The Best Inflatable Tender Boats for Your Vessel

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It takes a lot of research to figure out the best inflatable tender boats that will get you from point A to B in a safe and quick manner.

Tender boats have been useful for water transport, especially when coming to and from shore. They often serve dual purposes for bigger yachts and ships. You can use them as a transport yacht tender or inflatable safety boats for search and rescue missions or other emergencies.

The new catamaran models are worth checking out. The current designs are stable and make for some of the best tender boats due to their versatility. Here are the best tender boats you can use for your next adventure.

6 Best Inflatable Tender Boats Reviewed

1. Takacat 300 LX Portable Tender

best inflatable tender boats takacat
Takacat 300 LX serves best as a boat tender to aid your diving convenience. Source: Takacat

Takacat is innovation, safety, versatility, durability, and convenience crafted into one revolutionary inflatable boat. It has an open bow seating and open transom design to optimize the boat’s comfort, convenience, and high-quality power.

Takacat 300LX, like their other models, maintains stability from stopped to top speed due to its premium Catamaran hull design, making it a top contender as the best tender boat.

The small size of the Takacat LX series makes it ideal and perfect for an excursion in secret water coves or shore and seaside destinations. One of the best and most admirable things about this portable tender is its easy roll-up design that allows quick setup and storage.

Despite its lightweight design, you and your buddies can board with your gear, as this sailing tender has a large load-carrying capacity. Rain and dripping divers have nothing on this boat as it has a raised deck space to allow the water to flow continuously. This helps the boat and the people stay dry.

The Takacat cruisers are confident that this is one of the, if not The best inflatable tender boats that provide resistance to damage by abrasion, UV radiation, puncture, and other factors due to its durable and high premium quality materials.

2. Zodiac Cadet Tender Boat

Zodiac Cadet boasts a compact design that allows easy storage and carrying options. It features a tube with progressive-diameter buoyancy for the improved stability of the inflatable boat. 

The float is welded and glued overlappingly for closure to guarantee cruisers’ safety and prolong the boat’s lifespan. You have the option to choose your preferred floor for your convenience. 

Aero models feature H2P inflatable floors, which makes them comfortable and lighter. All series feature an inflatable keel for rapid planing and improved maneuvering of the tender boat. It is easily transported as stowage is simple and lightweight, fitted into a carrying bag.

3. Newport Vessels 8 Ft. Dana

The Newport sailing dinghy has denier specialty coated PVC and marine wood deck flooring. Suitable as an inflatable tender. It uses quality materials and an extra layer of polyester for storage flexibility.

Newport Vessels Dana can also be used as an inflatable fishing boat or a small runabout dinghy boat, as they offer stability and maneuverability at high speeds. If speed and performance are the features you want, Dana’s motor setup can reach 15-20 mph speeds.

They are lightweight enough to be dragged up on shore, run into docks, and durable enough to keep up with boating wear and tear. 

4. Bris Fish Hunter

Another lightweight tender boat you can have is the Bris Fish Hunter. It ensures durability with its double-layered PVC fabric tubes and aluminum floorboard. Water activities can be fun with this tender boat as it is lightweight, easy to use, and super stable.

Fishing with 4-5 people can be done with Bris Fish Hunter, with its weight and seating capacity of 1675 lbs. It features heat-welded seams that guarantee durability in freshwater, saltwater, and extreme humidity. It has a heavy-duty sectional aluminum floor and a corrosion-proof swim platform perfect for boaters who love doing water sports activities. 

5. Sports Boats Killer Whale Model 330 

This model has a contoured sleek white design engineered for buoyancy and faster planning at takeoff. Sailors on this inflatable dinghy consider it to resemble a whale with the way it works on the water.

It makes boating a killer with its reinforced PVC material is resistant to UV, oil, and punctures. This inflatable boat has extended rear pontoons and transom area for more weight and a bigger motor while maintaining stability.

Convenience is a feature of this model as it is lighter and easier to clean with its easy-slide solid aluminum floor and seats. You can board this boat with two people or five as it has a weight capacity of 1268 lbs. 

6. Seamax Ocean 380

Another inflatable boat used as a tender boat for yachts and bigger ships is the Seamax Ocean 380. It features a marine-grade PVC-coated fabric for its construction. The boat has heavy-duty lifelines around the entire dinghy, backed by a secondary on one inside.

The heavy-duty design has a reinforced keel, transom, and pontoon bottom. It also features a non-skid floor system with side joiners, a fuel tank, and a battery box. This product ensures stability, convenience, and quality yacht tender, perfect for fishing, hunting, and commercial use. 

How to Set Up Inflatable Tenders

Setting up your inflatable tender is relatively easy. Especially with Takacat, it shouldn’t take longer than 15-20 minutes of your time to have this yacht tender up and running for your water adventure. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on setting up your inflatable tender for a convenient trip to and fro shore or exploring enclosed water spaces.

  • Unroll the tubes from side to side
  • Unfold the tubes from end to end
  • At the back of the craft, locate inflation valves
  • Inflate tubes to 3 PSI or 22.5 KPA (electric pump)
  • Insert the tube transom while using water to lubricate the tube
  • Attach black velcro straps around the tube transom 
  • Then, insert the top tube transom while still using water for lubrication
  • Slot a small motor mount board on the inside of the tube transom
  • Attach the backboard using bolt/ washers or eye nut
  • For the air deck floor, unfold it and position 
  • Slot D rings on-air deck floor through fabric floor layer (for LX series)
  • Connect the floor D rings using a webbing strap
  • Bow-located inflation valve, inflate air deck floor to 10 PSI or 65 KPA (electric pump)
  • Double-check if it is in the correct floor position
  • Then, inflate the float seat to 3 PSI or 22.5 KPA (electric pump)
  • Put the quick-release wheels in the up-and-down position to check 
  • Fix the oars into position
  • Enjoy a ride with your inflatable tender boat.
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How to Clean Inflatable Tenders

Inflatables should withstand the harshness of the water. But like any other fishing essentials, they need to be well-taken care of to extend their lifespan. Always rinse and clean your tender free of dirt, sand, salt, sunscreen, and whatnot at the end of each use.

Use fresh water to rinse off the boat’s outside and inside. If there are any scrapes, it’s best to use a proper non-abrasive boat cleaning solution immediately.

To avoid mildew and mold formation from your tender boat, dry it properly after rinsing. To do this, let the water drain out from your boat by turning it over, then use a towel to wipe it dry.

Use another dry towel to soak the water between the floor and side tubes. You may use the sun’s heat to dry your boat, but don’t let it out in the sun too long. 

Insider Advice

It’s good to come prepared for emergencies when out to the water with your best yacht tenders. But nothing beats preventing them and learning how to be safe. The California-approved boating safety courses will help you stay safe on your yacht tender while having the good fun it brings.

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