Best Inflatable Boat Accessories (2023 Buying Guide)

If you want an even more convenient boating trip, you should accessorize your dinghy with the products available and useful to you. You should take shopping for inflatable boat accessories as if you’re looking for home furniture.

best inflatable boat accessories
Quick-release wheels feature a clip-on/off system for your convenience. Source: Takacat

You’re trying to make your comfort and convenience a cruising priority. Here are some useful items you can add to your inflatable boat for a more convenient and well-designed inflatable boat

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13 Best Inflatable Boat Accessories for 2023

1. Quick Release Wheels

For convenience and fast action, accessorizing your inflatable boat with quick-release wheels will help you get it to and from the water without so much effort.

This accessory is perfect for inflatable rescue boats. Emergency operations can’t spare any time in hauling the inflatable boat to the water.

Takacat’s removable Tube Transom revolutionizes inflatable boats. It features quick-release wheels that need no drilling or retrofitting. This doesn’t affect your heavy-duty inflatable tender’s storage size and weight, as it features a small on-and-off clip system. 

2. Rod Holders

The best inflatable fishing boats usually have rod holder fittings for a more convenient trip. Takacat brand offers great available accessories, a simple on/off clip set of stainless steel rod holders.

Purchasing a quick-release rod holder will allow you to mount your rod while you sit and wait for a fish to bite your bait. 

3. Electric Air Pump

When cruising the SoCal water, time is of the essence. You want to enjoy your time doing the activity rather than setting up for it. The Speedy Electric Air Pump is one of Takacat’s convenient items to add to enhance your boating convenience.

Manual inflation takes much longer than electric pump inflation. Inflation usually takes at least 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of your boat. Getting an electric air pump will enhance the use and enjoyment of your inflatable boat. 

4. Boat Covers

Using your inflatable frequently makes it prone to wear, especially if inflated and stored for extended periods. Takacat offers boat covers for inflatable catamarans to protect them from the sun’s damaging rays and other environmental factors.

Covering your boat when not in use will prolong its life span and protect it from wear. 

5. Portable Camera Mount

Brocraft Kayak Portable Camera Mount/for GoPro 11/10/9/8/7 and Phone with 9inch Extension Arm
  • locks down a standard camera needing a special adaptor
  • Fixed 228mm( 9inch) aluminum extender, can adjustable…
  • fully twistable, turn-able, rotatable, and best of all

When cruising the SoCal waters, you can find many picturesque scenes and moments that are worth capturing. Having a portable mount for your GoPro or camera will help you lock down your camera or GoPro without a special adapter.

This portable camera mount comes with an aluminum extender, which you can adjust, twist, turn, and rotate. 

6. Fish Finder

The water is unpredictable, and almost no human can memorize what’s underneath. With a fish finder, fishing becomes easier as you can use it to detect water depth and the structures underneath.

Plus, you can approximate the location of the fish you want to hunt, so it will be easier for you to know where you should go with your boat.

After all, the best inflatable fishing boat can take you to fishing spots that bigger ships can’t access.

7. Fish Finder Holders

Yak Attack Round Base Fish Finder Mount, Black – FFP-1005
  • The cleanest and most secure mounting solution for Garmin…
  • No more ball mounts, no more slipping or rotating in the…
  • Attaches to track using LockNLoad mounting system for…

When fishing on an inflatable boat with a fish finder, you get to know the approximate spot where your target fish is likely to be. Just like your rod and its holder, you also need a holder for your fish finder for ease of maneuvering the boat.

With a fish finder holder, you get to free your hand from the responsibility of holding the fish finder and focus more on boat handling. You can and should never put a price on your comfort and safety.

8. Repair Kit

Tear-Aid Vinyl Inflatable Repair Kit, Yellow Box Type B, Single
  • Tear-Aid Repair Patches Provide A Simple And Easy Method Of…
  • The Tear-Aid Type B Vinyl Repair Patch Sticks To – Vinyl And…
  • The Tear-Aid Patch Is See-Thru To Work On Any Color And Is…

Inflatable boats may have tears and punctures caused by extreme circumstances as all ships are at risk of marine problems. Having a repair kit readily available both ashore and aboard will ensure your safety and fast action in boat repair in case this happens.

Repair kits should be a sign to remind you to always be ready for emergencies at any part of your trip. This way, you won’t have to search for solutions to this kind of boat problem. Keeping and changing up your repair kit through the years will make sure that boat repair can be effectively done. 

9. Storage Carry Bag

SH-RuiDu Heavy Duty storage bag is ideal for use in rubber boats, kayaks, fishing boats, and airboats. It has a large storage capacity to keep all your fishing gear, such as fishing boots, sinkers, weights, hooks, and floats.

