7 Best Fishing Resorts in Minnesota

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Fishing is a rewarding hobby you can do with your friends and families. This outdoor activity gives you a sense of excitement and satisfaction.

You can create an even more memorable fishing experience with your friends and families in the best fishing resorts in Minnesota. Continue reading to learn more!

best fishing resorts in minnesota
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1. Bluefin Bay On Lake Superior

The Bluefin Bay on Lake Superior is among the best Minnesota fishing resorts, surrounded by boats you can rent at an affordable cost. Beyond that, you can also find local shops there that offer high-end fishing gear you can use to tackle different fish species.

The resort will satisfy your eyes with its beautiful view and please your desire for fishing. Aside from that, there are other activities you and your family can do in this resort, such as yoga and biking.

Additionally, beautiful landscapes surround the resort. It would be best to visit the area during the fall season to enjoy its scenic view.

2. Black Pine Beach Resort

Black Pine Beach Resort is also one of the best fishing resorts in Minnesota that could give you a great time. The area is full of legends and myths that you will enjoy sharing with your family.

The resort has a fishing guide who will help you familiarize yourself with the different fish species you will encounter in the water.

Aside from fishing, you can also relax at the beachside and scenic garden of the resort. This is the perfect place for newlyweds and couples. 

According to some locals, the resort was originally the home of elves. The locals and staff here are very friendly. You can talk to them whenever you want, and they will share with you the amazing history of the place.

3. Heath’s Resort

You don’t need to have a luxurious resort to have the best fishing experience. Sometimes, a simple fishing experience could be the most meaningful and best vacation in your entire life.

Heath’s Resort is the third-best fishing resort located in Minnesota. Experience serenity and relaxing fishing activities with your loved ones here.

The resort offers all the essentials for the said activity. Heath’s Resort has family-friendly amenities, including nature walks and beaches. You can also take your family here.

Beyond that, they also offer boat rentals you can use to go fishing on the deer river alone or with friends. If you’re new to fishing, you can fish at the lakeside.

This resort is also situated in the center of Minnesota. So, if you can’t go fishing for a day, you can spend time exploring the area. Aside from that, you can also create a good conversation with your family by setting a bonfire and roasting marshmallows.

4. Big Rock Resort

The Big Rock Resort is centrally located in Walker, Minnesota. This resort has a classic vibe which adds to a more satisfying fishing experience. It is designed for families fond of fishing together.

They provide junior fishers with local guides similar to the fishing resorts mentioned above. This will help you master how to handle fish of different sizes.

In addition, you can also learn the best tricks and techniques to catch a huge fish without any hassle. Another thing you will love about this resort is its fish cleaning service.

Other amenities you and your family members will enjoy in this resort include a spa, heated pool, basketball courts, and playground for kids. So, if you don’t want to spend your time on the lake, you can unwind with your loved ones in the beautiful view of this resort.

5. White Eagle Resort

The White Eagle Resort has friendly and expert angling guides. Through them, you can make yourself more familiar with the lake. Beyond that, they can also help you catch fish while using the right fishing method.

The fishing guides at White Eagle Resort are your key to whether you are interested in making fishing your hobby or planning to earn income from being a professional angler. If you’re looking for a good fishing resort that will give you a well-guided fishing experience, look no further than the White Eagle Resort.

Like the previously mentioned fishing resorts, White Eagle Resort also provides many fun activities for families. You can go fishing, nature trailing, or even skiing in this place.

Beyond that, the area also offers a 3-hectare island with three boat docks and two cabins open for rental.

6. Moose Track Adventures Resort

The Moose Track Adventures is another outstanding fishing resort in Minnesota that can give you an amazing angling experience.

As you look for big fish, you can prepare for dinner; you can let your family members enjoy the scenic view of the place. The resort provides you with full fishing equipment you can use for the Boundary Waters. Beyond that, their guided angling experience is one of the best.

If you are an angler looking for a more harrowing and thrilling angling experience, Moose Track Adventures is one of the best resorts in Minnesota you should visit. Aside from fishing guides, the resort also provides your family with two swim docks and paddle boats for free.

Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced angler, the resort has everything you need.

7. Silver Rapids Lodge

Every beginner or professional angler should experience fishing at the Silver Rapids Lodge at least once in their lives. This resort can be found at the end of the Boundary Waters. The Silver Rapids Lodge is situated at the center of the Superior National Forest.

It is easy for you to find, catch, and taste different fish species. The area can give you a memorable fishing experience. In fact, you can catch your first fish at the lakes or on a boat.

Aside from fishing, there are other fun family activities you can do in the area. Silver Rapids Lodge is known for its beautiful bar, game rooms, sauna, playgrounds, and private beaches. Indeed, this is a great place to take your family for a whole week’s holiday.

Each buck you pay in this resort will be worth it. With all the features it has, you will surely love to get back in this lodge once your fishing vacation is over.

After staying here for a few days, you will realize that every angler’s fishing experience will never be completed without visiting this resort.

Final Thoughts

Are you in search of the best fishing resorts in Minnesota to spend your weekend getaway with friends and family? Consider either of the fishing resorts mentioned above. Each resort offers a unique experience you can add to your fishing tales.

Indeed, Minnesota is a great place where anglers can enjoy simple or luxurious fishing. Every resort is designed to be family-friendly. You can turn your fishing desires into reality with all the amenities available in each fishing lodge.

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