The Best Inflatable Yacht Tenders

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Investing in the best inflatable yacht tenders will amp up your relaxation and make boarding your yacht much easier when you take it out for a spin. 

Yachting has been one of the favorite pastimes and leisures of many SoCal water adventurers. And when it comes to boarding your yacht, tenders are staples in boarding to and fro the yacht. 

Here are the best inflatable tenders you can use for your holiday fun on the yacht. 

6 Best Inflatable Yacht Tenders for 2023

1. Takacat 260 LX Innovative Tender

Takacat 260 LX is a custom-made PVC designed innovative tender. The inflatable boat features an air deck floor for a high tensile rigid hull core. It has an aerodynamic bow design that will get you over the rough and choppy waters to your yacht in no time.

With Takacat, you don’t have to worry about boarding your mothership wet as it has a new open transom and raised deck to keep water out and the floor dry. This heavy-duty, innovative tender has let go of the old and heavier traditional aluminum design and replaced it with innovative materials.

This design makes the tender lightweight and easy to use because of the drop stitch fabrics for the high-pressure removable floor. It boasts convenience through its fully removable Tube Transom, which makes rolling and folding this inflatable yacht tender super easy to store and carry.

What makes it even better is that the seams are chemically bonded with glue, which is advantageous for foldable inflatables as welded seams tend to become brittle and leak. Like a true inflatable catamaran yacht tender, Takacat LX 260 stands out with its innovative open bow, making it versatile and the best inflatable yacht tender for diving, swimming, snorkeling, or transporting from the shore to your yacht.

It has a powerful outboard of two to eight hp to transport approximately two people comfortably. Power, comfort, and safety make Takacat the first and best choice among your many yacht tender options.

2. 12′ Saturn Kaboat

Saturn Kaboat is a crossover between a kayak and an inflatable boat. What’s good about the Saturn is you have the choice to paddle around like in a kayak as it now comes with its own rowing oars. Or if you want to save your energy and fuel it as a motorboat with its gas or electric engine.

Being lightweight and narrow, Saturn Kaboat will zip you through the water to your yacht faster. It will also allow you to explore tight spots bigger tenders can’t access. This yacht tender is portable and will fit into a medium carry bag for easy transport when traveling.

Two people can board this yacht tender with its 500 lbs weight loading capacity. This yacht tender can also be a versatile boat for many sailing options as it also features a drop-stitch air floor to ensure stability. 

3. Newport Vessel

The inflatable sport boat yacht tender is a USCG rated triple-layered coated PVC boat, including aluminum-made materials. The anti-corrosive-coated PVC materials ensure protection against corrosion, sun, salt, and other elements that can destroy the inflatable boat.

The quality lightweight yacht tender is heavy duty and can board many people without compromising cruising performance. It comes in aluminum framed marine wood flooring, bench seat, and oars. 

4. Zodiac Cadet RIB ALU DL

The rigid inflatable boat is a good choice to use as an inflatable yacht tender as it has integrated transom supports for safe transport. This inflatable tender features a safe and comfortable ride with its removable cushion seats, foot pump, oars, and repair kit.

Additionally, you will not have a problem lifting the Zodiac to where you want it as it has four handles for easy carry, lifting points, and towing eyes.

It is possible to fit a fuel tank in this inflatable boat’s bow storage or an anchor locker. The floor is anti-slip, which helps passengers not slip while boarding and unboarding the yacht tender. 

5. HydroForce Mirovia Pro 10’10” Inflatable Boat

Hydro-Force Mirovia is a four high-density nylon PVC with a high-pressure inflatable keel for buoyancy. The heavy-grade PVC resists UV degradation, abrasion, and other destructive elements.

It’s lightweight because the floorboards and transom are made of marine-grade plywood, which you can just roll up when storing. Additionally, this boat does not take time to assemble, as it does not need complicated tools.

It is protected against impacts and friction with its extra tough strake. With its load capacity of 1411 lbs, you can board four adults and one child in the Hydro-force Mirovia Tender. 

6. Scout 365

One of the versatile inflatable boats is the Scout 365, which can be used for many water sports activities in any body of water. This inflatable boat fits two people and ensures portability as it can roll up into a bag for easy storage.

The unique Scout design features one of the best lightweight, durable, and compact inflatable boats. You will have no trouble standing up on this inflatable tender as it offers stability with its high bow and flat bottom, combined with a small outboard motor for gas or electric use. 

Yacht Tender Safety Tips

best inflatable yacht tenders
Our best pick, Takacat, safely boards children and adults. Source: Takacat

When cruising out in the water, you should primarily think about boat safety as the wind and water conditions are not predictable. It’s better to come prepared all of the time. Here are some safety tips when on a yacht tender.

  • The weather and tide may be unpredictable, but it is best to check the weather report to know what you’re in for when cruising the SoCal waters
  • Always wear a life jacket when boarding your yacht tender, no matter how short the trip is
  • If your boat does not come with oars, bring one to come prepared when your engine fails you
  • Always make sure to have a means of communication with the authorities and other important contacts
  • Don’t overload your yacht tender; always stick to the weight capacity
  • Make sure to read your yacht tender manual, so you know how to maneuver your boat and to know what outboard motor fits
  • Always keep a puncture repair kit ashore and in the yacht in case of emergency.

Insider Advice

Yachting is fun, but every time you’re out in the water is a risk to your safety. When boarding your yacht tender, it’s essential to know how to maneuver your inflatable dinghy safely. Taking the California-approved boating safety courses should be a priority when you plan on purchasing the best yacht tender.

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