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5 Best Saltwater Fishing Lures for Monster Fish

The lures we’re going to cover today are so effective they should be BANNED!

But we’ll keep that secret between you and me. We’ve asked hundreds of fishermen what lures they recommended that most people don’t know about. Below is a list of their top picks.

Make sure you add them to your arsenal!

Our Top Picks

Image Product Details
sample-table__imageTop PickEcooda 7in Fishing Hard Bait Floating Topwater Pencil Lure
  • Very realistic actions and look
  • High quality, holds up well
  • Affordable pricing
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sample-table__imageBest SaltwaterREELDICULOUS Flat Side Vertical Irons Jigs w/MUSTAD Hooks & Rings
  • Good value
  • Realistic action
  • Hooks included
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sample-table__imageRapalaThe Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk 11 Fishing lure, 4.375-Inch, Silver Mullet
  • Rugged quality
  • Catch different species
  • Tracks straight
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sample-table__imageVertical IronFAIGAFAIVA Xd5es Fishing Lures Jigs Spoon
  • Authenitc action
  • High quality and durable
  • Great for piers
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sample-table__imageKitAorace 30pcs Fishing Lures Kit Mixed including Minnow Popper Crankbaits With Hooks
  • Multiple options
  • Catch different species
  • Great value
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sample-table__imageFresh & SaltwLure Minnow Crankbait for Bass Fishing Bass Lure Fishing Lure
  • Good value
  • Works in freshwater
  • Many options
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Best Saltwater Fishing Lures Reviews

1. Ecooda 7in Floating Topwater Pencil Lure 

Best Topwater Hardbait Lure

Ecooda Hornet Saltwater Fishing Lure 2.9oz 7in Topwater Popper Hard Bait Floating Pencil Lure for Kingfish/Tuna/Mackerel/Marlin/Mahi Mahi Offshore Trolling Onshore Floating Crankbait
  • This Bait is Specifically Designed by ECOODA to Lure Super...
  • No Need to Pull Much When Trolling as It's Easy to Control...
  • Perect to Target a Variety of Pelagic Species From Tuna and...

This saltwater fishing lure is designed by ECOODA to Lure super fish in blue water.

It uses both high strength ABS material and conjoined welding wire to make the lure handler more than 100 kg pull strength.

No need to pull much when trolling as it’s easy to control and very flexible when swings left and right. The swimming action is very stable and natural.

Perfect to target a variety of pelagic species from tuna and mackerel, mahi-mahi, wahoo, barramundi, kingfish, marlin, and more.

  • Floating Weight: 2.9oz/82g
  • Length: 7 in/18cm


  • Very realistic actions and look.
  • High quality, holds up well.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Easy to see in clear to moderately clear water.

This lure is hard to beat and should be part of your tackle box if you plan to go after pelagics this season.

2. REELDICULOUS Flat Side Vertical Irons Jigs w/MUSTAD Hooks

Vertical Saltwater Lures

Flat Side Vertical Fast Irons Speed Ocean Jigs w/ MUSTAD Hooks & OWNER Rings | Military Grade Kevlar Assist Cord | 7 Colors & 5 Weights | Scientifically Proven Color & Depth Hydro-Engineering
  • THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK in the Jigging World
  • All PALOMAR Jigs Are Made w/ MUSTAD Hooks & OWNER Rings /...

This Mustad lure is strong, forged with a high carbon steel hook w/ a double heat shrunk military grade kevlar assist cord.

Mustad stainless steel 1000 LB test heavy pressed solid rings & Mustad “Mighty Mini” Split Rings. Comes with 242 lb test, means this lure can stand up to anything.

Notable Features:

  • Durable 5x multi-coat color utilizing the top essential attractant colors in fishing science.
  • Strong transparent sealed finish.
  • Comes in 6 Colors & 4 Weights


  • Good value for the price.
  • Very realistic action.
  • Hooks are included.
  • Shipping is fast.

3. Rapala Saltwater Skitter, Silver Mullet

Swimbait Lure

Superior construction assures a perfect swimming bait right out of the box.

Toss it out. Pump. Reel. Pump. Reel. You are “Walking-the-Dog.” The weighted tail keeps the bait in a natural position even at rest.

Large internal rattles create a rhythmic side-to-side motion-and-sound combination. This imitates wounded or fleeing baitfish.

This lure features 3D holographic eyes and you can choose from appetizing painted or chrome color patterns. All equipped with VMC black nickel hooks.


  • Very rugged quality.
  • Catches many different species of fish.
  • Tracks straight with realistic action.
  • It comes with hooks.

