Top 7 Best Kayak Seat (2023 Buying Guide)

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I remember when I borrowed my buddy’s kayak and we decided to put in a 7-mile roundtrip paddle in the open ocean to go spearfishing. Unfortunately for me, his kayak had a busted seat. I learned real quick why it’s important to have proper back support because by the end of the trip my core was on fire.

When you’re picking a kayak seat it’s going to come down to what’s compatible with the kayak you own. You want to make sure the anchor points match up. Next, you’ll want to consider your cushion needs. If you’re like me, you’ll want it extra cushiony for the aging bones. If you’re using it in saltwater you’re going to want to make sure everything is corrosion-resistant so you’re not stuck prying the clips with WD40 and a screwdriver to remove the seat.

In this guide, we’ll show you our favorite options so you can find the most comfortable kayak seat for your outings.

Our Top Picks

7 Best Kayak Seat

1. WOOWAVE Kayak Seat 

Best Overall

Key Features

  • Made with durable EVA foam interior and high-quality polyester exterior
  • The seat cushion has adjustable front and rear webbing straps
  • Anti-slip design with proper back support
  • Easy to install and remove

WOOWAVE kayak seat is the boat seat of choice if you plan to go fishing. This kayaking seat is made with interior EVA foam and outer 210D polyester.

The thick foam cushion is skid-resistant, which brings comfort during long-term water sports. 

This boat seat is designed with practicality, as you can easily adjust the seat with reinforced front and rear webbing pants.

It is ergonomically designed with enough lumbar support. This seat design has foam padding at the back that provides you comfort and support.

Woo Wave Warranty Information: Link

2. KERCO Angler-x Adjustable Sit on Top Kayak Seat 

Best for Long Paddling Trips

Key Features

  • Extra thick padding for long hours on the water
  • Anti-slip contour padded backrest for extra back support 
  • Adjustable front and back straps to keep the seat in place
  • Equipped with a detachable backpack for your belongings

The Angler-X Adjustable Kayak Seat has a lightweight design to fit most kayaks. It has extra-thick foam padding making it suitable for long hours when paddling.

A seat with a non-slip surface with a high backrest provides boaters additional support and comfort. The adjustable front and back straps help keep this boat seat in place together.

3. Leader Accessories Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat

Best Seat with Removable Bag for Fishing

Key Features

  • Molded thick foam cushion to survive rough water sports 
  • High-grade corrosion-resistant hook straps
  • Easy to install and remove with adjustable front and back straps
  • With a waterproof detachable bag

This deluxe kayak seat has a thick cushion suitable for any water sports activity. Its adjustable straps keep the seat in place, with high-quality anti-corrosive hook snaps.

This padded kayak seat is designed to fit your body shape, providing reliable support. The deluxe padded seat also has a removable waterproof bag for your additional storage.

4. Pactrade Marine Adjustable Straps

Most Lightweight

Key Features

  • With adjustable front and rear straps
  • Comes with a removable backpack for extra storage
  • Anti-slip contour seat padding
  • Made with inner EVA foam and outer neoprene with polyester

Pactrade Marine is best known for its lightweight and practical design suitable for canoeing and paddling.

It comes with adjustable front and rear straps with a non-slip contour seat surface. The entire kayak seat is made with durable EVA foam and neoprene with polyester. This also comes with a detachable bag.

5. Yak Gear SSR StingRay Seat

Best for Sit-in Kayaks

Key Features

  • Made with thick molded foam to support the butt
  • Skid-resistant bottom cushions
  • Great for any kayak or canoe
  • With D rings for added safety

Yak Gear SSR StingRay Seat is perfect for sit-in kayaks. It has nylon buckles and D rings for added security and safety.

D rings on the back of the seat allow for easy installation and connection of other accessories. 

Yak Gear Warranty Information: Link

6. Yak Gear SMR Manta Ray Seat

Best for Sit on Top Kayaks 

Key Features

  • Thick extra padding at the bottom of the seat
  • With D rings for easy connection of accessories
  • Compatible with any kayak
  • Non-skid cushioned bottoms

Yak Gear SMR Manta-Ray Seat is compatible with any kayak or canoes. Its lightweight design involves D rings for faster connection capabilities for other kayaking gear. This boat seat has a non-skid cushioned bottom made with thick EVA pressure molded foam. 

