Best Saltwater Fishing Rods in 2023

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When it comes to saltwater fishing, don’t bother with anything less than the best saltwater fishing rods you can get your hands on.

You just never know what you hook up on. Missing out on a dream fish because you weren’t prepared is no excuse and will lead to the misery of not knowing what could have been.

Some of the best saltwater fishing rods can be pricey. However, most of the more expensive rods come with a no questions asked lifetime guarantees. This will ensure you have a rod for life.

Purchasing new rods can be a difficult proposition, and trust me, I have made my share of mistakes.

In this article, I am going to cover several of the best saltwater fishing rods, as well as what makes them better than most on the market.

Best Saltwater Fishing Rods

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16 Best Saltwater Fishing Rods for 2023 Reviewed

1.G.Loomis IMX-Pro Blue IMX-PRO 845C M Casting Rod

Best Value

[amazon box=”B07SBH9R75″]

Key Features:

  • Line weight of 30-80lb
  • 7 feet long
  • Moderate power
  • Moderate-fast action
  • Multi paper technology

This versatile IMX-PRO Blue 845C M Casting Rod from G. Loomis is perfect for various fishing conditions and techniques. It has the power to handle big fish yet sensitive enough to feel the lightest nibbles. 

The moderate-fast action makes it easy to cast, and the modular butt section allows you to tailor the rod to your fishing style.

Whether you’re targeting bass, inshore species, or big game fish, the IMX-PRO Blue 845C M Casting Rod has the power and sensitivity to help you land the big ones. Order yours today and experience the G.Loomis difference! It’s a must-have bass fishing gear.

2. Fenwick AETOS Fly Fishing Rod 

Best Sensitivity

[amazon box=”B08LPTFQHG”]

Key Features:

  • Nano Composite Technology
  • Fast action
  • Two-tone anodized aluminum reel
  • AAA-grade cork grips
  • Stealthy black satin blank finish

The Fenwick AETOS fly fishing rod is a top-line choice for serious anglers. It features Nano Composite Technology for a strong yet lightweight blank that can handle big fish.  The fast action is perfect for making quick, accurate casts, and the two-tone anodized aluminum reel looks great and provides smooth, reliable performance.

 AAA grade cork grips and composite cork tippings add comfort and style, while the stealthy black satin blank finish ensures you’ll blend in with your surroundings. 

3. The Drifter Series II Fly Fishing Rod

Best Saltwater Fishing Rods for All Elements

[amazon box=”B09Y1DKF4G”]

Key Features:

  • Higher modulus carbon fiber
  • Higher quality construction
  • SIC stripping guides
  • Easy to travel
  • Built for elements
  • AAA grade cork
  • Two-rod tip sections
  • Light wire single guides

 The Drifter Series II fly fishing rod from Moonshine. is a top-quality rod built to last. This rod has been made from high-modulus carbon fiber, designed for anglers who demand the best performance and durability. 

The SIC stripping guides and light wire single guides make it easy to travel with and keep in good condition, while the AAA-grade cork provides a comfortable grip. The two-rod tip sections make it easy to replace the tips if they ever become damaged, and the rod is also built for use in all weather conditions. 

The Drifter Series II is a great choice for anyone who wants a high-quality fly fishing rod that can handle any fish.

4. Seeker Super Seeker S Glass Jig Sticks

Best Saltwater Fishing Rods for Castability

Key Features: 

  • Powerful and fast recoil saltwater fishing rods 
  • Two-speed reels compatible
  • Epoxy Resin System 
  • Titanium Plated guide

This rod is designed to please any angler who wants a performance with the latest technology.

Besides, the Seeker Jig Stick combines today’s classic look, and powerful, fast recoil rods for catching that will turn anyone into an expert angler in no time!

This ingenious design uses carbon fibers and an Epoxy resin system, which provides the best castability as well as ultraviolet protection, and durability…the list goes on!

5. Super Seeker 6480H

Best Saltwater Fishing Rods for Offshore Fishing

Key features: 

  • Fuji Titanium Plated guide
  • Diamond Shrink Tubing
  • Turks Head Knot

The SS 6480H is a rod with all the latest cutting-edge design and technology to provide you with an 8-foot fishing pole.

These saltwater fishing rods also have elegant glass tips wrapped in torsion-free carbon fiber. With each throw, you get the ultimate performance. While also lightweight, it’s perfect for casting heavy bait or big iron lures!

6. Calstar T 220 

Best for Inshore Fishing

Key features: 

  • Calstar fiberglass 
  • Deckhand style, cork tape handle
  • Conventional ring
  • Turk’s head knot

The Calstar T 220 is a great rod for inshore fishing, with 8-foot 6-inch rods that make it more maneuverable than longer models.

