The Best Spearfishing Floats for Big Fish & Safety

Do you need something to keep you visible when diving? A place to keep your gears? Or are you spearfishing in a place where you legally need to have a dive flag? Having one of the best spearfishing floats will solve this. 

Whether you are concerned about your safety, visibility, or convenience when spear fishing, you may find yourself in a situation where the best spearfishing float can help make your spearfishing experience a much easier and enjoyable one. 

Here are some of the best floats we recommend you consider for your spearfishing gear list.

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5 Best Spearfishing Floats for 2023

1. Gannet floats

Gannet floats are suitable for spearfishing. Their Bluewater 75 is A+ float design and construction. Versatile and robust, this Gannet float is ready for whatever the water can dish out. With structural stability of 29 PSI at 2 ATM, this is highly reinforced and resistant to puncture and abrasion.

The float remains flat at pressure, thanks to its internal architecture. It is convenient for spearos because it avoids the rolling of the float in the water and on the deck and allows it to skim the surface rather than dragging.

It has a weight of 2.4 kgs (5.25 lbs) and a lift weight of 34 kgs (75 lbs). This best spearfishing float comes with an inflator, adaptor, pressure gauge, and safety whistle. Plus, you have the option to include a dive flag as your spearfishing gear. 

Tip: use a certified pressure gauge to assure the correct PSI. 

2. Sporasub

SPORASUB Blue Water Float – 107cm
  • Dimensions: 107cm Length x 81.5cm Height x 38cm Depth

Sporasub spearfishing float offers excellent quality at an affordable price. With a lift weight of 75 lbs and maximum inflation of 15 PSI, Sporasub is ideal for any kind of aquatic activity, including spearfishing. They are easy to inflate and deflate.

It comes in a highly visible color of orange and is packable with multiple carry straps. It has a 2lb soft-weight pouch. The pouch is where you can put some weights to prevent it from the strong wind while you’re catching your fish.

Although your purchase excludes a dive flag, the kids can also use this spearfishing float when swimming. 

3. Riffe float

Riffe 3 Atmosphere Torpedo Float For Spearfishing and Scuba Diving
  • 3 Atmosphere Dive Float
  • Ideal for Targeting Large Game Fish
  • Air Pressure Gauge and Schrader Valve Adapter included May…

The Riffe 3 Atmosphere Torpedo is suitable for spearfishing as its design comes with a maximum lift weight of 95 lbs at 66ft deep. You can pressurize the float up to 25 lbs PSI. It has a 22 oz heavy-duty vinyl-coated nylon and 320lbs/sq tear strength.

You can transport it easily as it can fold up to (14” x 14” x 2” = 4 lbs). A buckled nylon strap reinforced side zipper is a feature where you can add lead shot ballast or access the inner replaceable urethane bladder.

Before inflating, check if the straps and zippers are locked and secured to avoid damage. This spearfishing float comes with an Air Pressure Gauge & Schrader Valve Adapter Air Compressor.

Tip: Use an air gauge when filling to avoid excess pressure, which can damage the float

4. Mako

MAKO Spearguns Speargun Spearfishing High Pressure Float – 30 Liter
  • Constructed of durable 1100 gram material with welded seams
  • Max pressure of 21 psi which can provide 100% of the lift at…
  • Zodiac Nose Cone dramatically reduces drag in the water.

Mako for spearfishing is what the big game spearos have been waiting for. They are high-pressured and durable floats with 1100-gram material and welded seams for more strength.

The rear handle is for safety, and the front and rear D rings are for line attachment. The Zodiac Nose cone is for drag reduction in the water. It has the Valve stem placed at the back to avoid being caught on other float lines.

This 30L float has a maximum pressure of 21 PSI, giving 100% of the lift at about 45 feet deep into the water. This will help you make your spearfishing experience better. 

