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Funny Fishing Memes to Share With Your Friends

Fishing is not a 24/7 hobby, but we love to keep it in our day to day activities, even in the simplest and funniest of ways. The best fishing memes are great ways to keep in touch with our fishing buddies whenever we’re resting during the off-season.

Best Fishing Memes for 2021

1. “I got my priorities all sorted out.”

Disclaimer: I can load a dishwasher and remember trash day, but this meme is almost too funny not to share. Although, I can organize my fishing kits, too. Maybe just a little too neatly than the dishes and trash. Yup, I got my priorities straight.

2. Fishing spot

best fishing memes grandpa
Source: u/m3xican128

I know it’s an unspoken truth that we don’t really share our favorite fishing spot. And it does feel like heaven when you come back to your spot empty the next time.

3. A cool tatt

We all know how heavy fishing gears can get and what best way to unload some by having it on your body. This tatt comes with convenience for fishing.

Gone Fishing Memes

1. Expectation Vs. Reality Moment

fishing meme gone 1
Source: u/dmv1985

In animal hunting, the hunters would love it if the animals didn’t put up much of a fight, but not in fishing. When you feel like you’ve set your hook, but the fish doesn’t put up a fight. We all have that 5-10 second moment when the situation hits us that it wasn’t a fish we hooked. We’re pretty sure a few of us can relate to this.

2. Gone to work… on my fishing skills

And this is when we say, “Don’t lie to your wife.”

3. They say to fight for your love.

Surely, we’ve all gone through this. It’s like you’re chasing after a thief, but you know it’s gone. And you’re still willing to fight, not losing hope you’ll get it back. But at the same time, we know that it’s never coming back. Biggest heartbreak.

Don’t Become a Meme

These memes are just for laughs and we don’t advise you actually do this in real life. Sometimes (mostly when we’re not fishing) all we need is a good laugh.

Take everything with a grain of salt. Hope you have a good day, fishing or not.

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