10 Best Ice Fishing Gloves for 2022

When it comes to ice fishing, the name of the game is staying warm while landing monster fish. One of the first body parts that go cold first is your hands, which is why you should own some of the best ice fishing gloves on the market.

The worst thing that can happen is developing hypothermia or frostbite. It’s not uncommon to have your extremities at risk of damage or amputation if they get too cold.

fishing without ice fishing gloves
This guy is braving the cold without gloves. Source: chumlee10

In this guide, we’ve looked at the wide variety of ice fishing gloves on the market and have selected a few we think will work best for you.

10 Best Ice Fishing Gloves for 2022 Reviewed

1. Achiou Winter Knit Gloves with Touchscreen Fingers

Best Touchscreen Ice Fishing Gloves

Achiou Winter Gloves for Men Women, Touch Screen Texting Warm Gloves with Thermal Soft Knit Lining,Elastic Cuff 3 Size Choice
  • Comfortable & Warm – Soft and warm lining design, provide…
  • Touch Sensitive & Anti-Slip Palm – The Unique and…
  • Perfectly Fits & Best Gifts – Achiou high-quality gloves…

When you’re out on the water fishing there will be a time when you need to pull out your cellphone and make a call or check your location. The worst feeling is when you have to pull off your gloves just so you can move the screen and navigate it the way you want.

That’s why it’s nice to have a pair of touchscreen gloves that you can keep while you’re in your ice shed. Sure they won’t keep you as warm and dry like the heavy-duty gloves, but they do provide just enough warmth to take your mind off the cold.

These touch-screen gloves are low-cost and will last you a season or two. Not a bad little pair to have even if you need to put them under your big thick gloves.

2. Striker Ice Second Skin

Best Cold Weather Fishing Gloves

Striker Strikerice Second Skin Gloves, Black, Large
  • Spandex/Lycra Stretch Shell Fabric;
  • Hipora Waterproof/Breathable;

If you’re out on cold weather conditions all day, then you’ll need to pick yourself up a sturdy pair of gloves to keep you warm and dry.

These second-skin gloves are actually waterproof yet breathable compared to other gloves making them perfect for a long day on the lake.

They have silicone dots on the palms to give you some added good grip while you’re holding your rod waiting for the big bite. It’s made of spandex and lycra which give a stretch to the outer shell. These are the kinds of features you should be looking for outside of just warmth.

3. Striker Combat

Best Heavy Duty Waterproof Ice Fishing Gloves

StrikerICE Men’s Combat Leather Ice Fishing Gloves, Waterproof Gloves with Thinsulate Insulation, XL, Black
  • ULTRA-WARM: 200 g of 3M Thinsulate insulation and full…
  • WATERPROOF: Features Hipora waterproof/breathable insert….
  • BUILT TO LAST: Full leather wrap around palm and back of the…

These best fishing gloves look right out of a movie. They are extra long, have a full leather palm and the back of the hand, and 200g of Thinsulate Insulation. Keeping your hands warm will not be a problem with these waterproof fishing gloves especially since these are insulated gloves.

They also have a Hipora insert which means these are waterproof and breathable. The leather will make it so your dexterity is a little bit hindered compared to some of the lightweight waterproof gloves, but this is completely based on your strength.

4. OZERO Thermal Gloves

Best Lightweight Ice Fishing Gloves

OZERO Driving Gloves for Men, Winter Warm Bike Glove for Smart Phone Texting with Non-Slip Silicone Gel – Thermal Windproof and Waterproof for Running, Cycling – Black (X-Large)
  • STYLISH FOR MEN – OZERO windproof and water resistant…

Here’s another set of lightweight windproof gloves and will keep your hands warm while letting you use your phone. These stylish gloves are also water-resistant and have silica gel particles that allow you to grip your rod and phone with ease.

The one thing we liked about these gloves was the elastic wrist that helps prevent cold air from getting inside and sucking away the warmth from your fingers. It’s one of the warmest gloves today.

