9 Best Scuba Regulators in 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Choosing the right scuba regulator is a big decision. You want to make sure you’re getting quality equipment for your money so that you can spend more time diving and less time worrying about whether your gear will hold up.

There are many brands and models out there, but it’s hard knowing where to start looking or what questions to ask when shopping around for new scuba regulators. 

Don’t worry, we’ve reviewed all of the top selling dive regulators on the market in 2021 and identified nine of our favorites below.

Our reviews cover everything from design elements to customer service experience with each brand (and model). This guide should be able to help you decide the best scuba regulator that’ll suit your needs!

Our Top Picks

Best High-End Scuba Diving Regulator
Scubapro MK25 Evo/D420 Regulator
Best Regulator for Advanced Divers
Atomic Aquatics B2 Regulator Yoke Sealed Style
Best Regulator for Recreational Diving
Scubapro MK11/C370 Dive Regulator System, INT, Black
Feature 1
Fiberglass reinforced body for durability
Chrome-plated brass and 316 steel materials for the first stage
Air balanced diaphragm
Feature 2
Easy to reach Venturi switch and large purge button
Comfortable dual silicone mouthpiece
Two high-pressure, low pressure, and high-flow LP ports
Best High-End Scuba Diving Regulator
Scubapro MK25 Evo/D420 Regulator
Feature 1
Fiberglass reinforced body for durability
Feature 2
Easy to reach Venturi switch and large purge button
Best Regulator for Advanced Divers
Atomic Aquatics B2 Regulator Yoke Sealed Style
Feature 1
Chrome-plated brass and 316 steel materials for the first stage
Feature 2
Comfortable dual silicone mouthpiece
Best Regulator for Recreational Diving
Scubapro MK11/C370 Dive Regulator System, INT, Black
Feature 1
Air balanced diaphragm
Feature 2
Two high-pressure, low pressure, and high-flow LP ports

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9 Best Scuba Regulators in 2021

1. Scubapro MK25 Evo/D420 Regulator

Best High-End Scuba Diving Regulator

Scubapro MK25 Evo/D420 Regulator
  • Uniquely shaped fiberglass-reinforced nylon casing carries...
  • Air-balanced Progressive Flow Control Valve is able to...
  • Large purge button is easy to reach and depress, with or...

Key Features

  • Fiberglass reinforced body for durability
  • Easy to reach Venturi switch and large purge button
  • Anti-freeze protection that enhances breathing reliability
  • Environmentally Sealed

The Scubapro regulator features a Venturi switch that sits atop to be easily reached for better air supply. This design leverages pressure gradient while delivering how much air you need.

Besides the low placement diaphragm below the intake valve and mouthpieces, the elongated body has fiberglass-reinforced construction which makes this regulator more durable than others on the market today!

More so, this scuba regulator also has an anti-freeze protection feature. It protects you from the cold water temperature. The two high-pressure ports and five low-pressure ports enhance your breathing to help you dive deeper into water. 

2. Atomic Aquatics B2 Regulator Yoke Sealed Style

Best Regulator for Advanced Divers

Atomic Aquatics B2 Regulator Yoke Sealed Style
  • First stage materials are chrome-plated Brass and 316...
  • The total weight of the B2 is only 9 ounces more than the T2
  • Nitrox ready for mixtures up to 40%

Key Features

  • Chrome-plated brass and 316 steel materials for the first stage
  • All titanium primary second stage
  • Nitrox capability up to 40%
  • Comfortable dual silicone mouthpiece

The Atomic B2 Regulator features a chrome-plated brass first stage and second stage made of titanium to ensure high quality and affordability. There’s a dual-material cover for easy purging in water and a double silicone mouthpiece for comfort during long dives.

You’ll be able to use this for years while breathing easy due to its nitrox compatibility up 40%. 

3. Scubapro MK11/C370 Dive Regulator System

Best Regulator for Recreational Diving

Scubapro MK11/C370 Dive Regulator System, INT, Black
  • Air-balanced diaphragm first stage design delivers constant...
  • Marine grade brass body has sealed internal parts to prevent...
  • Two high pressure, two low pressure and two high-flow LP...

Key Features

  • Air balanced diaphragm
  • Marine-grade brass body
  • Large discharge button
  • Two high-pressure, low pressure, and high-flow LP ports

The air-balanced diaphragm design ensures a comfortable breath no matter how deep you go in a warm water dive. Additionally, its brass body parts sealed work against water pollutants from fouling or corroding the inner mechanism. Yet, cold water divers may need a higher-spec regulator.

