6 Best Spinnerbaits For Bass (2023 Buying Guide)

Great for Multi-species Catches
Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure
Good for Beginners
Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait
The Go-to Lure for Bass Fishing
BOOYAH Pond Magic - Sunrise Craw - 3/16 oz - #0 Colorado/#3 Willow, Model:BYPM36715
Feature 1
Unique Spinning Action
2.1 size Tennessee diamond blade
Matching head, blade-color patterns
Feature 2
In-Line Weighted Body Design
Durable Diamond Dust head
Mustad Ultra Point 2/0 Hook Size
Great for Multi-species Catches
Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure
Product Name
Feature 1
Unique Spinning Action
Feature 2
In-Line Weighted Body Design
Good for Beginners
Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait
Feature 1
2.1 size Tennessee diamond blade
Feature 2
Durable Diamond Dust head
The Go-to Lure for Bass Fishing
BOOYAH Pond Magic - Sunrise Craw - 3/16 oz - #0 Colorado/#3 Willow, Model:BYPM36715
Product Name
Feature 1
Matching head, blade-color patterns
Feature 2
Mustad Ultra Point 2/0 Hook Size

Spinnerbaits are an excellent choice for bass fishing lures. They’re effective, flashy lures that cover a wide variety of water types.

There are so many different makes, colors, and brands on the market, so choosing the ‘best one can be difficult.  That’s why we’re here to help!

Today we’re going to learn about some of the best spinnerbait lures available online. We’ll explore the best products on the market, and you’ll see why these lures are so effective.

6 Best Spinnerbaits For Bass

1. Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure

Good for luring multi-species catches

Key Features

  • Unique Spinning Action
  • In-Line Weighted Body Design
  • Pulsating Hackle Tail Attracts Fish
  • Genuine Silver, Brass, or Copper Blades
  • UV Finishes Available

 The original Rooster Tail was created in the 1950s, with its pulsating hackle tail and attractive spinning action. It is designed to catch any game fish, which is why it’s so popular today. Roosters Tail is a brand of hats that offers a variety of different sizes and colors.

The Yakima Rooster Tail is a proven fish producer across the board. The spinner on this lure is designed to give off vibrations and flashes to attract and entice fish. When all else fails, turn to the trusted in-line spinner design!

2. Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait

Good for beginners and a versatile lure

Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait
  • The Strike King Mini-King features premium components.
  • Includes a single Colorado Diamond Blade, Diamond Dust head…
  • A terrific spinnerbait for Ultra Light rods!

Key Features

  • 2.1 size Tennessee diamond blade
  • Durable Diamond Dust head
  • Seductive silicone skirt
  • “Safety pin” wire

The Strike King MINI-KING Spinnerbait has been a popular favorite for decades, and it has all the qualities you need for light tackle fishing. It works well and can get lots of bites. This bait is small, but it’s big on performance.

Perfect for crappie, smallies, and white bass, the Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait has a safety stainless steel wire that won’t come undone.

These Mini-King Spinnerbaits are the perfect bait for any angler. These spinnerbaits come in various colors with a sexy silicone skirt that will entice any fish into biting.

3. BOOYAH Pond Magic Small-Water Spinner-Bait Bass Fishing Lure

The go-to lure for bass fishing

BOOYAH Pond Magic – Sunrise Craw – 3/16 oz – #0 Colorado/#3 Willow, Model:BYPM36715
  • Sport Type: Boating Fishing Outdoor Lifestyle
  • Package Height Of The Item Is 0.375″
  • Package Length Of The Item Is 9.0″

Key Features

  • Matching head, blade-color patterns
  • Vibration action of spinnerbait to replicate real craw
  • Specializes in color, hand-selected blade combinations 
  • Mustad Ultra Point 2/0 Hook Size
  • 0-strand ultra fine silicone skirts, 3/16 oz topwater fishing

Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbaits are designed to target smaller forage bases in small-water areas. The unique blade makes these baits highly effective in these fishing environments.

This double willow spinnerbait is built to last. It has premium components and 60-strand ultra fine silicone skirts that make it just as durable as our BOOYAH Blade. 

Pick up one today and find out quickly that it’s not just any old fishing lure but a small, well-built double willow spinnerbait.

4. Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait

Tournament-grade spinnerbait good for expert anglers

Key Features

  • Weight forward head design
  • Naturalists painted willow-style blades
  • New Perfect Skirt
  • Magic tails
  • Strong, sharp Gamakatsu hook

The Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait is perfect for anglers serious about catching fish with a new head design and premium components. 

The new head design allows this bait to move through the grass and cover much more easily, making it perfect for today’s fishing conditions. If you’re looking to pull a big one, then the Tour Grade Spinnerbait is the bait that you need.

It features a Gamakatsu hook and weight-forward head design, allowing it to easily come through a heavy cover. The naturalistic painted models will produce more flash of color, and the light wireframe helps create maximum vibration.

5. Luck-E-Strike Jimmy Houston Legends DW Spinnerbait

Good for luring big species

Key Features

  • Large oversized blade for more water displacement
  • Belly-weighted minnow to prevent roll
  • With premium paint 
  • It comes with a hand-tied skirt

The Luck-E-Strike Jimmy Houston Legends DW Spinnerbait has been designed by an expert in bass fishing and spinnerbait fishing. 