5. Seirus Innovation Xtreme Waterproof All Weather

Best Waterproof Ice Fishing Gloves

Seirus 1171 Xtreme Waterproof Winter Cold Weather Glove with SoundTouch Technology
  • FORM FIT DESIGN – and 4-way stretch cuff ensure a…
  • 100% WATERPROOF BREATHABLE Glove – The warmest driest most…
  • TALK. TEXT. SURF. SWIPE – Advanced touchscreen technology…

This glove is made of a bunch of materials such as fleece, lycra, neoprene, nylon, and spandex. Talk about using everything in the manufacturer’s arsenal. These neoprene fishing gloves with fleece lining are the perfect fishing gear for someone who’s looking for an all-around glove with touchscreen swipe and touch capabilities.

This glove has serious flexibility since the fleece lining isn’t super bulky which gives is solid dexterity. It’s waterproof yet still gives you breathable fingers, no need to worry about sweaty hands making it one of the best waterproof gloves today.

You’re going to want to hand wash these gloves since they are a little more on the fragile side. Don’t throw them in the machine otherwise, it could ruin them.

6. Sitka Hunting Gloves

Best Merino Wool Gloves

SITKA Gear Merino Glove Optifade Open Country Large
  • MERINO GLOVES – Available in sizes medium, large, x-large,…
  • COMBINING COMFORT AND WARMTH – With the durability of wool…
  • SITKA Gear – We pride ourselves on providing the highest…

If you haven’t had a chance to wear Merino wool gloves, then you’re missing out. These gloves are great at giving your hands warmth from the ice and cold temperature. They generally don’t stink even after wearing gloves for a long time. No one likes stinky fingers.

They are super breathable and provide excellent dexterity. These gloves do have a nylon external shell that keeps the wool internal liner from getting wet. The inner liner will prevent your hands from being clammy especially as the season starts to warm up.

These ice fishing gloves also sport a slick camo which means you can wear it for both hunting and ice fishing.

7. Extreme Cold PVC Coated Hunting Gloves

Best Winter Ice Fishing Gloves

Extreme Cold Weather PVC Coated with Thinsulate Lined Decoy Hunting Gloves, 330, Size: One Size Fits Most
  • Waterproof sandy finish with rough grip is perfect for duck…
  • Long extended gauntlet cuff to keep snow, ice and lake water…
  • Ideal for extremely freezing cold or icy wet weather….

Time to bust out that thick gloves (3M Thinsulate) to keep you dry and warm. These are the type of gloves that you can lay your hand on the ice and forget its winter fishing season.

These are not slim gloves so they will make fishing more challenging, but they are playable and will keep your fingers dry from the ice-cold water or melted glacier ice making them one of the best gloves for fishing.

These thick gloves have outer waterproof layers that have a sandy grip which makes them multi-functional for duck hunting, hunting in general, fishing, crabbing, trapping, and more.

If you’re going out into the super cold or extremely cold conditions, pick up a pair of these ice-resistant gloves. These are 100 waterproof rated.

8. Palmyth Ice Fishing Convertible Mittens

Best Ice Fishing Mittens

Palmyth Ice Fishing Gloves Convertible Mittens Flip Fingerless Mitt with Thinsulate 3M Warm for Cold Weather and Winter Men Women Photography Running Camera (Gray, X-Large)
  • Convertible Mitt: Easily converts from warm mittens to…
  • 3M Thinsulate: The gloves are insulated with 40 grams 3M…
  • Silicone Palm Grips: Partial synthetic leather and premium…

One of the main criteria for fishermen is the ability to tie knots and rig up their line. This is extremely difficult if your glove prevents your hand’s natural dexterity from happening. Let your fingers be free with these convertible mittens that fold back and allow all your fingers to tend to whatever is required while fishing.

These are great for fly fishing as well. You can keep the base of your fingers warm while exposing your fingertips for more intricate operations like pulling lines or casting.