5. XS Scuba UFO

XS Scuba UFO – Universal Floating Object
  • Rugged construction (Outer shell – 600D with 4 coatings of…
  • 28 attachment D-rings and 12 attachment hooks
  • Includes 15 x 12.75 in (38 x 32 cm) dive flag with wire…

This versatile, floating platform from XS Scuba can be used in many ways, like spearfishing, scuba instruction, or hookah. You can add custom kits and accessories to it.

This dive float has plenty of tie-downs and attachment points with ample storage space. Reinforced handles, clips, and D-rings are also features of this product. Spearos consider it rugged and convenient for dragging behind when spearfishing or diving. It is easy to inflate and rich in features that most do-it-yourselfers appreciate.

Why Use Floats For Fishing 

Using floats for fishing can serve you different purposes. With floats, you can fight a fish, which is their intended purpose. It is also useful when fishing in groups. This way, boaters can control boat traffic.

It will also allow the boat captain to track his dive groups who are not diving in the same spot. Also, when you dive deep into the water, floats can alert the others where you are. Floats are convenient to use as storage for spearfishing gears such as stringers, a pole spear, or even a water bottle. 

Float vs. Speargun Reel

As spearfishing conditions and situations change, so should your method of fishing. Deciding between a float and a speargun reel will depend on the many factors that are changing. Here are some points and notes to help you choose between the two. 

With floats, you can see where the diver is. If that diver is you, they can see where you are in the water, highlighting your safety. Floats can help with fighting fish that are bigger, but they can also be annoying in kelp. It is easier to use a kelp carrot instead of a float in kelp. 

Speargun reels can get jams and tangles, which is an inconvenience to spearos. But they do give the diver the most freedom in the water. They can be useful when spearfishing with many divers or when there are obstacles in the water.

How To Choose

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In choosing the best spearfishing float, there is no one-size-fits-all. Choosing will depend on details like your budget and needs. Then, matching them to the available models in the market. As for the size, you will have to consider the types of fish you plan to catch. Larger and stronger fish will need a bigger float.

Hard Floats

If your main concern is durability, go for the hard ones. They are hard-wearing watercraft, which provide superb buoyancy and allow them to take a good beating against the water and still perform well. They are bulky, which will need you to have the physical strength to haul them.

Inflatable Floats

If you want convenience, choose the inflatable ones, as they are more compact and easy to haul and set up. 

Float boards

If you are a DIY- enthusiast, you can make your own float from scratch using a boogie board, a dive flag, and a string line. First, you attach the float line to the board, then add the flag on top, and there you have it- a functional dive float.

How To Use

best spearfishing floats
Spearfishing floats will help you be visible when diving. Source: HookBuzz

You need a length of float line to connect your float to the base of the best speargun you own. You need a float line that floats and won’t tangle when you dive. When your float is ready to use, haul it into the water. 

Keep in mind that when the water is calm, you should hold your reel in one hand and let out at least 5 feet of the line. Then, pull your best spearfishing float from behind you. 

When towing the float while entering the water, never push the float in front of you. There are strong waves that will push it back in your direction, resulting in injury. 

If you duck through the tide when you enter the water, let out enough line to allow the float to ride easily over the top. Do not fasten the tow line to your gear or wrap it around your hand too tight to prevent accidents.

Keep swimming until you get to an area with calmer water or until you reach your spearfishing spot. Then be prepared to descend. 

When exiting the water, push the float to be in front of you and won’t get between you and the water movement.

Frequently Asked Question 

Is it necessary to rig your speargun to the float? 

It is not necessary. Some spearos prefer it as this makes it easy for them to find their guns if they lose or let it go while spearfishing. 

Insider Advice

When spearfishing, floats are one of the most important pieces of gear you will need. They help to signal your presence in the water. But if ever you’re exiting the water with your float, you will find that a strong wave is fighting you in pulling the float towards the shore.

Do not try to gain and maintain control. Instead, let the float go. Chances are, you will find it washed ashore. 

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