Fish Meme Roundup: We Hope You Laugh!

Here’s our list of fishing memes we hope you’ll get a kick out of.

If you have a fish meme you think we should add, please reach out!

Best Funny Fishing Memes for 2022

1. “I got my priorities all sorted out.”

best fishing meme priorities
Source: Saltstrong

Disclaimer: I can load a dishwasher and remember trash day, but this fishing meme is almost too funny not to share. Although, I can organize my fishing kits, too. Maybe just a little too neatly than the dishes and trash. Yup, I got my priorities straight.

2. Fishing spot

best fishing memes grandpa
Source: u/m3xican128

I know it’s an unspoken truth that we don’t really share our favorite fishing spot. And it does feel like heaven when you come back to your spot empty the next time and get on with your first cast!

3. A cool tat

We all know how heavy fishing gear can get and that the best way to unload some is by having it on your body. This tattoo comes with convenience for fishing. This is one thing that I might want to try.

What are your top fishing memes?

More Gone Fishing Memes

We’re continuing the list with these gone-fishing memes you’ll surely relate to!

1. Expectation Vs. Reality Moment Fishing Meme

fishing meme gone 1
Source: u/dmv1985

In animal hunting, the hunters would love it if the animals didn’t put up much of a fight, but not in fishing. When you feel like you’ve set your hook, but your first fish doesn’t put up a fight. We all have that 5-10 second moment when the situation hits us that it wasn’t a fish we hooked. We’re pretty sure a few of us can relate to this fishing meme.

2. Gone to work… on my fishing skills fishing meme

And this is when we say, “Don’t lie to your wife.” What are you going to do with all the fish you’ve caught?

3. They say to fight for your love fishing meme

Surely, we’ve all gone through this. It’s like you’re chasing after a thief, but you know it’s gone. And you’re still willing to fight, not losing hope you’ll get it back. But at the same time, we know that it’s never coming back. You can just feel the heartbreak in this fishing meme.

4. Priorities Fishing Meme

Each person has their own priorities in life as based on Abraham Maslow’s need hierarchy. Passionate anglers don’t care about having a love life, having a good night’s sleep, and having a good meal when there’s a lot of fish that they can catch. Nor do they care about the season. There’s ice fishing in winter and fishing in spring, summer, fall – all year round!

5. You can’t tell anyone

Don’t tell anyone about our fishing spot. At first glance, this seems selfish but if you’re way into fishing, this makes sense!

6. Getting up early

If you love doing something, you’ll make time for it. If you hate getting up early for work, you’ll be surprised that you feel more energetic to go on an adventure. You even wake up earlier before your alarm rings. 

7. I enjoy spending time with myself

Fishing is a therapeutic activity for anglers because it’s their version of me-time. If you’re into fishing, don’t worry if you would talk to yourself alone, it just shows that you’re enjoying spending time with yourself. “I enjoy spending time with myself” is one of the funny fishing quotes that speaks the truth.

8. We’re going to be outside for the whole day

At first glance, this might not sound funny but fishing takes time. You can’t set a specific time frame when you’re done. One of the reasons why most anglers love to fish alone is because no one’s rushing them. Fishing is all about patience. Success equates to long hours of wait.

9. Sale!

Knowing that your fishing accessory is on sale is one of the events that you shouldn’t miss. It’s like a mortal sin getting nothing from a shop when their current price is almost half the actual cost of the item. 

10. I wanna go fishing

If you’ve waited long enough for the weekend to come to go fishing, but you end up feeling down because you can’t go out and go on an adventure. No matter how desperate you are to go fishing if you don’t have perfect weather or your wife doesn’t allow you to go out.

11. There’s no such thing as a last cast

When you already enjoyed your fishing spot. You’ll feel a different level of satisfaction every time you throw the line. You may say that it’s the last one before going home but you end up still holding your reel after a few hours.

12. I love sunsets

This is probably one of the funny fishing memes that any angler can relate to.

As an angler, you don’t always end the day with a good catch, or worse, you go home empty-handed. If this happens, don’t be sad, it happens, and it’s just normal. Just look into the brighter side. You may not have successfully caught a fish, but at least you enjoyed the view.

13. I need this and that, too.

You will never have too much of your fishing gear. It’s just like collecting clothes. You’ll never be contented because you’re already addicted to anything related to fishing. Just by seeing a gear is already an apple to your eye. 

14. Best time to fish

No matter what the weather condition is, nothing can stop you from fishing. In reality, rainy days and sunny days are great days to catch fish. Just don’t risk your life when it’s stormy. 

15. I’m not done yet

Expect to spend long hours in the water fishing that’s why you need to have time for it. Some anglers even set aside their work and family during their me-time at sea. 

 16. Fishing buddies

There’s a notion that fishing is for the introvert, but there are anglers who form new relationships because of this hobby. They get to meet new friends that can be their fishing buddies to share their interests. This fishing meme is what it’s all about.

17. I have to be with my own people

It’s best to share your experiences with someone who can relate. Some anglers tend to go on with their fishing adventure alone than mingling with people who have other interests. 

18. The right addiction

Fishing is a great activity that you can teach your child at any age. This is a worthwhile activity that will divert their attention to good intentions. 

19. What did you say?

If you’re not into fishing, you may think that this is a boring outdoor activity, but if it’s your hobby, every minute that you’re holding your rod while waiting for a catch matter. You would only understand how an angler feels if you get to try it.  This fishing meme says it all!

20. The struggle is real

It’s not always your lucky day. According to this fishing meme, the struggle is real. Indeed, it is.

There are days when you can easily catch fish a few minutes of casting the line, but it’s also a struggle to wait long hours for a fish to bite your lure. Fishing is indeed a waiting game, and it suits those who have patience.

21. Hmm

It can’t be avoided to compare the success of others with yours, especially if you see that they have a good catch. Maybe it’s just time to change your fishing technique.  This fishing meme is 100% right!

22. Just washing my worm, officer

Always abide by the rules even when no one’s watching to avoid any hassles. You can be penalized when you get caught violating fishing rules and regulations.

23. Fishing license

Aside from having a complete set of fishing gear, your fishing license will complete the gear. If you have a fishing license, it means that no one can stop your activity as long as you’re on the right track.

24. Catch and release

Recreational anglers used to catch and release their catch, especially if they have targeted the wrong fish. When you throw out a fish back into the water, make sure to do it correctly so it will not harm them.

25. This spot is mine!

Finding a perfect spot is a valuable thing for anglers. If you do, it’s like winning a lottery jackpot, but you just have to keep it to yourself.

26. Uh oh

Forgetting your bait is just like saying postponing your fishing activity. Unless you have another fishing technique that can lure fish. 

27.  What do you do?

Don’t you just agree with this fishing meme? You’re missing out a lot in life when you haven’t tried this one thing – fishing even just for once. Be it fly fishing or ice fishing, fishing is for those who have an adventurous soul. 

Don’t Become One of the Fishing Memes

These funny fishing memes are just for laughs and we don’t advise you actually do this in real life. Sometimes (mostly when we’re not fishing) all we need is a good laugh.

Take everything with a grain of salt. Hope you have a good day, fishing or not.

Did we miss any of your fishing memes? Comment your favorite fishing memes below!

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