The 5 Best Pike Lures of 2023

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The fishing season is almost here and you’re getting ready to hit the water. You’ve got your rod, reel, line, bait… but what about that old reliable lure?

We put together this list of the five best pike lures for you to use this year. These are tried and true lures that will help you catch more fish than ever before. Enjoy!

5 Best Pike Lures

1. BOOYAH Pikee Spinnerbait Fishing Lure

Best Overall Spinnerbait

Key Features:

  • Made with ultra-tough Vibra FLX wireframe to withstand the mouths of pikes and muskies
  • Can stand up to powerful mouths filled with sharp and strong teeth
  • Comes with a 12-inch steel leader
  • A full features spinnerbait

Each Booyah Pikee is made with targeting northern pike in mind, making it tough to tackle and strong enough to handle the toughest of pike and muskies.

The Vibra FLX frame system also ensures that each Pikee will stand up to powerful jaws and mouths filled with teeth.

These are excellent for navigating thick vegetation and weed beds. Although it has an affordable price, it can withstand the weight of a big catch, which is perfect for pike fishing! However, these spinner baits can get tangled with your leader.

2. Guideline GTN Musky Slayer

Best Spinnerbait for Fishing Deeper Water

Key Features:

  • Tested for catching northern pike, musky, and bass
  • Comes in two sizes, single, and a tandem
  • Has three essential colors to choose from

The Guideline GTN Musky Slayer Tandem or Single, with Spinner Blade, is great for attracting fish. It is a versatile bait that is used in just about any body of water.

Moreover, this pike lure is easy to use and reliable. A great addition to your tackle box. Not to mention, this Tandem lure has been designed to make casting easier.

However, this is a lot more expensive than BOOYAH and has a high risk of getting caught up in thick vegetation and weed beds.

3. Rapala Super Shad Rap

Most Advanced Fishing Lure

Key Features:

  • A super-tough abachi wood construction made to be a natural baitfish profile
  • With stainless through-wire construction
  • Designed with life-like patterns
  • Hand-tuned and tank-tested

The Rapala Shad Rap is the world’s most advanced lure. Constructed to be one of the most effective and popular lures ever created, this new generation of bait will continue to be the best choice for experienced anglers.

This represents a new level of quality and performance, making it the best pike bait.

Moreover, the Rapala Super Shad Rap is much better than Classic Rapala Wobble and Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait. Northern pike anglers enjoy casting it many times, mainly when trolling for lurking pike. 

4. Original Dardevle Spoons

Best Spoon for Catching Large Fish

Key Features:

  • A 3/4 oz. spoon with a variety of colors and sizes to choose from
  • Great for catching game fish like bass, walleye, musky, and pike

The Dardevle Spoon is a powerful lure that can be cast and trolled for a variety of species. It’s also a great casting lure for bass and big pike.

Moreover, the wiggling action and unique shape of the spoon make it impossible to miss when it is cast. In addition, the spoon has an extremely narrow head for better targeting. Make sure to have this lure in the tackle box.

5. Deadly Dick Lures

Best Lure for Surf, Troll, and Drift Fishing

Key Features:

  • Excellent for surf casting and deep jigging while drift fishing and trolling
  • Famous for catching striped bass, pike, big lake trout, and bluefish
  • The speed of retrieval may vary to create action

The Deadly Dick Lures feature a sleek and stylish design in contrast with the quality-crafted solid brass construction.

Moreover, these lures are well-weighted, and their swivel action guarantees success with salmon, cod, yellow perch, barracuda, bluefish, rainbow trout, silver minnow, tuna, crappie, and more.

best pike lures
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Things to Consider When Buying Northern Pike Fishing Lures


An average pike has hundreds of razor-sharp teeth. Their teeth provide them a foolproof grip on anything that enters their mouth. It can even break a fishing line.

Using a leader with your lures is vital. In addition, avoid relying on abrasion-resistant lines to catch a pike.

Thus, consider running a very heavy and sturdy fluorocarbon that is thick enough to hold a pike. You can also use metal for catching your first big pike.


Pikes have a pair of large eyes that provide them with excellent depth perception and low-light vision. They take their features as their advantage in feeding.

Moreover, these fish have a sensitive lateral line to detect vibrations caused by approaching or injured prey. In addition, Pikes are always aware of their surroundings. Due to this, flash and vibration are easily picked up by them.

Many anglers consider using a wriggling fish, bait or lure to create a buzz, flutter, flash, or rattle to attract pike.

Northern Pike Feeding Behavior

Northern pikes are known to ambush their prey. Moreover, they can blend perfectly in aquatic grasses and weeds. An aggressive pike can eat almost everything as long as it fits its mouth.

The most important thing to remember when fishing for pike is finding vegetation (like lily pads). You can also look for the location where their prey lurks. A hungry pike should be present in this location.

In addition, Pikes are not choosy, especially when the water gets warm during late spring.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that the northern pike is a natural opportunistic feeder, and knowing its prey is a huge plus. Having the best lure to catch this predator is also crucial.

The lures in this list are all pike magnets, from soft plastic lures to spoons. Thus, consider using this article as a guide to help you catch the northern pike.

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