This rod is made of durable fiberglass, and EVA materials can hold up outdoor fishing while lending themselves to sensitive feeling bites so you can react promptly.

What’s more, the Deckhand style cork tape handle provides a comfortable grip no matter what time of day you’re trying to reel in the catch!

7. Okuma’s Makaira Saltwater Carbon Fishing Rod

Best Warranty

[amazon box=”B0081PFPI8″]

Okuma stands behind their products with their lifetime warranty. That means you can rest assured that if one of those monster groupers comes out of nowhere and throw some hurting on your rod, they’ll have your back.

This is a lightweight rod made from the powerful yet durable E-glass rod blank. This is a quality rod that will not let you down.

We like that they put stainless steel guide frames with hard zirconium inserts, which last a long time with braided lines. This rod is worth looking into.

8. Seeker Black Steel 870 

Most Durable

Key features: 

  • Glass-Boron composite steel
  • Titanium Carbide ring
  • Cork tape grips

The Seeker Black Steel 870 is the perfect tool for any angler looking to hook some serious fish. In addition, the saltwater fishing rods have power and low weight balance that builds a relationship instantly with an experienced angler.

Wrapped in durable Hypalon or cork tape grips, this popular model is best used for live bait fishing but can also handle those pesky Big Game Fish.

Stylish yet durable, these saltwater fishing rods are sure to be your go-to rod for any fishing expedition!

9. Phenix M1 Vortex Spinning Fishing Rod

Most Advanced Fishing Rod

The M1 rod series is the newest and most advanced fishing rod for bass and light saltwater anglers. These saltwater fishing rods are designed with unidirectional carbon fiber that maximizes strength and ultra-sensitivity. 

It also features a custom design reel seat that’s super durable and offers EVA handles, plus premium SiC guides. The M1 is an innovative, dynamic fishing rod designed to give you the confidence you need in fishing! 

10. EatMyTackle Roller Guide Saltwater Fishing Rod

Best Saltwater Fishing Rods Pack

[amazon box=”B00N36VK4I”]

Along the same lines as what we talked about in our pick above, if you’re looking to outfit an entire boat with rods, then it’s hard to pass up these EatMyTackle rods.

Are they the top-of-the-line, best-of-the-best saltwater fishing rods? Probably not, but they will bring in fish effectively and save your wallet a little pain.

Here’s another four-pack of 130-160lb rods that are made of high carbon composite blanks and loaded with rollers. They are all five feet six inches long. Their handles are great, so you’ll have some comfort for the hours it takes to bring in that big marlin. Throw on a Shimano TLD 25, and you’ll be all set!

11. Ugly Stik GX2

Best Budget Inshore Saltwater Rod

[amazon box=”B00F0KM8GE”]

The UglyStik GX2 rod is the pinnacle of versatility, it is very sensitive as well as very, very strong. I have never seen one of these rods break unless, of course, they are damaged due to user error.

These saltwater fishing rods are made of a fiberglass blank with paralleling glass fibers in resin to add sensitivity and durability to the rods.

These saltwater fishing rods work very well if you target fish up to 15-30 lbs. Anything bigger and you can expect some wear and tear on your rod.

12. Daiwa, Proteus WN 1 Piece Casting Rod

Best Casting Rod for Saltwater Fishing

[amazon box=”B07F4KR4PX”]

The Proteus WN 1 Piece Casting Rod is designed to meet the demands of both new and experienced anglers. These rods are line class rated for both monofilament and braided lines.

Additionally, they are perfect for today’s saltwater anglers who need a rod that’s strong but doesn’t break. These rods are reinforced with X45® BIAS GRAPHITE FIBER, which prevents them from twisting when they load up with tension.

13. Shimano Trevala Jigging Rods

Best Jigging Rods

[amazon box=”B019EIITP6″]

This jigging rod is made out of a carbon blank that offers added pulling power without the loss of sensitivity.

It has Fuji components. The grips are made of high-density EVA foam for added comfort and a sure grip, no matter the conditions.

This is a good rod for any type of application, whether you are on a charter in the middle of the ocean or fishing from a pier. Put a Shimano Butterfly on the end of it, and you’ll be deadly!

14. Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod

Best Saltwater Casting Rod

[amazon box=”B07GX6CT4H”]

This rod uses Daiwa’s Super Volume Fiber graphite technology which gives it crazy flexibility, strength, and barely any blank twist.

It’s not uncommon for guys to be using Daiwa fishing rods for years. We always keep a few around because, for whatever reason, they are just bulletproof and will not let you down. This rod isn’t any different.

15. Penn Squall Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Best Budget Saltwater Rod and Reel Combo

[amazon box=”B096L3BLYK”]

The Penn Squall Fishing Rod and Reel Combo are made out of a glass blank.

This support system allows for good flexibility as well as retaining memory even when bent almost double.

