10 Best Fishing Spots in Corpus Christi, TX

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If you love to fish, you should consider a fishing pier trip to the city of Corpus Christi. This is a popular pier fishing destination for anglers from all over the country. Tourists and locals visit Corpus Christi to enjoy the scenery and, of course, to catch fish. 

Corpus Christi fishing is plentiful and varied for locals and tourists. If you’re looking for some good places to fish in the city, check out our following list of the best fishing spots in Corpus Christi.

best fishing spots in corpus christi
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Best Time To Go Fishing In Corpus Christi, TX

Different weather conditions can make fishing more difficult and dangerous if you are not prepared. The sun can make it hard to see the fish, while the wind can make it harder to cast your line out into the water and reel it back in.

It’s best to go fishing early in the morning. Just before sunrise is a great time because the fish are eager to feed, but there has not been much movement from other anglers and boats yet.

Warm temperatures make Corpus Christi a popular year-round fishing location, with several fishing areas.

1. Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore
Padre Island National Seashore

The national park is located south of Corpus Christi on North Padre Island. They have built a lot of facilities there to make it easier for people to fish, and they also have several marked-out fishing areas.

There are also a few boats that you can rent if you want to sit in the water and fish. Fishing here is extremely popular with locals and visitors alike because various fish are easy to catch. Many people come here to get their fishing licenses to fish in other places.

It’s guaranteed that Padre Island is good for surf fishing. This makes it easy for people who aren’t used to fishing or those who have never fished before because they will have little trouble catching something here.

2. Mustang Island State Park

You should know that one of the best Corpus Christi fishing locations can be found in Mustang Island State Park. Mustang Island is popular for anglers and women because it is a state park and because the cost of entry is affordable.

Mustang Island Park has plenty of marine life. This area was created by rivers and bays, perfect for deep-sea fishing. Waters off the coast of Corpus Christi are full of fish, especially flounder, red snapper, speckled trout, sheepshead, and the occasional mangrove snapper.

Fish Pass Jetty might not be open for years, but it was built to sustain the north end of the island park. The other side of the gulf is a popular and great spot for surf fishing. Additionally, the jetty gives anglers a high and dry perch to fish the Gulf surf.

3. Sunset Lake Park

This park is located north of Harbor Bridge in Portland. Lake Park provides an excellent location to catch Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Flounder if you’re wading or shore fishing. Kayakers can launch their boats from the park to access the lake in greater depth and catch fish.

Sunset Park is a good spot for beginners and experienced anglers. It includes hard bay bottoms and deep guts, with oyster shells across the whole area during warmer months. Waders or boot foots are encouraged during the summer months to avoid jellyfish stings.

If you want to go to the park and Corpus Christi Bay Shoreline, you need to turn right onto Bayview Boulevard before getting to Moore Avenue. Follow the road to Sunset Street, then turn right.

4. Lake Corpus Christi State Park

The best way to fish in the lake is from shore. There are many fishing piers to cast from, and you never know what you may catch. From catfish to white bass and gar, it is all here!

People will have fun catching largemouth bass, flathead catfish, and many more, and catching them all is fun.

The water conditions in Corpus Christi make it great for most types of fish to survive. A perfect time to go fishing in Corpus Christi is during the spring and fall seasons.

There is less chance for storms, and the weather is usually on the warmer side, so it is more comfortable for fishing enthusiasts.

5. Packery Channel

Packery Channel
Packery Channel

Packery Channel Park is a well-known stop for families that enjoy an afternoon of fishing. Additionally, the park is a great fishing spot for anglers looking to catch various fish like redfish, sheepshead, and trout. It’s also good for kayak fishing, and you can fish from their jetty boat.

This channel is open every day at dawn and is the perfect place to teach children fishing. Packery Channel Park has abundant birdlife and natural wildlife, so if you don’t want to fish, you can always enjoy a quiet stroll around the park.

6. Cole Park

Located in the center of Corpus Christi, Cole Park is an ideal place for families to spend a relaxing day. Families may fish at the park’s various ponds and catch different fish.

Locals and tourists may take a break from fishing to enjoy other activities, such as going for a stroll, enjoying nature, or checking out the occasional free concert.

In addition to having a simple location that’s easy for anyone to access, Cole Park also offers a good fishing spot and recreational activity. Regardless of whether you’re new to fishing or a professional angler, this park is sure to please.

7. Bob Hall Pier

Bob Hall Pier
Bob Hall Pier

Take a fishing trip at Bob Hall Pier, a good year-round space in Corpus Christi, Texas. When you get closer to the pier, lesser-known fish such as sheepshead, black drum, sand trout, whiting, shark, and redfish are more noticeable until you become used to what each school of fish looks like.

Known for its shark sightings, the Bob Hall Pier has also seen a big influx of red drums coming into the bay, thanks to the artificial reefs nearby. If you want a good spot for shark fishing and sighting in Corpus Christi, look beyond the 1,200-foot Bob Hall Pier.

8. Indian Point Pier

Corpus Christi is a vibrant, coastal city on the Gulf of Mexico with one of the region’s best places to fish – Indian Point Pier. The pier offers amazing fishing opportunities between March and October.

It features some of the South Texas region’s best fishing action, including large bull redfish.

Indian Point Pier is a great fishing location, but visitors should come prepared to fish with their supplies. At the pier, you will find bull reds spawning and many species of waterfowl migrating.

The pier offers plenty of deck space for fishing or just sitting back and watching the boats as they pass by. Despite the sometimes cold winter temperatures and southeast or northeast wind, this is one of the best fishing spots in Corpus Christi.

9. Bird Island Basin

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Bird Island Basin is located just beyond the island basin boat ramp on the Laguna Madre, providing a launch point for windsurfers, kayakers, and boaters.

The site also provides birdwatchers with excellent opportunities to view local birds and offers anglers access to fishing in the nearby lagoon.

With these kinds of amenities and fishing opportunities, Corpus Christi is one of the most visited cities in Texas, and also it has some of the most beautiful beaches. Many year-round fishing locations are available here, and surely, your family can enjoy other activities.

10. Puerto Del Sol Park

Among the best places to fish in Corpus Christi, Texas, is Puerto del Sol Park. This park has access to the water and plenty of room for free parking so that you can drive here without worrying about paying a fee. There are also covered picnic tables where you can set up camp.

This spot is good for catching catfish and flounders. The best time to visit this park is during the summer when it is hot and during the spring and fall when it is warmer than other times of the year.


Corpus Christi’s fishing spots, like Mustang Island State Park, Port Aransas, and so on, may vary in type because, well, the variety of fish you can catch in Corpus Christi changes.

Whether you want to troll the flats in search of redfish, find a deep hole where you can cast for buckets full of flounder, or go out on the bay to match a giant trophy-sized speckled trout—Corpus has something for you.

This list should enable you to find places you have never tried fishing before. Remember, you must get your fishing license and know the rules of the waters where you plan to fish.

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