with universal mount for a kayak fish finder transducer
  • Center console storage

This kayak fishing vessel is known for its fast performance while maintaining a perfect balance in the waters for hassle-free and less-effort maneuvering. With its 425 lbs. maximum weight capacity, you can bring a lot of stuff needed for your fishing activity. 

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 also delivers an optimum level of comfort and convenience with its adjustable foot braces, adjustable seat that’s padded, easy access gear tracks, paddle holder, and storage hatch. 

7. Perception Pescador 12

Most Versatile

Key Features

  • Gear kayak tracks ready; no need to drill holes to store accessories
  • Dry storage compartment
  • Built-in buoyancy for added safety feature

The result of this versatile boat’s one-piece roto-molded construction and high-density polyethylene makes it abrasion and U.V. resistant. It is equipped with ocean and saltwater-optimized hardware and finishes, so you can take it anywhere you would like to kayak. 

This Pescador pro fishing kayak is renowned for its versatility, suitable for both recreational and professional anglers. To secure your things, it comes with bungee cords, rod holders, and a storage hatch. 

8. Sun Dolphin Journey 

Best Storage

Key Features

  • Comes with a P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier)
  • Open cockpit for easy entry
  • It has flush-mount rod holders

With its mechanism that can provide a steady base, you can be sure this fishing kayak is stable. It can distribute weight throughout the kayak. For comfortable kayaking, it utilizes a comfortable seat system that features thick ventilated padding to keep you on the water longer and cover long distances.

One of the most outstanding features of this fishing kayak is its customizable work deck, which every kayaker demands. It also has a wide floor space where you can place tackle storage (no need to think of kayak tackles storage ideas) to safe-keep your important belongings.

9. Perception Catch 100

Best Stand-Up Kayak

Key Features

  • Spacious footrests with a measurement of about 34-inch
  • Comes with a stand-assist rope for safe fishing
  • Multi-layer polyethylene with a glossy finish

This is one of the best kayaks, equipped with all the features needed for your fishing trip. It is a sit-on-top vessel with adjustable seats with high-low position seats so you can find a comfortable position for you to improve paddling. 

This is one of the fishing kayaks that can be maneuvered in rough water and windy conditions without worrying about the possibility of capsizing.

If you don’t want to spend more than $1000 for a sturdy and functional fishing kayak, this Perception Catch 100 is good to consider. This brand also offers a tandem fishing kayak that has the same features as this model.

10. Perception Access 9.5

Best Value

Key Features

  • Five footrest positions allow for leg adjustment 
  • Ergonomic seat with extra cushioning
  • Lightweight with its 42 lbs. overall weight

If you are still starting out but would like to experience a pro fishing adventure, this Access 9.5 delivers an outstanding balance of stability, comfort, and control.

It has a fun-to-paddle design suitable for those who consider the aesthetic quality of the kayak apart from its features.

It can be maneuvered in all water types, but it works best on slow-moving waters like streams or rivers. Its shorter length and lighter weight make it easy for one person to transport and maneuver it.

best fishing kayak under 1000
Kayak safety 101. Source: Baker County Tourism

Things to Consider When Buying Fishing Kayaks

Factors in Selecting a Kayak

To guide you in choosing a great fishing kayak (whether an inflatable kayak or sit on top kayak), take a look at these factors to consider:


The size would depend on whether you want to go solo or try a tandem kayak. 

Suppose you are a kayaker who would like to bring a lot of fishing accessories or personal stuff. In that case, it is best to consider getting a larger kayak.


The types of most fishing kayaks include inflatable kayak, tandem fishing kayak, pedaling kayak, sit in kayak, touring kayak, and recreational kayaks.

The choice of style would usually depend on your preference. One style may be suitable to some but may not fit your weight and height, so it is crucial to find the one where you can stay comfortable longer.


There are two types of kayaks, one for recreational and the other for fishing. You can also choose between a hardshell or an inflatable fishing kayak.

It is important to determine the activity (whether it’s fly fishing or just your usual kayak fishing) you will participate in to easily choose the must-have features you need.


Looking for a budget fishing kayak? The fishing kayak cost usually depends on the material used, the features it offers, and the brand. 

However, not all high-quality kayaks are expensive, so it is important to research to get the best deal. Some of the best budget kayaks make a great option for your next trip.


The weight of the fishing kayak enhances portability.

If you are a solo kayaker, choosing a lighter kayak for easy transportation and maneuvering is important. 


If you are into kayak fishing, you don’t have to splurge on expensive fishing kayak necessities. Different brands in the market offer kayak at an affordable price that can fit every budget. Choose from our list of best fishing kayaks above!

Premium Fishing Kayaks We Also Like And Recommend:

Aside from the best fishing kayaks mentioned above, we also recommend the following. Read our fishing kayak reviews below:

Trident 13 or 15

This kayak delivers both comfort and functionality. It is specifically engineered to be a fishing vessel with convenient features. 

It has a unique storage space found at the fishing kayak center, the Mod Pod II, which is a splash-resistant compartment.

Ultra 4.3/4.7

This is described as the fastest sit-on-top kayak. It can be maneuvered well in wavy and windy conditions without the need for a rudder.

This fishing kayak is a good choice for anglers who is not only into fishing but also love to take photographs because it has a flat area where you can place your devices.

Ocean Kayak Prowler

One of the advanced features of this fishing kayak is its tracking ability to maintain your balance without exerting much effort in paddling.

It has a V-shaped polyethylene hull that cuts through different types of water. It can hold all your fishing accessories with different kinds of storage space and compartments on it.

Ack Thresher

This is a stable kayak suitable for pulling out large fish and other species that you are catching. It has a solid platform that lessens the possibility of capsizing, giving kayakers peace of mind.

It features a sizeable trunk-style bow hatch for easy access to your gears and safe-keep personal belongings.

Ascend H10 Desert Storm Sit-In Hybrid Kayak

This sit in kayak has an impressive construction because its style does not sacrifice its functionality. It is equipped with must-have features for both recreational and fishing activities.

It may be a budgeted kayak, but the style, durability, and comfort that it delivers are not cheap.

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