Each regulator also comes with special buttons for breathing resistance and pre-diving. It means you can breathe at your own pace on land before diving, making descending underwater easier than ever! Its discharge button is large enough to be operated even while wearing thick gloves.

4. Aqua Lung LEG3ND Scuba Regulator

Best Regulator for Intermediate Divers

Aqua Lung Legend - Yoke Regulator
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Country of Orgin: China

Key Features

  • Dry seal system resulting in a dry ambient pressure chamber
  • Has Auto Closure Device with dust cap that keeps it from corrosion 
  • Yoke screw to minimize water retention
  • Unique overbalanced diaphragm

LEG3ND regulators can withstand cold water diving without freezing. The environmental dry seal system keeps contaminants out of their main chamber. It also has ergonomically shaped DIN and yoke screws made from a bi-material Soft Grip surface when installing the first stage on any LEG3ND regulator.

This regulator is built with a unique over-balanced diaphragm that delivers superior performance in any depth or environment. More so, the plastic washer holds the regulator’s important components together, while an exterior retainer keeps everything secure.

5. Mares Journey 15X Regulator

Best Diaphragm Friendly Regulator

Mares Journey 15X Scuba Regulator - Scuba Regulator Scuba Gear Regulator Bag - Scuba Gear Regulator Bag - Scuba Gear - Scuba Regulator - Oceanic Regulator (Black)
  • BREATHE EASY at all depths with the Vortex Assisted Design...
  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: The ACT Valve (Advanced Coating...
  • TWO STAGE ACT Valve is abrasion resistant and ideal for...

Key Features

  • Advanced Coating Technology (ACT) Valve for durability
  • Dynamic Flow Control (DFC) 
  • Fluid dynamic deflector and Vortex Assisted Design (VAD)

The ACT Valve is made out of two stages with both metal and special polymer. Even the first stage contains nickel-plated brass that lasts 600% longer than other valves, in extreme conditions.

Also, the ultralight technopolymer makes an abrasion-resistant valve that lets your valve be resilient against almost anything under the sun.

What’s more, the DFC improves performance at any depth by controlling the airflow to reduce intermediate pressure drop during.

Also, the dynamic fluid deflector directs air from the bypass tube into the mouthpiece, where VAD creates a swirling vortex of low-pressure central airflow. It maintains diaphragm activity for sensitive, effortless breaths at any depth!

6. Aqua Lung 2018 Mikron Regulator

Best Mid Range Regulator

Aqua Lung 2018 Mikron Regulator
  • Newly added Auto Closure Device (ACD) - keeps corrosive...
  • Compact dimensions and low weight blend comfort with a...
  • The first stage is a balanced diaphragm type that sports 2...

Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Environmentally sealed first stage
  • With Aqua Lung’s Comfo-Bite mouthpiece and reusable clamp
  • Has Auto Closure Device (ACD)

This regulator is perfect for divers constantly on the go. It will not weigh down your bag and transport easily. It is designed to be lightweight without sacrificing quality or breathability.

Likewise, its ACD is safer for higher percentages of oxygen that automatically closes as soon as the core is removed from the cylinder valve.

Its 2nd stage allows for smooth, easy breathing. Its adjustment knob optimizes opening. Then, the Mini position allows increased efforts, so free flow at the surface level is avoided. In the Maxi position, it lowers inhalation effort, which means less work for you!

7. Mares Ultra ADJ 82X Regulator

Best Breathing System Among Regulators

Mares Ultra ADJ 82X Regulator
  • SWIVEL TURRET on 1st stage

Key Features

  • Twin Power System, VAD, and VAD+ that adjusts breathing effort
  • Natural Dynamic Flow Control (DFC)
  • Auto-Sealing Technology (AST)
  • Pearl-Chrome finish


The Twin Power System offers an automatic flow control that manages gas from your natural breathing to power-breathing for an extra push of air when needed.

Besides, the regulator also features VAD, bypassing airflow to create vortexes to keep the diaphragm down during inhalation. Also, with the VAD+ power breathing mode, you can get a more powerful inhale as needed.

More so, the Natural DFC on all LP ports eliminates any pressure drops that can disrupt breathing. AST keeps your first stage dry and has an elegant pearl chrome finish with swivel and tilted HP ports for comfort.