It comes with stainless steel rollers with ball bearings to aid in a smooth saltwater reel for even the biggest fish. It has an aluminum reel seat that is very corrosion-resistant and durable.

This rod and reel combo is rated for 50-80 lbs which is perfect for trolling and pulling in big mahi-mahi, as well as yellowfin tuna! In fact, this is one of the best tuna fishing rods.

16. Shimano Talavera Spinning Rod

Best Inshore Spinning Rod

[amazon box=”B07H3MCSZK”]

This saltwater spinning rod has a very sensitive and solid construction. It is made from graphite composite for improved action and increased sensitivity—the solid blank offers great pulling power.

This rod is equipped with high-density EVA foam handles for a non-slip gripping surface. As well as a hook keeper to make sure your rod can be rigged up before and after you leave your favorite fishing area! Not to mention it can cast far.

Best Saltwater Fishing Rod
The right saltwater rod will make your day enjoyable on the water.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Saltwater Fishing Rods

The best saltwater fishing rods come in a variety of sizes. If you are going after larger fish, you will need a larger rod than you would for smaller fish.

This is the same principle that applies, for example, to surfcasting fishing rods, which are longer than the average saltwater fishing rods you would use from a pier.

We’re sharing a few things you should consider when buying the best saltwater fishing rods.

Durability and Sensitivity

When you go looking for the best saltwater fishing rods, you look for two of the more important things, durability and sensitivity.

Durability means the rod will hold up well to more than just a couple of fishing trips and withstand saltwater conditions and strain.

Man pier fishing with a saltwater fishing rod
Pier fishing can lead to some unexpected monsters. Make sure your rod is ready!

Sensitivity means the rod has a good feel all the way down to the handle. This allows you to feel the slightest nibble.

Buying Criteria

These are the two main factors to take into account when shopping for a new fishing rod. Cheaper saltwater fishing rods that are produced more regularly will not have the same feel or reliability as the more fine-tuned custom or expensive saltwater fishing rods will.

The more expensive saltwater fishing rods have stainless steel eyelets, reel seats, and cork or PVA foam handles for grip. All of these choices aid in corrosion resistance and, with appropriate care, will last lifetimes.

An added feature to take into account is flexibility. If a rod is not flexible enough to bend under the heavy strain of most saltwater fish, it will break!

Rod Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a key factor when fishing for smaller fish like flounder or sheepshead. This is crucial in feeling the bite caused by the fish or when the rocks are tapping your line.

The more sensitive the rod is, the more vibration is transferred to the rod from the light bites of the smaller fish. Carbon fiber is the way to go when it comes to sensitivity.

Best saltwater fishing spinning rod
Make sure you match your rod with a high-quality reel.

Carbon fiber fishing rods transfer more vibrations through the shaft of the rod when the fish bites.

Compared to fiberglass or graphite, carbon fiber is more lightweight and flexible, which adds to the vibrations from the small nibbles from the fish. Always remember the lighter rod, the more sensitive it becomes.

Rod Durability

Carbon fiber is more lightweight. However, what it lacks is durability. Fiberglass fishing rods are king, especially when it comes to big fish such as musky, pike, striped bass, etc.

When you need a very strong, durable rod for heavy fighting fish such as Grouper, Blacktip Shark, or Sailfish, fiberglass fishing rods are preferred. This is more so over the stiff, brittle carbon fiber rods.

Most professional fishermen, myself included, chose a good carbon fiber rod to use when fishing the ocean. They work well for most applications, from swim baits, topwater, and vertical jigging to simple bait fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best saltwater fishing gear?

As with any fishing gear, it all starts with the rod. The best is the Shimano Terez.

What are the best fishing rod brands?

The best fishing rod brands are as follows: Uglystik, Shimano, Lew’s, and Shakespeare.

Who makes the best ocean fishing gear?

The best ocean fishing gear is made by Shakespeare, Fiblink. (But Opinions vary).

What is the best two-piece fishing rod?

The Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Extra Heavy 2-Piece Conventional Boat Fishing Rod(30-50lb/50-80lb, 6 feet) has to be our pick.

Are custom saltwater fishing rods worth the money?

In my opinion, custom fishing rods are nice but they are not really worth the hype or necessary for the everyday fisherman.
Some, if not all, are higher on the price spectrum and can run into thousands of dollars.

Insider Advice

The winner of the best saltwater fishing rods is going to have to be the Shimano Terez.

This rod is meant for big fish and if you are fishing deep into the ocean on a charter, this rod is for you!

This rod is designed to last for years if taken care of correctly.

All of these best saltwater fishing rods we have featured today can also handle inshore fishing and even fishing on a jetty or out on a charter.

They are all versatile as well as dependable for anything you can throw at them.

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