7. West Marine Kayak Foam Seat Pad

Best Seat Pad for Calm Water Touring 

Key Features

  • Sturdy thermal-molded foam pad
  • Made soft for calm water kayaking and kayak fishing
  • Adhesive backing to permanently secure itself to the cockpit

West Marine Kayak Foam is great for calm water touring. The back of this seat uses adhesives to attach to the cockpit for comfort and support.

This kayaking pad also allows you to sit in a more forward direction for better engagement.

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Kayak Seats


Before you buy your very first kayaking seat, you have to know which style fits well with your kayaks. Keep in mind, kayak seats have four different styles.

Universal kayak seats are more suitable for sit-on-top kayaks, while solo piece and twin set seats are for a sit-inside kayak. 

For people with bad knees, a lawn chair is the style of choice to improve their mobility. Inflatable kayak seats for inflatable kayaks are for those people who are on a budget. 

Support and Padding 

Proper support is also important when choosing the right kayaking seat for you. Support comes in the shape of the seat and the thickness of the padding.

If the padding is thick enough, there will be more lumbar support and comfort for your butt and posture.


If you are a traveler who always brings so much, you should consider a detachable storage bag seat. These storage bags will make it convenient for you to bring all the kayaking equipment and accessories that you need. 


Comfort is one of the most important features that you have to look into. If you are not comfortable with where you are seated, you will not enjoy kayaking. A comfortable seat will make you stay longer on the water. 


This is an essential factor, especially for anglers. Your seat should be stable enough to prevent you from flipping over, especially on rough water. When you fish, your seat must be stable enough so that you can successfully cast a fish. 


The kayak seats would be used a lot, and you’ll be sitting on them for a long period. So it’s better to have one that’s made of high-quality materials.

Kayak seats made with durable materials would also be a huge help for the seat regarding the kind, the type, and the quality.


You should also consider your budget when buying a kayak seat. Some high-quality kayaking seats are on the pricier side, and you have to decide whether you have the money to afford them.

If you have the right budget, Consider investing in an expensive new kayak seat because they will certainly last you a long time compared to the cheaper ones. 


The quality of the best kayak seats would depend on the material they are made of. Good quality seats are usually made with durable materials, ensuring you can provide support and comfort to your body when you go kayaking. 


Ventilation is the ability of air to flow freely from the seat and the paddler. A comfortable kayaking seat should have proper ventilation or breathability so your butt won’t get sweaty when you sit for a long time.

Proper ventilation also means the ability of the seat to keep moisture out, keeping the paddler dry. When you are hot and wet because of improper seat ventilation, you can experience rash and blisters.

Benefits of a Good Kayak Seat 

There are a lot of advantages to having a good kayaking seat. For one, it makes you comfortable when you go paddle, even for a long time.

Good kayak seats will not let you feel any pain or muscle fatigue while maintaining maximum lumbar support. Even on whitewater rapids, you do not have to worry about your stability if your seat is good.

A durable seat can also ensure that there is proper ventilation between you and your seat. This keeps moisture out to prevent your butt from getting sweaty, thereby preventing the formation of rashes and blisters.

Another thing is that you would not get worried about flipping over because your boat seat is stable enough. 

Finally, a good quality seat saves you the hassle and money of buying a new one. When your seat is of good quality, you can use it for a long time without having to worry that it might break while you are on the water.

Best Kayak Seat Brands 

The best kayak brands offer paddlers the right amount of support, durability, stability, and comfort. They may be more expensive but are certainly more worth it than buying cheaper ones.

Kayak seat brands like West Marine, Pactrade, Yak Gear, Ocean Kayak, and WOOWAVE offer high-quality seats that are best for all your boating needs. Some best seats from Ocean Kayak are Ocean Kayak Comfort and Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I choose a kayak seat? 

First, you need to know the features of your kayaks to know which kayaking seat styles can fit them. You should also know the purpose of purchasing a kayaking seat.

Different styles are suitable for different canoes. Choosing would also depend on your height and weight. 

Are all kayak seats the same? 

No. Different kayak seats all have different features and specifications. Not all kayaking seats can fit in all types of kayaks and canoes as well.

Different kayaking seats also have different seat shapes, so you have to know what type you want and what seat shape you prefer.

How do I install a kayak seat? 

Kayak seat installation depends on the brand and the product specifications. Most kayak seats are easy to install, especially if they have D rings and adjustable straps.

The first thing you need to do is locate where exactly you want to place your kayak seat on your kayak. 

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