10 Best Bass Fishing Gear Every Angler Should Own

There’s no question that bass fishing is one of the most popular forms of angling in America. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, having the right gear is essential to success on the water. In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 pieces of the best gear for bass fishing that every angler should own. So, if you’re looking to up your game, read on!

best gear for bass fishing
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1. Fishing Rod

When it comes to fishing for bass, it’s almost impossible for anglers to be successful without a quality fishing rod. A good rod must work well with reel, line, and lure. The rod should be stiff enough to tire the bass out. 

However, it should be sensitive enough to indicate activity at the end of the line. Depending on the end-users preference, casting rods handle heavier lines and lures well, making them excellent choices for aggressive, more prominent bass. 

Alternatively, spinning rods make reaching difficult casting points easier and have better accuracy.

We Recommend: Shimano-Clarus

Shimano Clarus Casting Freshwater|Casting Fishing Rods
  • High-Modulus Graphite Blank
  • G Alpha Grip Technology: G Alpha Grip is a best-in-class…
  • Shimano Custom Reel Seat

2. Reel

No rod would be complete without the proper reel to complete the package. When selecting the appropriate gear to angle for bass, a revolution should provide finesse and torque capable of landing basses of all sizes. 

The reel must be user-friendly, as not all anglers can use a bait cast or open face reel from the start. Durability is an important feature when selecting the right spin. 

Reels will be used to cast repeatedly, garnering dirt and moisture, and often be bumped and scratched. These reels must continue to work smoothly even when beat up or placed under stress. 

The best reels are sturdily built and can handle multiple sizes of monofilament lines. (If you’re new to using spinning reels, we have a guide to help you step by step.)

We Recommend: Shimano-Baitrunner BTR12000D

Shimano Baitrunner 12000D; Offshore Saltwater Spinning Reel
  • This classic live bait reel features a secondary drag system…
  • Utilizes an oval oscillation gear that provides a consistent…
  • Better casting; better line lay; less backlash wind knots or…

You can also check out our list of the best bass rod and reel combo!

3. Line

Line will make or break an angler, literally. There are three kinds of lines available on the market—monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided. The braided line is solid and resistant to abrasion. 

While this allows anglers to fight bass around the structure, it does make for a significant amount of difficulty breaking lines in snags or birds’ nests. Fluorocarbon is also resistant to abrasion and can be difficult to see due to its translucent nature. 

However, the most common is monofilament. Its stretch factor, translucent nature, and easy-to-tie construction make it a favorite among anglers. 

When selecting the right line, it’s essential to consider the pound test, which represents the amount of pressure a line can take without breaking and what works best with the reel setup.

We Recommend: P-Line

P-Line Soft Fluorocarbon Filler Spool, Clear, (250-Yard, 8-Pound) (SFC250-8)
  • Enhanced knot and breaking strength
  • Refracts light to make it nearly invisible in water
  • Reduces water absorption

4. Tackle

Every serious angler should have several basics inside their tackle box. These include offset worm hooks, drop shot or bullet weights, and barrel swivels. This tackle will allow anglers to switch out soft plastics or other lures with ease without totally rerig. 

With a swivel, soft plastics and hard plastics are often interchangeable with the simple switch of a leader. With an offset warm fishing hook and bullet weight, soft plastics can be swapped out with ease, like jig heads.

We Recommend: Tackle Kit for Bass

Fishing Accessories Kit, Fishing Set with Tackle Box, Fishing Hooks, Weights, Jig Heads, O-Rings, Barrel Swivels, Fastlock Snaps, Fishing Beads, Space Beans(Freshwater)
  • Huge Variety: The fishing tackle comes in sensible blend,…
  • Anti-Corrosion Stainless Steel: All fishing terminal tackles…
  • Fastlock Snaps: The high strength safe fastlock snaps…

5. Soft Plastics

The beat the author is used most commonly to bring in Bass of all sizes as soft plastics. Soft plastics will work year-round and in a multitude of environments. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from minnows, lizards, frogs, worms anymore; soft plastics replicate daily to pray for bass in their environment. 

The size and color selection will make a massive difference depending on the habitat. More often than not, green lizards that are watermelon or pumpkin seed will work very well in southern lakes, ponds, and rivers.