9. Showa Atlas 460

Best PVC Ice Fishing Gloves

Showa Atlas 460 Vinylove Cold Resistant Insulated Gloves – Large
  • Double dipped oil resistant PVC
  • Insulated seamless liner
  • Great grip

If you’re not in the extreme cold but need fishing gloves that are extremely durable and have a good grip, then check out these double-dipped oil-resistant PVC gloves.

These are hardcore waterproof, so if you’re going to be soaking your hands in water and you want to keep them dry, then use these. That just means you’re going to be sacrificing dexterity and how breathable they are.

These also make good hunting gloves for waterfowl and if you’re going to be grabbing big fish. These are 100 waterproof rated!

10. Non-latex Medical Gloves

Best Ultra-Light Ice Fishing Gloves

GLOVEWORKS HD Black Nitrile Industrial Disposable Gloves, 6 Mil, Latex-Free, Raised Diamond Texture, Large, Box of 100
  • DURABLE: Our 6 mil nitrile gloves provide better puncture…
  • RAISED DIAMOND TEXTURE: Provides 60% more surface area than…
  • SLEEK & PROFESSIONAL: Black color helps to conceal dirt,…

Many ice fishermen don’t care about 3M Thinsulate, heck they don’t even wear gloves. That’s where these industrial latex gloves fit the mold. They keep the wind from annoying your hands while giving you just the slightest amount of protection from the elements and the fish slime. Best of all when you’re done, you can throw them away.

We like black because if you’re outside and it’s sunny it’ll absorb heat and give you a bit more warmth. There’s no reason not to have a pair or two in your fishing gear bag.

How to Choose the Best Ice Fishing Gloves – Buyer’s Guide

fishing on the lake with the best ice fishing gloves
Some serious ice fishermen out there. Source: Alexey Dushutin

When it comes to picking the best ice fishing gloves, you need to determine what features you care about the most and then look at your options. Are you into fingerless gloves?

For use we think the following is important when it comes to ice fishing gloves:

  • Waterproof – Since we’ll be on the ice then it’s highly likely that we’ll be getting wet. We should do what we can to prevent that as much as possible.
  • Breathability – No one wants clammy hands.
  • Comfort – We will be wearing these for hours if not days so why not have them not be hard as rocks and uncomfortable.
  • Warmth – This goes in line with comfort. We should have our hands be at the optimal temperature so we never miss a bite.
  • Durability – We want these gloves to last us a while. We don’t like to throw away items after a few uses. Consider all the protection you need.
  • Fit and size – This also goes along with comfort. We want to make sure our hands aren’t getting chaffed or that our gloves are too big or too small that make us leave them at home because they don’t do the job effectively.
  • Exra features– Do you need fingerless gloves for your fishing trip? How about ones with finger slits or with the index fingers uncovered but can still withstand cold temperatures? Also, ask yourself if you want one with a palm grip to help you pick things up?

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

When it comes to understanding the difference between waterproof gloves and water-resistant gloves it’s all a matter of how much water gets through your gloves material. Completely waterproof will likely be a plastic-coated glove that repeals all cold water from getting into your glove.

This is great except the breathability might be lessened. Advanced materials such as Gortex have been built to give a high level of waterproofing, yet still, allow your hands to breath so they don’t get clammy.


Warmth is subjective as your warmth requirements might be different than mine. If you’re going ice fishing and have a shelter with a heater, then the warmth required by your fishing gloves will be different than if you’re outside all day with no protection.

Also, one thing to think about is transport to and from your fishing hole. This could be where you need the warmth the most so different gloves might be required at different times.

Things to Consider

Sometimes it can be difficult finding the right pair before your trip. Don’t be afraid to purchase a few and take them out with you so you can put them through the gauntlet.

It might also be the case that you find that different pairs are beneficial at different times. It’s not uncommon to hear a guy or girl have a pair for when they are snowmobiling and use them when they are outside fishing, whereas if they are indoors then they either fish without any on or using latex gloves.

The surgical style gloves are a new one for us, but so many fishermen said that they use them that it got our attention. A lot of them put them under their main gloves as added waterproof and ice protection. As long as you don’t have your hands get super sweaty then you should be fine.