8. SEAC USA–Octo-Synchro Scuba Regulator

Best Practical Regulator

Key Features

  • Technopolymer, elastomers materials for longevity
  • Bright yellow purge for easy identification during emergency
  • Low-friction demand lever

The Seac Synchro second-stage octopus is made out of techno polymers, elastomers that will last for a long time. It also has a yellow purge cover so it can be easily identified in an emergency.

In addition, the regulator comes with the low-friction demand lever, which makes breathing more fluid and linear. It’s also equipped with a 39.25″ hose at 3/8 inch threaded that weighs 12.8 ounces for your convenience! 

9. SEAC USA – X200 230 INT Scuba Regulator

Best Lightweight Regulator

Key Features

  • Forged brass and sanded chrome finish
  • Lightweight and less size
  • Balanced diaphragm first stage

The design allows minimum weight and size while ensuring consistent performance in demanding The first stage is made from forged brass and sanded chrome finish material to ensure maximum performance while minimizing weight and size.

Likewise, balancing diaphragms allow total insulation from the outside environment for safe use!

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What Should I Look For When Buying The Best Scuba Regulators

A-Clamp vs. DIN

A-Clamp regulators are often the best choice for divers in places where tanks of the scuba gear have A-clamps.

However, suppose you encounter more DIN valve tanks. In that case, a DIN regulator is better as it screws into threaded openings on these types of tanks instead of sitting over them as an A clamp reg does.

DIN valves are best for technical divers because they’re able to form a secure seal and withstand the wear and tear of exploration.

However, it requires more care during setup and breakdown than other valve types, so you’ll need to carefully take note when diving with one!

Most warm water divers prefer to use an A-clamp valve, also known as a yoke valve. The rubber O-ring on this type of seal makes it less stable than DIN valves.

Still, it is perfect for recreational divers because they are easy to set up and break down and far more durable than their delicate counterparts.

Water Temperature

Diving can be a thrilling experience especially when you’re entering uncharted depths of the ocean. The temperatures on this depth are below 75º F, and a standard regulator for warm temperature won’t work. But suppose you want to dive into the cold water with ease.

In that case, it’s best to invest in a specifically designed regulator for colder temperature tested against contaminants like saltwater or even ice!

Ease of Use

Before settling for any type of regulator, make sure it is easy to breathe from and fits your needs. You need a regulator that will work well with the dive gear you use and be comfortable in weight, size, and resistance because some masks have an internal valve design that requires specific valves.

Balanced or Unbalanced

A balanced regulator is an important piece of equipment for a safe dive. It will provide you with an even flow until your scuba tank runs out. With an unbalanced regulator, it’s common to feel less airflow 40 meters below sea level due to how tank pressure affects it.

Now, this change could make checking the pressure gauge and exhaust valve more difficult, so take care when choosing the type of regulator.


Invest in a lightweight regulator that won’t take up too much space. Consider getting a titanium-made one with carbon fiber internals. It will give the perfect balance of power while reducing its overall weight substantially!

If there’s an option out there made from woven hoses instead of rubber (more comfortable on long dive, too), don’t hesitate to buy these.


You’ll want a divers’ first stage with plenty of ports for hoses. A basic model typically comes standard with this setup, which will work well for entry-level divers.

For intermediate or advanced divers, you may prefer models that include 4+ attachment points from day one.

Piston or Diaphragm

Piston regulators are considered easier breathing due to their high flow rate. More so, the piston’s first stages also have a basic internal design with few moving pieces, making them easier to service than diaphragm models.

Diaphragm first stages offer less air and are more likely to freeze over in cold environments like deep water scuba dives. That’s why people who do diving prefer piston-style regulators.


When you’re diving, have glasses on your mask so that the pressure changes at depth and wear-and-tear won’t cause scratches or cracks in the lenses.

Tempered glass is a good choice; it’s strong enough for this purpose. Because it breaks into harmless granules instead of shards or splinters if they do happen to break.


If you want to go on a more intense dive trip and don’t know what equipment is best for your needs and desires, then buying the best scuba regulator setup will be worth it.

Now, pick from Atomic Aquatics B2 Regulator, Scubapro MK25 Evo/D420 or Scubapro MK11 Dive Regulators, Aqua Lung Legend, and more on this list!

Finally, to go with your scuba regulator, it’s best to choose the best scuba gear. Here are a few we recommend:

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