10 Best Penn Spinning Reels Ranked In Order

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Penn is one of the best brands in the fishing sport. They are widely known to catch your target fish. Different fishing situations call for a different Penn reel that suits your trip and style.

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10 Top Penn Spinning Reels Reviewed

1. Penn Torque II

High-End Penn Spinning Reel

Boat anglers who love to fish for grouper, amberjack, mahi, and tuna will enjoy and get the most out of the Penn Torque II spinning reel. This series has three reel sizes you can choose from, making it perfect to use against large inshore species to big pelagics.

Its aluminum material and its fully IPX6-sealed body and spool design protect the reel from water, salt, and grit penetration. It also has a CNC gear technology with 9 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings to deliver power and smoothness when fishing.

And its instant anti-reverse bearing has a silent ratchet to back it up. Penn features a huge drag power in Torque II with the sealed slammer drag system and Dura-Drag washers for smooth and powerful drag. Depending on your fishing reel size, Torque has a max drag of 40-50 lbs to get you your big game fish.

2. Penn Clash II

Penn clash series received good feedback from the fishing community. And so, the company made Clash II spinning reel a refresh of the 2020 version. Penn now focuses on targeting inshore anglers and freshwater anglers who like an all-metal reel better than one framed with carbon.

The main fishing gear is aluminum, and the pinion is brass, allowing it to hold up against big inshore fish. Clash II boasts its HT-100 carbon drag system, making Penn’s reels strong and reliable.

It’s 8 + 1 stainless steel sealed ball bearings that have a hydrophobic line roller. Thus, preventing failure caused by saltwater and sand entry, and the Clutch Armor system.

Plus, Penn Clash II features a slow oscillation system that reduces dreaded wind knots. Fishing inshore for trout, redfish, snook, fluke, or bass gets easier with Penn Class II Spinning Reel.

3. Penn Slammer III

Editor’s Choice

Penn Slammer III features are very different from the past Slammer reels as they are more robust and powerful. The aluminum construction of Penn Slammer III and its sealed Dura-Drag system make it one of the best spinning reels on the market.

Its top-of-the-line drag system creates a 30-60 lbs max drag pressure. CNC brass internal brass and six stainless ball bearings result in a smooth and powerful reel. It includes several seals to keep water, salt, and sand from penetrating the reel.

Boat and beach anglers will get the most out of the Slammer III saltwater reel as it can handle saltwater very well. Penn Slammer Reels feature a thick ball wire and an awesome aluminum handle with an aluminum ball knob.

It’s perfect for anglers who are looking for a new replacement for their old Slammer. It also includes an EVA knob for when you want to swap out the aluminum ball knob. One of the next evolution spinning reels of Penn that fishers will genuinely love. It’s a great saltwater reel.

4. Penn Spinfisher VI 

The aluminum Penn Spinfisher VI reel has excellent improvement on their fantastic reels. It has seals to keep water, salt, and sand out of the reel, allowing it to handle splashes and dunks in water. The rugged design can take challenging fishing situations.

The Penn Spinfisher VI has six ball bearings, a CNC gear system, and a durable aluminum power handle, perfect for beach and boat fishing. Surfcasters now can fish bail less from the beach as Penn has added a second bail-less size in the 4500 version.

Freshwater and inshore anglers will love the smaller 2500-size Penn Spinfisher to fish in different situations. Penn fishing reels boast a drag power that is corrosion-resistant and sold at the right price.

5. Z series

Great Surf Fishing Spinning Reel

With their simple design, the Z series spinning reels are perfect for surf anglers as they hold up well and are easy to use and clean. They feature a full-metal body side plated with graphite and HT-100 drag washers.

It has a low gear ratio suited for surf fishing. The bail less 706Z adds two shielded ball bearings to make it three in total and a rounded handle knob. The Z series is the US- manufactured and guaranteed to last long with proper use.

6. Conflict 2

Conflict 2 is an upgraded, redesigned reel of Battle that shares the DNA of the Clash series. A very rigid material, the RR30 constructs the product into a strong but lightweight reel. Penn reduced the weight by 20% while still keeping the reel’s integrity.

With this spinning reel being incorporated with CNC machined aluminum main and pinion gears, it makes for a stronger and smoother reel than the original version.

This spinning reel design will benefit most anglers who love to go inshore saltwater fishing and use throw light-braided lines. You can use 10-20 lb braided as it has a very slow oscillation, allowing you to cast further while reducing wind knots.

Big inshore targets are no match to this Penn reel’s seven ball bearings, heavy-duty aluminum bail wire, and powerful HT-100 carbon fiber drag system that can stop their might. Saltwater and freshwater fishing can be fun with the lightweight Penn Conflict II reel.

7. Penn Battle 3 

With the Penn Battle II and III already highly appraised in the market, the Battle III DX brings so many benefits with only a few bucks difference. Essentially, The Penn Battle III DX is on the same platform as the popular Penn Slammer III and Penn Spinfisher VI spinning reels.

The Battle III DX has the same CNC Gearing system common in many of Penn fishing reels, but it differs in stark. The new body made from aluminum ensures a reel that is stronger and smoother with enhanced durability.

The DX has a brass pinion and main gear with one extra among the many sealed stainless steel ball bearings under the spool for extra strength, support, and smoothness. The lightweight EVA makes up the knob handle on all DX models with a top-of-the-line HT-100 carbon fiber drag system.

Fishing from a boat, beach, or pier has never been easier as the Penn Battle III DX can handle many inshore and nearshore fishing. It’s also one of the best ultralight spinning reels.

8. Fierce III

Penn Fierce III is among the many reels that feature the upgraded HT-100 drag system, making a run for your money with its smooth and powerful drag. The Fierce III spinning reel is made of aluminum, making it durable and handling many different target fish.

This reel is great for targeting big fish like the tarpon and shark, and it allows you to fish on a boat, a pier, or from the surf. 

9. Pursuit 3 

The Penn Pursuit III delivers a quality performance while keeping its affordable price. The Pursuit III has a lightweight graphite body, an aluminum side plate, and a spool with line capacity rings.

It has five ball bearings that enhance the reel’s smoothness, and the big handle equips a soft-touch knob for comfort. Pursuit 3 will let you pursue your big shark or striped bass without breaking your bank account. 

10. Wrath

The Penn Wrath is the budget reel Penn offers. This is a solid choice if you’re just getting into fishing or don’t fish that often.

It’s not going to come with all the bells and whistles, but it’s strong enough to hold up for a season or two of light to moderate fishing. Just be sure to keep it clean to keep it in solid condition longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Penn 450ss a good spinning reel?

Despite being an earlier Penn reel model, this all-metal, no graphite spinning reel features smooth drag, good anti-reverse, free-rolling roller, good bearings, and smooth gears. It’s a good enough and strong reel to use for fishing.

Are Penn reels any good?

Penn is known to produce one of the best and highest quality fishing reels in the market. Penn fishing reels boast smooth casting, which fits a wide range of anglers from beginners to pros. It has a variety of sizes which are perfect for many fishing occasions.

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