The Best Lobstering Gloves for Catching Spiny Lobster

When you’re planning a lobstering trip, you want to equip yourself with the proper gear essentials. One of the essential gears is having the best lobstering gloves so you don’t come home with a puncture wound.

freediving for spiny lobster using lobstering gloves
Spiny lobsters caught diving in PV

Gloves serve a dual purpose. They protect your hands from lobsters and other critters while providing the grip you need to hold on to the bug.

You want the best cut-resistant and durable gloves for diving or fishing for lobsters. It helps to keep your hands protected from the spines of the lobsters you’re taking, among many reasons.

Here are the best lobstering gloves you can use to protect your hands from the formidable prey called lobsters.

5 Best Lobstering Gloves for 2021 Reviewed

1. Akona Bug Hunter Gloves

AKONA Bug Hunter Gloves Designed for Lobster Hunting and Maximum Protection on Palm and Fingers.Cut, Puncture, and Abrasion Resistance - 2X-Large
  • HUNT WITH CONFIDENCE: The Armortex palm and fingers provide...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 0.5mm Neoprene with ARMORTEX Palm and Fingers....
  • SIMPLE DESIGN: No Strap, No Velcro, nothing to go wrong when...

The Bug Hunter gloves from AKONA are from Amortex material, which features Amora fabric. Amortex is a lightweight option in contrast to Kevlar but protects you well from the damage a spiny lobster may inflict just the same as Kevlar.

It’s from thin, soft, and flexible materials that make it an easy to use lobster dive glove. This no strap, no velcro, good grip glove comes in different sizes from XS to 2XL to fit any diver’s fingers and palm when fishing for lobsters.

 2. Headhunter BAMF Cameron Kirkonell Lobster Gloves

Headhunter BAMF Cameron Kirkonell Lobster Gloves
  • Runs Small* - Order one size up for optimal fit
  • Made from cut resistant Kevlar
  • Palm features a grip that locks onto a polespear, even when...

The head hunter lobster gloves use cut-resistant Kevlar to ensure protection from any lobster work you will be doing. Plus, it features a palm grip that locks even when wet. The top is rubber-coated that protects the back of your hands and knuckles from the spines and claws.

However, the trigger finger does not come with rubber armor to keep it more sensitive when you dive. This product runs small, so it’s best to order a size bigger to have an optimal fit. 

3. Kast King

KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves UPF50+ Fishing Gloves UV Protection Gloves Sun Protection Gloves Men Women for Outdoor, Kayaking, Rowing, Silver Mist Prym1,Small - Medium
  • SPF 50 Protection – The KastKing Sol Armis Fingerless...
  • UPF 50 PROTECTION – The KastKing Sol Armis Sun Protection...
  • BREATHABLE MATERIAL – We use breathable poly-spandex...

Kast King’s practical gloves provide a snug fit and non-slip grip that doesn’t affect your dexterity and has rated SPF 50, still ensuring your protection against the sun’s rays.

The poly-spandex fabric makes for a breathable and cool lobster fishing work. These lobster gloves make you perform well when reeling or grabbing your spiny lobster. It also comes with reinforced microfiber in primary wear points on the palms to extend gloves’ lifespan. 

4. Soulern Neoprene Gloves

soulern Neoprene Gloves, Scuba Diving Gloves, Wetsuit Dive Gloves, Five Finger Surfing Glove for Spearfishing Paddling Kayaking Swimming (Large)
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY 3MM PREMIUM NEOPRENE:Hoobays diving gloves are...
  • THERMAL PROTECTION:This swimming surfing gloves with hi-grip...
  • COMFORTABLE APPLICATION :This kayaking canoeing gloves with...

These anti-slip designed gloves provide a comfortable application that keeps your hands warm and protected underwater. It comes with a hi-grip textured palm, which ensures the secure handling of items on your fingers and hands.

It is double lined with elastic Neoprene that lasts long, even when used frequently. A good find considering its good price.

5. Innovative Scuba Concepts

Innovative Scuba Concepts GL1512 Premium Puncture Resistant Gloves for Spearfishing Florida Lobster,Medium
  • 10 gauge cotton polyester blend gloves with palm, finger and...
  • Ideal for handling or cleaning fish. Exposed knit surface on...
  • Puncture resistant gloves for spear fishing, lobster,...

This cotton-polyester blend gloves from Innovative come with rubber coating on the palm, finger, and thumb surface, which maximizes dexterity. This product is puncture resistant with textured ribbing great to catch lobsters with its good grip.

It’s a great glove for water activities, and the gloves last a reasonably long time as it is durable under much water work. 

Lobster Gloves Vs. Standard Dive Gloves

When you’re diving, the different underwater species are not the only thing you need protection from. You need to be aware and ready for the different water conditions and temperatures you may encounter on your trip.

Gloves are an essential part of your diving gear, whether you’re spearfishing your game fish or diving and fishing for lobsters. Wearing the proper gloves would give you defense from many predictable and unpredictable water situations you will face when you dive.

LOBSTERING IN CALIFORNIA: How to Catch Lobster by Hand [Catch & Cook]

They not only protect your hands against cuts, abrasions, and piercings but also keep them warm in cold water. They help fend off hypothermia and the sharpness of aquatic species, animals, rocks, and reef corals alike. The neoprene material thickness determines the temperature rating of any diving gloves.

When choosing gloves that are great for lobstering, get a pair that has better cut resistance. Lobsters are challenging prey, and you need a good pair of gloves to shield yourself from their spines and claws.

Their spines can destroy even high-quality neoprene gloves, which is why you need to get yourself a product that features materials designed with high degree cut-resistance. Gloves made from Kevlar material are best known for its puncture resistance and durability.

Kevlar has bullet-proof protective clothing. Or you can choose one made from Amortex materials of Amora fiber, which gives a lightweight alternative to Kevlar lobster glove. 

If you like to learn how to catch lobster by hand, check out our guide: How to Catch Pacific Lobster (California Spiny Lobster)

Insider Advice

Most lobster gloves products are without, or a lack thereof, thermal protection that standard cold water dive glove offers. If you need dive gloves to catch lobster during cold conditions, we recommend you still use a tight-fitting neoprene glove under your lobster diving gloves.

It will fit your hands and fingers like a second skin, not hindering your flexibility and dexterity in catching lobsters. In fact, this helps you keep your hands warm well enough and avoids stiffening. 

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