5 Best Snorkel Fins for 2023

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One of the most popular and common methods to explore the underwater world is snorkeling. With the best snorkel fins, you will be able to conserve more energy and move faster.

Every snorkeler values different attributes in their snorkel fins, whether they want snorkel fins for comfort or travel. Although many snorkel fins are on the market, finding the best is not an easy task for snorkeling newbies.

To help you find the best fins for snorkeling, we researched and compiled these five best snorkel fins. We have also outlined things that you need to consider when buying.

Top Snorkel Fins

1. Seaview 180 RAWA Snorkel Fins

Best Overall

Key Features:

  • Quick-release strap
  • Easy kick blade
  • Comfortable fit box
  • Breathable and durable TPU
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Unisex sizing
  • Traditional design

This best snorkeling fin features a quick-release buckle system to allow you to adjust the heel strap and create a custom fit for every wearer.

They also have short blades to make it easier to keep up a quick tempo at a high kick rate with suitable propulsion through the water.

The open fin design allows for a wider toe box. The lightweight and breathable nature of TPU allows for comfortable all-day wear. These TPU materials are also flexible for easy movement. They are also waterproof and durable.

Their short blade fins are made to promote a more consistent kick. Besides, the traditional fin design showcases a flexible channel in the middle of the blade to assist with propulsion.

The large toe box and open heel design give these fins the ability to fit many different feet sizes and types.

Furthermore, other than being compact and short in nature, they have added mesh bags that make it easy to store in your bag for the ultimate vacation accessory.

2. Sugaroom Swim Fins Open Heel

Best Budget Option

Key Features:

  • Open heel
  • Adjustable straps
  • Short swim fins
  • Easy-click buckles
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Open toe
  • Flame-shaped mesh instep design
  • Hard plastic inserts

These top snorkel fins are made with open heels. They have adjustable straps to help adjust each fin to an ideal size. This makes them suitable for different foot sizes and types.

They also have a compact size which is suitable for travel. These short snorkel fins are an excellent option for avid travelers because the short blade is compact and lightweight and enables you to pack light and travel with ease.

They are ideal for swim training, snorkeling, recreational swimming, and the pool.

The easy-click buckles and adjustable straps allow for comfortable wear. The swimming flippers are made of composite and lightweight material for an effective and agile kick without tiring out your muscles.

The soft foot pocket can be worn with booties or barefoot. You do not have to worry about rubbing your feet.

Sugaroom swim fins have an anti-slip sole and excellent flexibility to help reduce resistance. They also make these swim fins breathable, feel more comfortable, and have distance and speed with minimal kicking effort.

Furthermore, these open-heel flippers come with a hard plastic insert mesh bags and quick-dry mesh bad to quickly help filter water and sand. They drain and dry quickly. The filter pads inside the snorkel fins keep the fins in shape while in storage.

However, some users have complained that these snorkel fins are floppy and lack the power for deeper snorkeling.

3. QKURT Snorkel Fins

Best for Travel

Key Features:

  • Open heel design
  • Compact size
  • Short, lightweight fins
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Adjustable straps
  • Easy-click buckles
  • Durable fins

These good snorkeling fins have an adjustable and open-heel design. It can accommodate many different foot sizes.

The open-toe design helps in preventing chafing and allows a snug fit. These short snorkeling fins are lightweight and fit well in a luggage and mesh bag. Inside every fin are extra paddle fins to enable them to stay in shape while not in use.

Our swimming fins are anti-slip soles and have the ideal flexibility to help minimize fatigue and prevent cramps. They also provide distance and speed with minimal kicking effort.

Their easy-click buckle and adjustable strap make them comfortable and easy to slip in and out. They are also designed to be comfortable and extra durable.

You can use them as flippers or scuba swimming fins for snorkeling without worrying about incorrect fit. You only need to put on swimming socks, and you are ready to go.

4. Zenoplige Snorkel Fins

Best for Beginners

Key Features:

  • Open-toe and flame-shaped mesh instep design
  • Streamlined dual-channel drainage
  • Adjustable open-heel design and straps
  • Adjustable scuba fins
  • Super flexible

These beginner snorkel fins use an excellent flame-shaped mesh instep design, a unique open toe, and streamlined dual-channel drainage to help reduce resistance and provide solid underwater propulsion.

Their adjustable open-heel design and straps, large thumb loop, and quick-release buckle make them easy to put on and take off. They are ideal for different foot sizes and types. You can share them with your friends and family.

The foot pockets are made of durable, lightweight, anti-deformation, and corrosion-resistant material. This gives them super flexibility.

They are also comfortable to wear, and you do not have to worry about grinding your feet. Besides, the non-slip sole makes them sturdy and secure.

Furthermore, to maintain the shape of the flippers, there are filter pads inside. You will be required to take them out before using them and lug them back after using them.

