The Best Inflatable Dive Boats for Seeing Nature

If you like to go spearfishing, scuba diving, or just snorkeling with the family, then you should have one of the best inflatable dive boats to get you to your spot safely.

Inflatable boats make great portable dive boats. If you have a boat, you can double them as a tender or even pack them in your RV on your next road trip. They are convenient to strong and set up, and they can take you to tight spaces in the water world your party boat can’t access.

Here are the best inflatable dive boats we’ve found so you can make memories in the water.

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5 Best Inflatable Dive Boats for 2023 Reviewed

`1. Takacat 380 LX


The top contender, Takacat, is a versatile inflatable boat perfect for diving, fishing, and basically any water sports. Added buoyancy and space for your family and dive buddies with more room for your diving gear.

Takacat has an open bow Catamaran design with a rigid air deck floor for firm and stable boarding on the inflatable boat and a diving platform. It offers convenience to your trip as it has an open transom design.

This allows the inflatable boat to be folded smaller into a carry bag and becomes lighter for portability. Divers need not worry about flooding the inflatable boat as Takacat design allows the water to drain continuously. This is great for keeping you, the deck, and your gear accessories dry.

Takacat inflatable boat features durability with its high-quality denier PVC construction that resists puncture, wear, and abrasion. You don’t have to worry about the corals and shingles to abrade the sides and bottom of the Takacat. They are reinforced with heavy-duty rubber coating for protection.

The Takacat is a lightweight inflatable boat that can handle heaviness with its weight capacity of 640kg, equal to 6 persons. Aside from its stability, spaciousness, durability, and convenience, Takacat ultimately has the engine power to take you to great diving spots.

This vessel makes your dive and boating experience fun, safe, and hassle-free. 

2. 14′ Saturn Inflatable Boat

Saturn inflatable boat construction is from Dtex PVC combined with high-density polyester fabric. Its design resists damaging factors like tears, punctures, and abrasions. It comes with a heavy-duty outer PVC that protects the boat from UV radiation, ozone, and abrasion.

And the inner layer strengthens and supports the inflatable. Saturn Kaboat is durable to handle rough or fast-flowing water bodies, perfect as an inflatable boat for your dive. This inflatable boat features a marine-grade aluminum sectional floor for improved resistance to saltwater corrosion and lesser weight.

Saturn inflatable boats are suitable for diving and pass as workboats or inflatable boats for safety and rescue missions, like that of the US Coast Guard. You get to enjoy and venture to your diving spots worry-free.

It has a double-layered tube bottom and rub-strake protector along the keel for protection against sharp rocks and abrasive sand. This vessel can board 5-6 of your friends as it has a weight capacity of 1826 lbs. 

3. Scout 430

The Scout 430 inflatable boat has a rigid rugged design suitable for many water activities. This inflatable can be compacted into a carrying bag, which is ultimately portable and easy to transport for divers.

The latest PVC generation is what constructs Scout inflatable boats, along with polyester support for resistance to damage from abrasion and tear. The seams of Scout are connected through gluing before attaching two reinforcement layers on either side of the boat.

This ensures the inflatable boat will last longer when inflated and deflated regularly. It has a weight capacity of 362 kg or boards up to 4 persons. 

4. Zodiac Pro 500

The Zodiac Pro rigid inflatable boat is an adaptable RIB boat suitable for many water sports activities like diving, fishing, and underwater hunting.

This RIB features the following: V-shaped hull, bow locker, two tow rings, one bow ring, fiberglass console with bench seat, 12 gal fuel tank under the seat, two paddles, foot pump, pressure gauge, repair kit, and owner’s manual.

Equipped with seats for nine persons, this vessel has a carrying capacity of 1,060 kg to cater to the divers’ weight and space their gear needs. Safety is also a feature of this RIB boat, as it has mounted fastenings for passenger safety and a passage on the left where you can access the bow.

The floor is anti-slip, which is beneficial for divers going in and out of the water. 

5. Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boat Series

Intex Seahawk 3, 3-Person Inflatable Boat Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air -Pump (Latest Model)
  • Whether you’re fishing, relaxing, or rowing on the Lake, the…
  • Designed with heavy duty, puncture resistant PVC for comfort…
  • Seahawk 3 boat set provides added accessories including: two…

Seahawk inflatable boat by Intex ensures comfort and durability with its heavy-duty PVC construction, which protects the boat against puncture. You can experience an exciting, entertaining, and convenient dive with this inflatable boat. You can even bring your buddies with you as it has a carrying capacity good for three persons.

This TUV-approved boat is a great diving boat, but it has other water uses. Inflatables are best for fishing, and Seahawk is one of the inflatables for such activity. It features two fishing rod holders and has an inflatable I-beam floor and cushions for comfort and rigidity. 

Inflatable Dive Boat Tips

Diving with a rigid inflatable boat or any inflatable boat needs you to note some ground rules for a more systematic experience. Here are some of the essential tips you can take from us based on our diving experience with inflatable boats. 

  • Take diving courses and get your diving license, as you can never be too safe underwater.
  • Always put your diving equipment in one area of your boat to prevent it from scattering, mixing up, or hurting you and your buddies.
  • Make sure you stow away safely the essential things and keep them in place to prevent them from falling off-board or on your toes when the ride gets bumpy.
  • Always have a system with your buddies on who’s in charge of what, who comes first, and who goes last.
  • Make sure your inflatable boat, in a way, lets other boaters know you and your friends are diving in the area.
  • Take note of your boat, as you don’t want to board the wrong boat after your dive. 
  • Always, always, ALWAYS prioritize your and your buddies’ safety by knowing how to maneuver your dive boat and learning what to do in case of emergency
Takacat allows a fun and safe dive. Source: Takacat

If you want to learn what you, as a diver, should do to have a safe diving experience, check our guide: What Should Divers Do For Their Own Safety?

Insider Advice

Scuba diving or freediving is a fun adventure, but consider that every time you’re under the water’s surface that you are risking your life. There will be circumstances that will challenge your knowledge during your dive.

It is always required and recommended to acquire a diving license before you go down the deep. Any information you will learn from your diving courses is essential to your trip and your safety.

Additionally, when diving with inflatable boats, make sure to take California-approved boating safety courses to equip yourself with know-how.

Remember that your life is more important than your dive. Be safe out there! 

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