7 Best Scuba Fins of 2023 (Tried & Tested)

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If you’re into scuba diving, having the proper gear is the way to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Scuba fins are one of the must-have gears to assist you in moving in the waters efficiently without exerting much effort.

Choosing a scuba fin is just like selecting shoes to wear. You need to check the features it can offer you, its style, color, comfort, and utility.

If you’re new to diving, it might be overwhelming to pick the right one with a lot of options to choose from, especially since diving fins come in different styles depending on your skill set.

With a wide variety of choices in the market, we’ve come up with 7 of the best scuba fins in the market, and we’ll help you choose which one is worth your money.

7 Best Scuba Fins

1. ScubaPro Seawing Nova Gorilla Pivot-Blade Open Heel Dive Fins

Best in Design

Key Features

  • Neoprene construction for durability
  • It comes with a marine-grade bungee heel strap
  • Foot pocket holes to reduce drag while maneuvering through the fins

This ScubaPro open-heel drive has a unique design with its geometry blade efficient for optimum propulsion. It’s best to use these scuba fins for diving in strong currents with the power they can provide. 

It utilizes pivot control technology. So whatever angle your foot is, or no matter how soft or strong your kick is, you’ll still propel to avoid wasted energy.

2. Atomic Smoke on the Water Open Heel Splitfins 

Best for Split Blade Design

Key Features

  • Made from composite plastic polymer and thermoplastic rubber material
  • Self-draining foot pocket
  • Extra-long blade

For scuba divers who have joint pain, this Atomic Splitfins is a good choice. Its split blade design and extra-long blade add thrust and reduce the pressure on the ankles and knees every time you wear foot fins.

The fin’s split blade slices through the water, so you can easily propel forward even with the slightest kick.

Atomic Aquatics is comfortable because it contours into your feet without stress points. The heel strap is in a geometric design with stainless steel that’s corrosion-resistant.

3. ScubaPro Go Sports Open Heel Dive Fins 

Most Lightweight

Key Features

  • Bungee strap for easy on and off
  • Lightweight construction for diving
  • Carrying loops for portability

This scuba diving fin has a boot-fit design suitable for dive boots. It has a 25-degree pre-angled blade with a central power panel for a channeling effect. Its underside power bars prevent it from over-flexing to maintain power, speed, stability, and maneuverability during high-current situations. 

It features a small foot pocket so that it can be worn without a sock or barefoot usage. It’s heavy-duty and made from moldable Monprene, resistant to blade breakage.

4. Cressi Adult Powerful Efficient Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins 

Best Open Heel Fin

Key Features

  • Brightly colored fins for ultra visibility
  • Uses Tri-material molding technology for comfortable use 
  • Well-defined blade snaps

This open-heel dive fin is a perfect choice for both entry-level to advanced divers. It features a dual-density technopolymer to ensure that the blades are in good shape. The Cressi diving fins have revolutionary blades that channel a powerful frog kick to prevent leg strain.

5. ScubaPro Jet Fins Open Heel Dive Fins 

Best Fins for Rough Waters

Key Features

  • Wide and stiff blade
  • Soft rubber foot pocket molds
  • Varying sizes to cater to small and large size feet

Scuba divers who prefer dolphin or frog kick in caves or in wreck diving, you’ll enjoy these dive fins. For easy donning and doffing, it’s equipped with quick-release buckles, adjustable straps, and drag-reducing vents. It has a full-vented design so that you won’t feel tired even for long hours of use. 

It features a tri-material design with thin side rails and a pair of soft rubber panels framed in semi-stiff plastic. If you’re standing on a wet surface like that of a boat’s floor, it has a non-skid pattern sole for extra stability.

6. EVO Forte Open Heel Dive Fins 

Best in Maneuverability

Key Features

  • EZ-Release comfort foot pocket
  • Easy adjustable open-heel strap 
  • Flexible ribbed blade

The blades are situated at around 20° angle for effortless propulsion to reduce wasted energy and to enjoy longer swim time. It’s equipped with an easily adjustable open-heel strap. Its blade has side rails that scoop water as you propel to reduce fatigue for optimum speed, performance, and stability.  

It has drainage holes for an easy take on and off. In addition, the EVO diving fins deliver extra traction through its rubberized grip foot pocket, which is a helpful feature while you’re still in the boat before jumping off the waters.

7. Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Open Heel Bungee Strap Fin

Best Versatile Fins

Key Features

  • Designed stabilizers for improved stability
  • Lightweight construction
  • Anatomical foot pocket

The Mares Bungee Strap Fin has an innovative design with six colors to choose from. It’s equipped with patented Channel Thrust technology that makes it suitable for all diving styles. It has stabilizing trim tabs technology to prevent ankle-twisting issues.

These fins are made with Hi-Flex material, also known as technopolymers, making this gear durable and comfortable.

With its open-heel foot pocket design, it’s suitable to accommodate dive booties. It may not be the top choice for advanced scuba divers, but it’s impressive for casual scuba diving. 

best scuba fins
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What Should I Look For When Buying the Best Scuba Fins

In choosing a scuba fin, your preference shouldn’t only be the basis. Scuba fins are created uniquely. They differ in style depending on your skill level.

To keep you guided about the best scuba diving fins for you, check these factors that you should look for before getting one.

Blade Style

The fin blades are known to be the propulsion mechanism and are usually made from polymers, fiberglass, or carbon. Through the blades, you’re able to move easily with increased performance.

The different blade style includes paddle fins, vented fins, channel fins, split fins, and hinged fins. 

Full Foot vs. Open Heel

Full-foot and open-heel fins are two styles of scuba fins. Your choice would depend on where you’ll going to use it. 

The full-foot fins are enclosed foot pockets suitable use for tropical destinations or warmer climates. These fins are lighter and are made from a stretchy rubber material.

The open heel has a larger foot pocket that usually has a buckle and strap connection. These fins are best to use for divers who prefer shore-diving destinations or in cold waters.

Buckles vs. Straps

The buckles and straps deliver convenience if you put them on or off. Whether you opt for buckles or straps, make sure that it’s adjustable so they can be tightened or loosened depending on your comfort.

The buckles let you remove the fin without making adjustments, but they’ll still keep your desired tension. The straps make use of either a bungee or spring strap to keep your feet in a snug fit. You can usually pull the strap over the heel.


Just like choosing a shoe, you need to choose the right size for you. Choosing an incorrect size will result in uncomfortable usage. You might have a hard time maneuvering in the waters.

The different brands of fins have varying sizes that usually range from small to extra large. 


There are two types of scuba fins, the split fins and the paddle fins. Your choice would usually depend on how preference and skill level.

As the name implies, split fins are split into two parts and are often compared to a boat propeller. It’s more convenient to use this type if you want to drive faster.

The paddle fins are the traditional fins that allow you to move your feet upward and downward. Paddle fins are efficient in diving in waters with the current.


The durability of the scuba fins depends on their construction materials. So it’s important to choose the kind of material that’ll surely last, especially if you dive regularly.

They are usually made from plastic, carbon fiber, rubber, and some brands have a combination of these materials. 


A scuba fin may be suitable for one person, but it might not work for you. In choosing a diving fin, make sure that its features suit your skill level. All the fin brands mentioned above are the best affordable fins that serve their purpose. 

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