5. PRODIVE Snorkel and Swim Fins

Best for Advanced Snorkelers

Key Features:

  • Three different sizes
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Open heel design
  • Quick-adjust buckle
  • Open-toe design
  • Sturdy and flexible sole

Our PRODIVE snorkel fins have sturdy and flexible soles. The straps on these snorkel fins come with formed inserts and an open-toe design to enable you to get more speed and power per kick.

They also help you avoid getting cut on sharp rocks, barnacles, shells, and other sharp objects beneath the water’s surface. The non-slip sole protects you from falling out of the water.

These snorkel fins have an open-heel design with quick-adjustable buckles and an adjustable back strap for a secure fit and allow you to share these fins with your family and friends. The straps are soft and will not cause blisters.

PRODIVE snorkel fins come in three sizes, which can fit different fit sizes and styles. You can also wear them with or without inserts or water socks.

Furthermore, they are compact and lightweight. They come in mesh bags, can fit in carry-on luggage, and are excellent for beach vacations and cruises.

The only downside of these snorkel fins is that they are challenging to get on take-off.

Things to Consider When Buying Snorkel Fins

1. Open Heel vs. Closed Heel fins

Depending on your location and the snorkeling type, you might want to choose either open-heel snorkel fins or closed-heel snorkel fins.

Typically, open-heel fins are suitable for colder water snorkeling. This is because you can wear booties with them. Open-heel fins are more powerful than closed-heel snorkel fins but can be challenging to travel with.

On the other hand, closed-heel snorkel fins are like a pair of shoes with flippers. You do not require booties for closed-heel snorkel fins.

Closed-heel snorkel fins are ideal for traveling and are easy to pick up and go.

2. Materials

Snorkel fins are designed using many different types of materials. Most snorkel fins are made from thermoplastics, and the majority of them have some parts made of rubber.

Snorkel fins with rubber foot fins chambers are flexible and soft. Fins with silicone straps are as equal to rubber but are more durable than rubber.

You should consider snorkel fins made using materials that allow them to bend while finning and maintain their rigidity and shape. This will help them provide the needed amount of power for propulsion.

3. Fin Blades

It is also vital to consider the length of the blade while choosing the best pair of snorkel fins. Longer blades will offer more efficient use of energy.

This is because they have a huge surface area for propulsion. On the other hand, short blades are suitable for travel as they are easier to transport.

It is also vital to consider the blade style. Rounder-angled and curved blades are easier to use and provide less energy consumption.

Flat-styled blades with more rectangular shapes consume more energy but offer more propulsion.

Therefore, you should consider snorkeling fins with angled blades to make the strokes more focused for more efficient propulsion.

4. Weight

It is vital to consider the weight of your snorkel fins, especially if you are looking for travel snorkel fins or carrying your snorkel fins around.

The lightest snorkel fins are made from super lightweight materials, weighing less than 0.7 kg. Some fins weigh more than 2.0 kg.

Having lightweight snorkel fins can make all the difference while traveling. Typically, the shorter fins weigh less and can be best used as travel fins. However, there are also long fins that are lightweight.

Therefore, it is vital to choose lightweight and portable snorkel fins. The ones that you can easily put and carry in mesh bags.

Mesh bags protect these fins and allow them to dry, thus preserving the fins ‘ material naturally.

5. Vents

The vents are the other snorkel fins feature you should consider while choosing the best fins. You need to decide between a vented blade or vented fins and a non-vented blade or fins. 

Vented snorkel fins have vents that enable water to pass through to help reduce energy consumption and the effort needed while finning.

This makes them super-efficient, although they can reduce power. Non-vented snorkel fins are more powerful. However, they need more energy to use. They can make you feel tired in the water.

6. Snap

Snap is the hardness or flexibility of your snorkel fins and their ability to scoop water to propel you forward in water effectively. Therefore, while screening for top snorkel fins, you need to pay attention to the snap.

This is especially if you are planning on using the snorkel fins for scuba diving or if you are likely to be snorkeling in larger water areas.

The ideal snorkel fins should be able to find the balance between strength and flexibility to find the right snap. It is vital to note that snap is not restricted to long blades. Short-travel snorkel fins can also snap.

The right snap will enable you to snorkel with less effort and more efficiently. Therefore, always go for snorkel fins that have been made with a snap-in mind.

7. Price

Generally, snorkel fins come at different price points. Fins made from lightweight materials are a little more expensive. Besides, long fins can cost more than short fins.

It is also vital to note that snorkel fins with extra features such as splits and vents can cost more. You also need to know that with fins, you get what you pay for.

Therefore, if you intend to use your snorkel fins more than a few times, you should consider choosing reasonably-quality snorkel fins that can come at a relatively higher price.

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