The Best Lobstering Nets (Hoop Nets)

Add one of the best lobstering nets to your arsenal. Hoop netting for lobsters is a popular recreational fishing activity here in Southern California.

best lobstering nets
California Spiny hoop netting. Source: CDFW Blog (T. Buck)

This activity requires quality gear to weather the harshness of the ocean. You’ll be throwing these nets over your boat and sinking them on to various structures over and over again. that’s why it’s important to pick a brand that’s been vetted so you don’t waste your time and money. 

2 Best Lobstering Nets for California Spiny Lobster

1. Promar Ambush XL

Promar NE-107XL Ambush-XL 36″ Hoop NET
  • Product Type: Fishing Equipment
  • Package Dimensions: 26.162 L X 91.44 W X 91.44 H…
  • Package Weight: 2.563 Kilograms

The Promar Ambush XL lobster net is best suited for fishing in shallow areas of water. This net has a stealthy dark blue vinyl-coated steel frame to blend in the water. It has a patented weighted bait ring and baits pouch.

The net can be used to catch both lobster and crab species. The product design enhances the season experience for crustacean enthusiasts.

It has excellent material quality that makes it lightweight and easy to throw and use. You can make a flatter bait cage to reduce the chances of bigger lobsters and crabs getting on top and escaping free. 

2. Promar Ambush Heavy

Whenever fishing for lobsters in the deeper California waters, Promar Ambush Heavy is the hoop net of choice. Promar manufactures innovative and quality-rooted products for an enhanced ocean experience. Its heaviness allows it to go way more in-depth than the usual net dive. The durability of this lobster net helps you bag your lobster at one time.

How to Hoop Net for Spiny Lobsters

YouTube video

What you have to remember when hoop netting for some lobsters is to use different cut-up baits and reel-in your net without stopping so your lobster won’t have the chance to escape.

If you want to learn more about how to hoop net for California Spiny, check out our guide: How to Hoop Net for California Spiny Lobster

Other California Lobstering Essentials

  • California Sport Fishing license
  • California Spiny Lobster report card
  • Best nets to get lobster
  • Bait cage
  • Rope (at various lengths depending on how deep you get into fishing)
  • Sizing gauge to make sure your catch is legal
  • Marker buoy if fishing from a vessel or boat with the proper markings
  • Lights (sticks or flashlight) and reflective tape for night fishing
  • Best lobstering gloves
  • Variety of cut-up baits like salmon heads, sardines, anchovies, and squid

Insider Advice

We advise you always to check your local regulations when fishing the water for some lobster. Make sure to abide by them so you can have a hassle-free, problem-free lobster experience. You may check and know if you can bag one or two of California Spiny through Fish and Wildlife when fishing the California water.

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