10 Best Fishing Spots In The US

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Tired of your hectic working schedule? Why not go fishing? Fishing is a great outdoor activity that gives anglers a feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Choosing a fishing spot in the US is quite difficult. If you’re looking for the best fishing spots in the US, we’ve got you covered!

Pack up your fishing equipment and get ready to catch some fish.

best fishing spots in the us
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The Best Fishing Spots In the US

The United States is one of the largest continents. This means it comprises hundreds or thousands of beautiful fishing spots to visit. Asking the locals about their most recommended fishing spots will give you multiple answers.

To narrow down your choices, listed below are the ten best places in the US where you can enjoy angling with friends! Read on to know further.

1. Outer Banks, North Carolina

Outer Banks is popular among experienced and junior anglers. With its wide-ranging ocean, anglers can catch different fishes, including lake trout.

This is also the best spot for a group of anglers who only want to go with the flow.

You can do several fishing activities in the area, such as pier fishing, fly fishing, and more. Headboat fishing is ideal for a large group of anglers.

This type of fishing allows anglers to access necessary fishing supplies, including fish bait, hooks, and fishing rods.

Beyond that, anglers can also visit other spots to fish for striped sea bass, trout, flounder, and more. You can also take your whole family for head boat fishing as staff offers half and full-day rentals.

If you forgot to bring snacks, don’t worry because headboat owners offer delicious snacks you can take on your fishing trip.

2. Florida Keys, Florida

Whether you are a new or seasoned angler, you can catch a wide variety of fish in Florida Keys, Florida.

This is considered the angler’s paradise because of the water species you can catch in the area. It could be the most recommended fishing spot by professional anglers in the US.

This fishing spot is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the warm Gulf Stream.

Meaning you can encounter plentiful fish varieties, and you can cook for your moonlight dinner with your family. You can charter a boat to achieve an optimum fishing experience.

Renting a medium to the large-sized boat will help you explore the crystal clear waters. Swordfish, white and blue marlin, smallmouth bass, and sailfish are four of the most common fish species you can find in the Florida Keys.

Did you forget to bring some bites? Don’t worry. You can take your family to the modern restaurants in this area and order freshly cooked seafood.

3. Kobuk River, Alaska

If you want to take your fishing experience to a more thrilling level, do not think twice about visiting the Kobuk River in Alaska.

This 200-mile river will give you a unique and memorable experience. But this fishing spot is not highly recommended for junior anglers without the assistance of professionals.

This big river is abundant in fish species you can never find in other spots in the US. Some of the precious fishes you can catch here include arctic char, arctic grayling, northern pike, and chum salmon.

Some of these fish varieties are super strong and extremely fast, making your experience a little more challenging.

4. Thousand Islands, New York

Planning to go fishing in the summer season? We highly recommend trying your luck in Thousand Islands, New York.

This fishing spot is popular among amateur and experienced anglers. It comprises almost 2,000 tiny islands that house some of the best freshwater fish.

If you are new to fishing, it would be best to take a professional angler beside you. This is because some of the fish here is so strong and hard to catch.

You can bite muskellunge, northern pike, walleye, salmon, and striped bass in this fishing spot if you are lucky enough.

5. Bighorn River, Montana

Are you one of those fly fishing enthusiasts who dream of catching several speckled trout fishes? If yes, you will never get disappointed when you visit this river.

Because this spot is home to rainbow trout and brown trout, many junior anglers prefer this spot.

If you are a certified adventurer, you will also love the exciting path and rocky mountains through this spot.

Fishing in this spot requires a permit and license – so don’t forget to bring yours. Beyond that, it is worth noting that fish catching is strictly limited to maintaining the river’s fish abundance.

Bighorn River is also an amazing place to visit to acquire and experiment with different fly fishing techniques.

6. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Have you been busy with work? Why not spend a weekend vacation at Martha’s Vineyard? The area is popular among anglers and tourists because of its eye-friendly view.

This fantastic island is the home of various fish species, including false albacore and bonito.

You can set up tents for the whole family when it’s late. On the other hand, you can book a hotel for a more luxurious vacation experience if you have spare cash.

Aside from the best fishing experience it offers, this is also the best spot to unwind.

7. Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

You don’t need to visit Alaska to experience ice fishing. The massive Lake of the Woods is a popular spot for anglers who want to experience cold angling. Bring your ice fishing shelter and start angling.

Because of the cold waters in the area, you should wear proper gear to combat frigid temperatures.

Lake of the Woods in Minnesota is the home of different fishes, including the walleye. Because of that, this fishing spot got the name of the “Walleye Capital of the World.”

It would be best to visit the area during the summer season to enjoy the full view of the place.

You can rent ice huts to spend your entire vacation in this frigid cold area. This fishing spot allows you to chase after different fish varieties in any way you want.

8. Kona, Hawaii

Do you want to get the best out of your visit to Hawaii? Experience sports fishing at Kona – one of the top fishing spots. This is highly recommended for anglers because the river in this place is so calm.

Experienced anglers can also perform deep-sea fishing in the area because of the place’s oceanic depth. With its wide-ranging water, there’s no doubt why anglers can fish big sharks, mahi-mahi, and even tuna.

Hiring charter boats are the best way to get an unmatched and incomparable fishing experience in the area.

Beyond that, Kona, Hawaii, is also blessed with a jaw-dropping backdrop. You can spend your whole week of vacation here in a hotel with classic and fancy vibes.

9. Lake St. Clair Michigan

This fishing spot in Michigan is not as big as the ones mentioned above. But many professional anglers visit it because of the extreme fishing experience. One of the popular fish varieties you can catch here at Lake St. Clair is the muskie. 

Beyond muskie, you can also fish other varieties, including crappie, walleye, perch, and smallmouth bass. Consider hiring a charter boat to start your fishing adventure in the area. The place quietly gives you enough space to relax while waiting for the fish to bite the bait.

This is also a great camping place to spend with your friends and loved ones. To achieve the best camping experience, consider lighting a bonfire and roasting the fish you caught earlier.

10. Lake Shelbyville, Illinois

If you want to go fishing with other anglers from different areas, why not visit Lake Shelbyville in Illinois during the summer? This fishing spot is an artificial reservoir. With more than 11,000 land hectares, it is considered one of the largest spots in Illinois.

The area is rich in rare fish varieties, including bigmouth buffalo, crappie, flathead catfish, freshwater fish, sea bass, walleye, and striped bass. Setting up a tent is a great way to spend your entire day in this fishing spot.

Alternatively, if you plan to stay in the area for more than three days, we highly recommend renting a wooden cottage.

Final Thoughts

The USA is the home of different best fishing spots. The ten fishing spots mentioned above are known for their breathtaking view and crystal-clear waters. Each spot allows you to catch different fish species you have never had before.

But take note that some of these fishing spots in America only allow anglers with fishing licenses. So, to have a hassle-free angling experience, make sure to bring your permit along with your snacks and bait.

Have a safe and enjoyable fishing experience!

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