The storage bag is made of durable 100%polyester fabric, making it sturdy and lightweight for easier transportation. It has a strong zipper and a perfect waterproof function to ensure your tackle is safe.

Its soft foldable design ensures it is easy to carry. Besides, the bag has a reinforced base and an extra handle, making it simpler to put in or take out bulky objects.

Another excellent bag for inflatable boats that will keep your supplies and gear organized and dry is the West Marine Bow Storage Bag. It features adjustable shock cords that you can easily attach to the eyelets and D-rings. The bag is also water-repellant but breathable to resist mildew.

10. Cooler

A cooler is an essential item that you shouldn’t go fishing without. It keeps your meal cold and lets you enjoy an ice-cold beverage to toast your catch as you glide on the water.

Picking the right cooler that will work for you is essential since many attractive coolers are on the market. It depends on what delights you most, whether you choose a cooler with handles and wheels or a soft or solid-sided one.

Focus more on the cooler’s ice retention and durability. More robust insulation and durable construction should be your go-to combination if you frequently take extended fishing trips in the summer.

One of the anglers’ great choices is West Marine 70 qt. Premium Marine Cooler, which features embossed tape measure on the lid, 316 stainless hardware, lockable lid slots, and tethered drain plug.

The cooler also has a roto-molded design, a non-skid lid surface, and non-marking raised feet. It retains ice for ten days and comes with two tie-down slots and two open bottle openers.

11. Personal Flotation Device

Ensure you always keep your safety first anytime you want to get on your boat. In most locations, wearing a life jacket or personal flotation device is not just a good decision. Still, it is mandatory by law, and disobeying it can result in hefty penalties.

The main drawback of life jackets is that they are uncomfortable and heavier to wear. Fortunately, some notable advancements in their improvement have made them cozy and snug-fitting.

12. Anchor

Any size fishing boat will require an anchor. When bad weather strikes, your anchor will protect your boat in a bay or maintain your stability when you spot a fish, but the current is high.

Locating the appropriate location to moor your boat might take longer, but an anchor can help keep it in place. However, you must get the proper anchor size for your boat.

Besides, you will need an anchor line or rope and a lead chain to secure the rope to the anchor. West Marine Performance2 Anchor/Rode Packages, which comes with all three components, is the best and most effective even on smaller vessels.

13. Fishing Hat

A fishing hat is ideal for anglers who fish on sunny days. It protects them from harmful UV rays and makes them look more elegant. Some specialized caps block glare.

Choose a fishing hat that caters to your needs. Ensure it has a snug fit design and is comfortable to wear. Phaiy Bucket Hat and The Hat Depot Cotton Stone Hat are among the best fishing hats in the market.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Inflatable Boat Accessories

Numerous inflatable boat accessories are available in the market, and many others are being produced as technology advances. Selecting the best accessories for your needs from such a vast array of available options is an uphill task.

Here are some of the things you need to take into account when purchasing the right boat accessories for you:

Size and Weight

Most accessories for inflatable boats are usually small and lightweight. Ensure your accessories perfectly fit in your boat. Also, make sure the accessories don’t exceed the boat’s weight capacity.


Go for an item that appeals to you. Though a personal choice, it’s a crucial one. Remember you are bringing these inflatable boat accessories since they are necessary components while you are on the water.

Look for attractive and personalized inflatable boat accessories, such as those that can be altered with a face or a variety of bands. Besides, products with extra features are better.


The brand is another crucial aspect to consider. You should get the accessories for inflatable boats from reputable companies.

Popular brands manufacture models that are reliable, long-lasting, and efficient. There are several excellent, dependable products available from lesser-known brands. To learn more, read the reviews. For additional information, check the reviews.

Ease of Use

Inspect the inflatable boat accessories’ usage closely to ensure they are user-friendly. You will not gain any benefit by purchasing an item that is challenging to utilize. A decent inflatable boat accessory should be pretty simple to install and uninstall.


Everybody has a different set of financial priorities. How much money are you willing to spend on the accessory? After deciding on your budget, you will limit your alternatives according to it.

You’ll find a quality product, no matter your budget. In general, a product’s price represents its quality and functionality. Its cost equals its value.

However, don’t let this deter you since there are many relatively inexpensive, top-notch inflatable boat accessories on the market. There are times various manufacturers sell their products with special offers, and at this time, you can get a quality accessory at a lower price.

Insider Advice

When using the best brand of inflatable catamarans, you want to shop for products that will allow you to optimize and enjoy your trip.

Your search may lead you to great spots in the water, but always consider your and your crew’s safety when it comes to maneuvering inflatable boats.

Taking the California-approved boating safety courses will help ensure inflatable boat customer safety when handling the product. Any accessories such as inflatable dinghies or even mounts, cleats, and handles that can be replacement parts that can help you have a convenient and safer trip is a good investment. 

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