The Best Spearfishing Watches to Keep You Safe

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Do you need the best spearfishing watches help you keep important data of your underwater hunt?

best spearfishing watches
Garmin Mk1 spearfishing watch fits every spearo’s needs. Source: Morgan Mason

The best spearfishing gear you can bring underwater when huntinging is your awareness and they should be convenient for the diver underwater. Your watch will keep you aware of your safety and track your spearfishing activities anywhere in the world.

The best spearfishing watch should act as your dive computer and display your diving depth, dive time, surface interval, and heart rate underwater.

Here are the best spearfishing watches that will give you complete dive information. 

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9 Best Spearfishing Watches for 2023 Reviewed

1. Garmin MK2

Garmin MK2 is an advanced dive computer that comes as a dive watch with an elegant yet rugged design. This watch is easy to read with its color sunlight-readable display and easy to use with its six dive modes.

Although its GPS tracking does not work underwater, it does have an underwater compass to guide your way to spearfishing your target fish. It has enhanced the estimation of your heart rate through your wrist and a pulse oximeter. This helps you be aware of your blood oxygen saturation underwater.

This advanced watch should guide you in your spearfishing dive and is not meant to be used as a medical device. With this watch, you get to log your dive data and download it on the Garmin dive app. 

2. Garmin MK1

One of the best freediving watches that are perfect for spearfishing is the Garmin MK1, which you can use in salt and freshwater. This dive computer is intuitive and offers GPS navigation in full color, making it easier for you to map up your dive entry and exit points.

This spearfishing and freediving watch helps you stay within your dive limits with its Buhlmann ZHL-16c algorithm. This watch enables you to keep in touch when spearfishing, with its easy-to-read screen that features smart notifications.

The MK1 design allows comfort with its easy-to-use features and elegance with its sleek design. It has a dive log for storing and reviewing your dive data in your last 200 dives. Plus, it vouches for your safety as it reads to elevate heart rate through the wrist heart rate technology. 

3. Oceanic F-10 Free-Diving Watch V3

The oceanic watch is best to use for keeping track of your dive depth and dive time with access to a pre0set countdown or lap timers.

This keeps you in check as it features a user-defined surface recovery timer, repeating elapsed dive time alarm, repeating depth interval, and three max depth alarms. This dive computer is for freedivers and spearos who love to stay underwater for recreational or competitive reasons. 

4. SUUNTO D4I Diving Watch Novo with USB

One spearfishing watch to accompany you on your hunting dives is the Suunto D41 diving and spearfishing watch. It has a soft silicone strap for maximum comfort and fit.

Its sleek and lightweight design will make you versatile and comfortable underwater. The four dive modes make it the right choice for spearos who want a watch that offers functionality. It shows your depth and time. 

5. Seac Diver

One of the best lower-end spearfishing watches to record your spearfishing dive sessions is the Seac Diver. Its simple and lightweight design makes it easy to use for beginners and pro spearos.

It features a backlit display screen that visibly shows your dive and ascent speed, dive time, temperature, depth and surface time.

With this stopwatch, you can also record up to 99 spearfishing dives and it allows you to wear the watch over your wetsuit or in contact with your skin for a more comfortable hunt.

6. Pyle Multi-Function Water Sport Wrist Watch

Great Cheap Dive Watch

The special dive-ready wristwatch from Pyle is a good addition to every spearo’s hunting gear. This watch automatically activates and deactivates and can store up to 100 records of your hunt.

When using the diving mode, you can easily see your starting time and date, dive duration and the maximum depth, temperature, and the dive site indication chronograph. It enhances your awareness underwater as it features a dive alarm when emerging faster than 6m/minute.

It is water-resistant up to 330 feet underwater and is equipped with a thermometer to measure the water to 1 degree Celsius or Fahrenheit. Its electro-luminescent backlight enables you to always be aware of the time of day.

7. AERFA Smart Watch

This best spearfishing watch is one of the best dive watches to use when you’re hunting at a depth of 50m underwater. It features a health monitor that detects your SPO2 blood oxygen and heart rate by its optical sensor for an accurate heart rate monitor.

This dive watch is a smartwatch that is compatible with Android and IOS phones. It has a full-round display HD screen, which allows for easier and more convenient use underwater. The call features even work well underwater as you don’t miss any important calls.

While this cannot replace medical equipment, its health monitor features will help keep you aware when spearfishing.  We don’t want you to experience shallow water blackouts while spearfishing.

8. Aqua Lung i300C Dive Wrist Computer

Wireless interaction is a feature of Aqua lung i300C with Bluetooth Smart technology compatible with iOS and Android. It features four operating modes (Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and Free dive) for a versatile diving experience.

You can also switch up to three gases underwater with its three gas computers. This spearfishing and freediving watch is suitable for underwater use as it has backlighting, which makes it easy to read in low-light water conditions.

Spearos will benefit from this dive computer as it is durable, versatile, and affordable and has features that will help keep track of your dive. 

9. Omer UP-X1 Freediving Computer 

The Omer UP-X1 has standard digital watch features and that of a freediving computer. It has a carbon fiber face ring with a PC interface and heart rate chest strap for Dive and Chrono modes.

You can customize your personal data and can indicate your energy consumption and heartbeat while you’re spearfishing for your target fish. It also has a “powersave” mode for standby function when resting.

With its functions, you get to be aware of the depth and the temperature of the water you’re diving in, your dive time, and your heart rate for a safer and calculated dive. 

Insider Advice 

Spearfishing, freediving, and scuba diving are risky water sports activities. You need gear that will help you keep track of your dive details without taking much effort. The best spearfishing watches will help you know your depth and time in different modes, so you will be kept in the light as you descend deeper. 

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