5 Best Kayak Paddle for Fishing of 2023

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One of the most important accessories in kayak fishing is the paddle. In choosing an oar, durability, functionality, and the cost of availing one are the factors that most paddlers consider.

There’s a notion that all oars in the market perform equally. They may all do the same thing, but not all paddle brands have the same efficiency. 

To help you decide the best kayak paddles for you, here’s a list of the most trusted kayak paddles to buy in 2023.

Best Kayak Paddles for Fishing

1. Werner Kayak Paddles Shuna Straight STD

Best Kayak Paddles in Design

Key Features

  • Fiberglass nylon-reinforced shaft
  • Mid-sized blade
  • Available in three colors: green, lime, and gold

This brand is on the list of the best fishing kayak paddles because it delivers a stiff but light padding experience. It’s constructed with lightweight materials like the lightweight fiberglass shaft and its fiberglass blade to help you get the right combination of swing weight and stiffness.

It utilizes an adjustable lever-lock system that offers three ranges of paddle height: 220-240cm, 240-260cm, and 260-280cm.

If the paddle length isn’t appropriate for your height, you will have a hard time paddling. Good thing it has adjustable lengths, so you can modify the paddle’s length depending on where you’ll be comfortable.

For smoother and more powerful strokes, it utilizes dihedral blades that have a flat surface that aims to minimize vibrations to better catch the water.

2. Advanced Elements PackLite 4 Part Kayak Paddles

Most Portable Kayak Paddles

Key Features

  • Utilizes carbon-reinforced nylon blades
  • Adjustable feathering for both right-handed and left-handed paddlers
  • Plastic sleeves for easy grip

With its paddle length of 90 inches (230cm), it can be collapsed into 4 parts to make it 25 inches (63cm) that’s compact enough to fit in your backpack or suitcase for easy transportation and storage. If you accidentally drop this oar into the water, it has a floating mechanism so you can easily retrieve it. 

There are drip rings attached to the paddle shaft to prevent excess water from running down to your arm or legs so you wouldn’t get wet while paddling. It is equipped with a durable carbon shaft and nylon blade that doesn’t bend or buckle.

3. Backwater Kayak Paddles Assassin Carbon Fiber

Best Blade Design

Key Features

  • Available in two different sizes: 230-240cm and 250-260cm
  • Drip guards included
  • Fade-resistant shaft

This classic angler oar is known as the full-size version of its predecessor paddle, the Assault Hand Paddle.

For easy paddling, it features an oversized ABS-injected fiberglass reinforced nylon blade that has a hook and teeth paddle design that can improve your paddling and help you launch your fishing vessel off solid surfaces.

What’s good about the blade’s design is that it has a big notch used for snagged lines. It’s also the best paddle that allows you to easily navigate, even if you are paddling in a muddy or grassy area.

4. Pescador Adjustable Kayak Fishing Paddle

Best in Functionality

Key Features

  • Tape measure on the aluminum shaft so you can measure your catch immediately 
  • Equipped with one blade for controlled maneuverability
  • Push-button and adjustable ferrule
  • Line hook to avoid snagged lures

The aim of this low-angle paddle is to offer less time for paddling to increase spent time on catching. It delivers maximum control of your fishing vessel that enables you to paddle faster and farther, making it a good choice if you’re using sit-on-top kayaks. 

It can withstand even the harshest underwater terrain without breakage due to its fiberglass blades and carbon fiber shaft. For optimum comfort, its length can be adjusted, ranging from 230 cm to 240 cm.

5. West Marine 200-230cm Adjustable Fiberglass

Best Adjustable Fishing Paddle

Key Features

  • Polyolefin grips for comfort
  • Durable aluminum shaft
  • Comes with a hook retrieval notch
  • Equipped with a low-angle blade

If you’re not the only one using the oar, its adjustable length is an essential feature so your friends can use it no matter their height. It can be turned into a longer paddle, depending on the depth of water where you’re paddling.

For easy maneuverability, it utilizes a special handle system that allows you to know if you are observing the proper paddle angle or whether you’re holding high-angle paddles with low-angle blades. Its length of 200cm to 230cm is just right for wider kayaks.

best kayak paddle for fishing
Woman kayaking on a turquoise lake. Source: Guillaume Bonastre

What Should I Look For When Buying Kayak Fishing Paddles

For kayak anglers, the choice of the fishing kayak paddle is one of the most important accessories to invest in, especially when you’re into kayak fishing rigging, because it may enhance your kayaking style. The factors to focus on includes your budget, paddle material, length, and shape of the blade.


Fishing oars are priced depending on the materials used in creating them, their brand, and their features. With a lot of paddles in the market, determining the budget, you’re willing to spend would help you narrow down your choices so you can easily find the one that best suits your kayaking needs.

If you’re basing your choice depending on your budget, remember that not all expensive oars are the ones that offer great features. There are also affordable oars that aren’t only durable but also have excellent features. 


The length of fishing paddles to consider doesn’t only depend on your height and your capability to maneuver it, but you also need to consider how wide your kayak is. As a rule of thumb, the wider the kayak, the longer oar you need.

You’ll be able to navigate your kayak comfortably and efficiently by choosing the right size of paddle for you. If the chosen oar is too long for your height or physique, there’s a possibility that it might fall off often, or you may face an injury.


Kayak fishing paddles are made from different materials like plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Where your paddle is made from enhances durability, weight, performance, and price.

For a lighter and more durable oar, the one made from carbon and fiberglass is preferred, but if you are budget-conscious, oars made from aluminum and plastic are more affordable.

Blade Shape

The paddle stroke created in the water would depend on how your oar blades look. The different paddle shapes include low and high-angle blades, dihedral blades, and Greenland paddles.

In kayak fishing, the great paddle is one that’s a combination of different blade shapes for versatile use.


Whether you have the best inflatable fishing kayaks or the regular fishing kayaks, the paddle greatly enhances your kayaking performance. If you’ve already found the one that will cater to your fishing needs, the next thing to do is to get used to it so you’ll be more comfortable navigating your kayak on your next paddling adventure.

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