We Recommend: Yamamoto Senko Worm

Yamamoto 5″ Senko Soft Plastic Worm Bass Fishing Stick Bait Lures, 10 Pack, Dark Green Pumpkin with Purple, Black, Small Emerald Flake & Amber Laminate

6. Spinner

Spinnerbaits are always a solid choice no matter where an angler finds himself. Spinners are an all-time bass favorite, capable of being retrieved just under the surface at high speed or slowly all on the bottom. 

Whether it’s small gold blades or large silver, the razzle-dazzle and vibrations of spinnerbaits are sure to draw a hungry bass’s attention.

We Recommend: Strike King Premier Spinner Bait

Premier Plus Spinnerbait/Chartreuse Sexy Shad
  • Premier Plus Spinnerbait / Chartreuse Sexy Shad
  • Premier Plus Spinnerbait / Chartreuse Sexy Shad
  • Premier Plus Spinnerbait / Chartreuse Sexy Shad

7. Top Water

If the action is on the surface, topwater is the way to go. The experience of having a bass strike a Topwater lure is unlike anything else in angling. At the same time, these lures lack versatility; the makeup for this is the intensity of strikes. 

Anglers working dusk or dawn should incorporate Topwater into their arsenal if they wish to make a splash. 

We Recommend: Rebel Lure Pop R Topwater

Rebel Lures Pop-R Topwater Popper Fishing Lure, Triple Threat 3 Pack, Pop-R (1/4 oz), One Size
  • Has three of the most productive Pop-Rs in the best bass…
  • The Rebel Pop-R has been the standard by which all topwater…
  • Legendary topwater bait that’s won hundreds of thousands…

8. Swim Bait

Crank or swimbait are solid choices year-round. With a mid-level diving crankbait, anglers can load it up or retrieve slower to fish all aspects of the water column. 

A favorite of giant bass, the vibrations and flicker of a crankbait are sure to draw the eyes of any monsters lurking in the depths.

We Recommend: Strike King Square Bill

Strike King Square Bill Crankbait (Bluegill, 1.5-Ounce)
  • The square bill design and unique action will constantly…
  • It also helps deflect off cover to entice strikes.
  • Dives 3 to 6 feet

9. Eyewear

Eyewear is an essential piece of any angler’s kit. Though often brushed aside for the latest hardware or clothing, eyewear can be the difference between sight fishing and an angler’s ability to stay out on the water longer. 

Quality polarized frames can make the difference between a headache and spotting that trophy bass in the shallows.

We Recommend: Costa Polarized Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Men’s Tuna Alley Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses, Matte Black/Grey Blue Mirrored Polarized-580P, 62 mm
  • 100% UV PROTECTION: All Costa Del Mar Eyewear lenses block…
  • COSTA 580P POLYCARBONATE LENSES: Costa’s patented 580p…
  • OPTIMAL USAGE: Costa’s Blue Mirrored lenses are great for…

10. Stringer

Whether an angler is fishing from a boat and wants to keep everything together in the live well or is casting from shore, a stringer is always an excellent purchase. 

The tiny rope threads through the bass’s mouth and gills to allow them to remain alive for a short duration while an angler is seeking out more fish. It is essentially like having a lightweight icebox that is easily transportable.

We Recommend: Hurricane Stringer

HURRICANE HUR-63A 15′ Xtra Long Husky Strngr
  • Item Is 15 Feet Long
  • Durable Hold
  • Tapered Needle

While anglers made debate gear specifics, the essentials are almost universally agreed upon. With the quality gear listed above, anglers may significantly increase their chances of a successful fishing trip. 

It’s essential to master the basics, and with the right equipment and a little bit of luck, anyone in pursuit of bass will make good use of that stringer. Good luck, and stay safe on the water.

Jacob Pelle
Fishing Expert
Jake Pelle is a third-generation outdoorsman and Eagle Scout. He grew up fishing ponds and rivers in South Louisiana and Mississippi and graduated to fishing brackish/marsh and coastal waters for redfish, drum, and speckled trout. When not on a flat range, he can be found with rod and reel in hand searching for the next greatest fishing hole in South Louisiana.
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