4. FAIGAFAIVA Xd5es Fishing Lures Jigs Spoon

Full Saltwater Lure Kit

FAIGAFAIVA Xd5es Fishing Lures Jigs Spoon with Storage Tackle Box for Saltwater Freshwater Bass Trout Tuna Salmon, Pack of 6
  • The worlds state-of-the-art jig spoon lures -...

  • Free 2 pairs of single hooks - Reduced chances of...

  • Free premium lure box - Clear waterproof...

Easy to fish lures that swim great, with a nice kick and terrific action. Also deadly when vertically jigged.

Cast or trolled, this spoon sports a unique wiggling-and-wobbling action that is irresistible to pike, walleye, bass, tuna, and all hungry other game fish species.

It vibrates on the pull and flutters on the fall, a never-ending mix of flash and thump that imitates a struggling baitfish, and forces predators to react.

Whether you’re drifting reefs, casting flats, or pitching the surf, you’ll enjoy fishing the FAIGAFAIVA XD5ES jig spoons.

The XD5ES featured extra-large 3D holographic eyes and a 3D textured scale finish with durable reflective foil brings big tuna from all directions. Features high-quality treble hooks. A true must-have!


  • Has an authentic hurt fish action.
  • Durable, high quality.
  • Great for pier fishing.
  • Realistic look and feel.

5. wLure Minnow Crankbait

Fresh or Saltwater Lure

6 Hard Baits Fishing Lures in One Tackle Box Deep Water Crankbait RealSkin Painting Hard Bait for Bass Fishing HC55KB
  • wLure - We Make Every Lure Special! Best Fishing Gift for...
  • Length: 4 inch, Body Length: 2 1/2 inch, Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Impressive Lifelike Patterns/Colors Powered by wLure...

Impressive lifelike patterns/colors powered by wLure RealSkin technology make this lure irresistible.

Eagle Claw Shape treble hook, makes the hooks on this lure 125% sharper than regular hooks.

Run true out of a box and never rust in saltwater.

  • Length: 3 1/4 inch
  • Body Length: 2 1/2 inch
  • Weight: 1/2 oz, 6 Lures with Free Tackle Box!


  • Performs like a live fish, looks natural.
  • Works with freshwater fish also.
  • Hooks are included.
  • Very good value for the price.

6. Aorace 30pcs Fishing Lures Kit

Alternative Saltwater Lure Kit

aorace 30pcs Fishing Lures Kit Mixed Including Minnow Popper Crank Baits with Hooks for Saltwater Freshwater Trout Bass Salmon Fishing
  • Including: 9 pcs Crank Bait(A),6 pcs Minnow Lures(B),8 pcs...
  • Minnow and Crank Baits-Wonderful Lures Combination Targeting...
  • Our fishing lure set is composed of high quality components...

This fishing lure set made of high-quality components for superior performance in the water. Minnow and crank baits-wonderful combination targeting for fishes in different waters:

Nice for fish such as bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, roach, trout, etc. Suitable for seawater and freshwater.

These lures create life-like swimming actions in water! Bright colors to attract big fish! 3D eyes make it a powerful catching tool.

Durable material contributing to a long service life. Perfect for ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, ocean beach fishing, lake, river, reservoir, pond, and stream!

Both for freshwater and saltwater Great for Bass, Perch, Panfish, Perch, Trout, even pike, and salmon. This kit is the best gift for your friends and families.


  • Very large assortment.
  • Lures that cater to a large variety of fish.
  • Great value for the number of lures.

Best Saltwater Fishing Lures
Saltwater fishing lures come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Source

When Should You Use Saltwater Lures?

When it comes to saltwater fishing, you must have the best and the toughest equipment. Your saltwater fishing gear needs to stand up to the toughest conditions.

This is especially true with saltwater fishing lures. These lures have to stay strong through aggressive strikes and hold up to saltwater itself.

You should use the best saltwater lures when you’re fishing for large species found in the ocean and ocean outcrops. Saltwater lures can handle large fish species and saltwater conditions.

How Are Saltwater Lures Made?

Making lures uses lightweight wood or foam with thin sheet metal. If you add plastic on the front it creates makes the lure dive under the water’s surface and swimming with a “wobbling” movement on retrieval.

Some are handmade while large production runs use machines. Most of the best surf fishing lures and topwater poppers are handmade.

What’re the Best Saltwater Lures for Each Condition?

Topwater Saltwater Lures

Topwater lures work best in warmer conditions, while fish species are feeding close to the top.

Deep Sea Saltwater Lures

These lures are for the larger fish and/or cooler water fish that tend to feed lower in deeper water.