This spinnerbait features large oversized blades for more water displacement, a belly-weighted minnow head to prevent roll, premium paint, and a hand-tied skirt. With the combination of these features, this bait is the perfect setup for catching fish.

6. MegaStrike StrikeBack SpinnerBaits

Great for deeper pike

Key Features

  • Jointed hook allows the hook to line up with the fish’s strike
  • Jeweled Blade design reflects more light-drawing fish
  • Mustad Ultra Point 5/0 Hook-super sharp

The MegaStrike StrikeBack spinnerbait is designed to create more vibration, making it easier for the fish to detect the bait. The Jointed midsection also gives you a much deeper hookset because of the freedom of movement.

Strike Back is a revolutionary fishing system that helps you catch more fish. It has a hook and a tail section, which both work together to provide full hook-ups.

The swiveling action of the hook helps keep the fish from throwing the bait by decreasing the leverage a fish would have on normal solid-bodied spinner bait lures.

best spinnerbait
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Types of Spinnerbait Blades

Spinnerbaits come with three different blade types, which can be used depending on the fishing situation.

They have other movements and vibrations, which make them more effective for catching various species of fish. Consider getting more than one blade at your disposal.

Willow Blades

Willow blades are lightweight, slim blades that are designed to slice through the water. They are perfect for lake fishing when the fish is active and chasing fast-moving baits.

The double willow blade is designed for maximum vibration. They can be used as spinner bait, trolling, or jigging blades because they have a longer profile.

Colorado Blade

The Colorado blades have an oval shape that causes them to make waves as they spin, which helps them glide through the water.

They also give the bait lift, keeping it up in the water column as you retrieve it. This single-blade spinnerbait is ideal for fishing shallow water or running the bait just below the surface.

Indiana Blades

The Indiana blade is a medium-speed blade with the attributes of the smaller Colorado blade and Willow blades. The shape of this blade makes it perfect for when you’re fishing in different water depths but still zeroing in on where the bass are holding.

This blade is also a good option when looking for a more moderate speed, like when you’re fishing in murky water.

Fishing Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are an effective lure for catching bass. These baits are versatile and are found in many situations. Thus, they are perfect for catching more bass.

Spinnerbaits are an effective lure to catch bass throughout the year, whether it’s the right wind conditions, water clarity, or bait considerations.

When deciding when to use a spinnerbait, the wind plays an important role. The more current, the better!

Windbreaks up the water so that fish can’t easily distinguish between artificial bait and real prey. That means less light penetration, which leads to better bites for your spinnerbait!

Things to Consider When Buying Spinnerbaits

The spinnerbait is a classic lure that has been around for years, but lately, people are picking up a different bait or lure.

There has been a decline in using other spinnerbaits because new lures and innovative baits have come onto the market.

Spinnerbait blades are an important part of your bait. You can’t just take the bait out and cast it. Adjustment is needed for the blade to match your fishing needs. Here, we offer advice on how to do just that.

When buying spinnerbaits, here are some things to consider:

  • Blade styles
  • Blade size
  • Blade color
  • Blade configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spinnerbait?

A spinnerbait is a lure that’s made of a bent wire, with one or more spinning blades on one end and a jig head on the other. The decoy is usually fitted with a rubber skirt to look like baitfish.
The jig head shape is designed to keep the hook and bait up the bottom. Jig heads can be tipped with live bait or plastics and can catch any fish that swims.
The natural sound of the blades fluttering in the water attracts fish. The vibrations even attract other creatures, like crabs and snakes.

How to fish a spinnerbait?

Fishing a spinnerbait is easy, and most anglers use a straight retrieve. The blades are slim enough to make some movement, so you don’t have to add much action. They are perfect for use when you are trying to figure out where the bass is hiding.

What is the best size spinnerbait for bass?

Most anglers use 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-ounce baits for fishing. For shallow fishing, a 1/4- to 3/8-ounce bait is best. If you like to go after larger fish, go with a larger version for deeper waters.

Is spinnerbait good for bass?

Yes, it is. The spinnerbait lure is the perfect bait to use when fishing for bass. Its streamlined design gives it a smooth, flowing action that attracts the attention of the bass—ideal for bass anglers.
Spinnerbaits attract bass more than any other lures, making them the best bass lures available.

What is the best spinnerbait trailer?

The best spinnerbait trailer hook on Amazon right now is the Paddle Tale, and for a good reason! This lure’s design allows you to catch fish a lot more.
Trailer hooks are very useful to wake fishing lures without having to go hard on your reel speed. Consider checking out this trailer hook today.

How do I choose spinner bait blades?

Choosing the right spinnerbait blade for you should depend on what type of catch you’re aiming for. Make sure to check every detail of the edge you plan on using.
There are multiple blades out there. Maybe use a silver blade or gold blade. Blades like the colorado blade, willow blade, And decide from there which is suited for the current situation.

Let’s Spinnerbait that Bass

We hope we helped you find the right bass spinnerbaits for you! If you are currently looking for one, don’t forget to check out this list of the best spinnerbaits for bass. Happy fishing!

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