What you don’t want is your hands to get clammy then you take them out and find that your whole body gets cold as your heat dissipates into the ether.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen quarterbacks on the sidelines of games but they sometimes put their hands in a device that cools them down.

The same thing happens if you take your clammy hand out of your glove. Be careful, you might want to stay warm and not get cooled down.


When fishing, your gloves should have a level of dexterity that allows you to perform critical fishing tasks such as tying knots and grabbing fish.

If your gloves are too tough or rigid, then you’ll be ineffective on the water and might as well be wearing a pair of bricks on the ice.


Comfort while ice fishing is critical. Since you’ll be sitting and staring at a hole for hours you’ll have a lot of time to think about how uncomfortable your hands are if you picked the wrong gloves.

As long as your pair of gloves are windproof, water-resistant, and provides an ample level of dexterity, you should be fine even if you’re on a glacier.


Durability comes down to how well your materials hold up to the elements. If you’re wearing a pair of gloves that are warm but after you catch a fish the slime won’t come off and you’re left with throwing away a pair of expensive gear, then you have a problem.

Worse yet, you buy an expensive set of fishing gloves only to have them rip on your first day on the water.

Keeping your hands warm is important, but also is keeping them safe so pick up a quality set of completely durable gloves. Make sure to buy a durable glove before your next fishing trip.


There are a bunch of materials for you to think about. Do you need neoprene gloves? How about ones with a fleece liner to keep your hand warm?

  • Nylon gloves
  • Latex gloves
  • Rubber gloves
  • PVC gloves
  • GorTex gloves
  • Fleece gloves
  • Spandex gloves
  • Wool gloves
  • Neoprene gloves (same material used on wet suits)
  • Synthetic rubber gloves

And the list goes on. A quality set of ice gloves will usually have an inner liner made of warm material like fleece and an outer shell made of GorTex or Nylon.

The materials can get specific towards a task such as hunting where the manufacturers generally dip them in PVC plastic to give it full 100 waterproof ratings so you can get blood and water on them without getting any on your hands.

Fit and Size

Lastly when it comes down to overall glove comfort, then you want to make sure your glove fits based on the size of your hands.

Your fingers should be snug but not too tight in the fingers pockets. You should have a full range of motion as if your hand were completely free to move where they need to.

Most glove manufacturers have a sizing chart that allows you to take a tape measure to your palm and get a general sense of how big your hand is so you can pick the right size.

Glove Sizing Chart

  • Extra Small: Up to 2.9 inches
  • Small: 2.9-3.3 inches
  • Medium: 3.2 – 3.5 inches
  • Large: 3.5-4 inches
  • Extra Large: 3.9-4.4 inches
  • Extra Extra Large: 4.4 and over

Now, this chart can be different based on the manufacturer but this should give you a general sense of how big your fishing glove will be. For example, I’ve always measured a medium-size fishing glove and have been the same size across multiple manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cold-weather fishing gloves?

If you’re looking for a serious pair then you should check out the Extreme Cold PVC Coated Hunting Gloves.

These are full PVC coated gloves that go almost up to your elbows which will in the clear no matter if you’re fishing on a glacier or protected by an ice shed or structure.

Another great fishing glove is the Glacier Glove Pro Angler. The Glacier Glove Pro Angler is a great choice for ice fishing and angling in cold weather. Stormr gloves are also good aside from Glacier gloves.

What are the best winter gloves?

The gloves you should look at are ones that will keep you warm from the ice. Most winter models don’t need to be super 100 waterproof or anything like that, so opt for something with a nylon shell, windproof, and have a warm inner liner that will keep your fragile digits nice and toasty.

How do fly fishing keep hands warm?

As a fly fishing participant, it’s hard to find the right gloves for keeping your hands warm while in the middle of a river. That’s why we opt for the convertible mittens that have a fingerless gloves underneath.

These fingerless glove allow you to pull back the mittens area while you’re casting and stripping line, but as soon as your hands are too cold then you can flip your mittens back over and your back to warm your ice-cold fingers.

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