Trolling Saltwater Lures

Trolling lure get dragged “trolled” behind a boat. These lures work well for faster-moving fish.

Best Saltwater Fishing Lures spoon
Here’s a tried and true lure. Source: norimutsu nogami

For a more detailed guide on the Best Trolling Lures.

Surf Fishing Saltwater Lures

Surf Fishing lures and surf fishing rigs designed for use when fishing from the bank. These lures work well for fish that feed closer to the shore.

Pier Fishing Saltwater Lures

Several different types of saltwater fishing lures can be used when pier fishing. Type and style depend on the fish species you are fishing for.


Best Saltwater Fishing Lures Tree
Don’t get caught like this angler. Know the FAQs. Source

Q: What is the best fishing lure?

A: This is a question that most any angler will give you a different answer for. Our choice for the lures we reviewed is
Aorace 30pcs Fishing Lures Kit Mixed including Minnow Popper Crankbaits With Hooks For Saltwater Freshwater Trout Bass Salmon Fishing.

Q: What kind of bait to use for saltwater fishing?

A: This depends on the species of fish you are targeting. While many saltwater fishing lures work great, live bait is always a good choice.

Q: What are the best lures for redfish?


  • Assorted Poppin Corks
  • Berkley Gulp Alive Shrimp
  • Bomber Long-A-Lure
  • Bomber Lures Badonk-A-Donk
  • DOA Shrimp
  • H&H Secret Redfish Spoon
  • TTF Hackberry Hustler
  • Heddon Super Spook
  • MirroLure Suspended Twitch Bait
  • Nemire Red Ripper Spoon
  • Rapala X-Rap
  • Strike King Redfish Magic Spinner
  • TTF Red Killer
  • Yozuri 3D Popper
  • Yozuri 3D Shrimp

Q: What lures to use for red drums?

A: Trolling lures work best for red drum fishing.

Q: What are the best lures for saltwater fishing?


  • Gold Spoon
  • Berkley Gulp Shrimp
  • White Bucktail
  • Topwater Lure / Popper
  • Soft Plastic Fluke (Jerkbait)
  • MirrOLure Suspending Twitchbait
  • Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait/Slashbait (4-inch)

Q: What lures catch what fish?

A: Topwater lures ( plugs ) work for warm water active fish that feed close to the surface, where dive baits work for the larger bottom-dwelling fish.


Q: How to fish different lures?

A: Different style lures have different actions on the angler’s part to make them look as realistic as possible. For example; a trolling lure would be fished being pulled by a boat, where a topwater lure would be “finessed” by jerking movements.

Q: How to use a fishing lure?

A: A fishing lure is intended to resemble prey or an injured fish. It is important that you “work” your lure in such a way that imitates the prey or fish it is designed to resemble.

Q: How do you use a spoon fishing lure?

A: The most desired action is not to have the spoon spin around on the retrieve but to have it wobble back and forth without spinning. This slower wobble allows the flash to be spread out effectively. A crippled baitfish wobbles in this same manner, they do not spin over in circles.


Q: How to jig fish saltwater?

A: Using a tail weighted jig, drop the jig over the reef. When it hits bottom, in a rhythmic motion, jerk the saltwater rod while cranking the saltwater reel to retrieve the braid in a rapid fast motion until it reaches the boat.

Drop and repeat in a tight compact circular motion, and remember cadence is key. You will be amazed at the different depths you will catch fish. Sometimes they will hit it on the bottom, midway or even sometimes just meters away from the boat.

Remember to establish a rhythm, focus on the rod tip and keep the cadence going.

Q: How to catch saltwater fish from the shore?

A: Also known as “surf fishing” You can use live bait or lures depending on the fish you are fishing for.

Q: How to fish spoons?

A: Spoons come in so many shapes and sizes because there are so many ways to fish this lure and so many different kinds of fish that will eat them.

Vertical Jigging, this is the number one spoon technique most anglers think of when they find this lure in their tackle boxes. Spoons excel here.

No other lure can give you the flash and flutter of a well-made spoon on the drop, and there isn’t a fish alive that resists a wounded-baitfish wobble.

Q: How to use Gotcha lures?

A: Gotcha lures are simple to use. Cast and reel in using short, sharp jerks of the rod to produce a deadly swimming action.

Insider Advice

Saltwater fishing lures like their freshwater cousins have been around for many years. These lures have seen many improvements over the years that help anglers catch more fish.

We feel the best saltwater fishing lures, out of the ones we have reviewed is the Aorace 30pcs Fishing Lures Kit Mixed. Great value for the number of lures and the performance of each to help you catch more fish.

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