The Best Surf Fishing Bags For Your Lures And Tackles

Our two hands can only hold so much when fishing out in the surf. Choosing the best surf fishing bags is as important as choosing the right surf fishing rod and reel.

Convenient fishing with your lure bag. Source: nordliht

Fishing tackle equipment needs good and high-quality tackle bags with enough storage compartments to keep them. Surf bags or lure bags should give you easy access to your fishing items and convenience to your accessories. 

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Here are the best surf fishing bags or tackle bags to have good storage space for your fishing necessities. 

Best Surf Fishing Bags for 2023 Reviewed

1. Aquaskinz Surf Fishing Bag          

Aquaskinz offers enough storage space for your most wanted items while keeping its lightweight, heavy-duty design like many other tackle bags. They are good jig holders. It has a unique and separate outer pocket to fit 20 tins and bucktail jigs.

It’s heavy-duty vulcanized, double-reinforced rubber provides durability to protect against bottom wear. It has a fully adjustable strap, and its shoulder pad provides excellent comfort. PVC-based tubes are flexible, durable, wormproof, and lightweight.

Aquaskinz surf bags are built for strength and longevity. 

2. Dolphin Tackle Bag

Kingfisher Dolphin SURF Plug Tackle Bag 10 Tubes/Pockets
  • 2×2″ compartments 6 outside pockets belt loops shoulder…
  • 12x6x8″
  • drain holes

The Dolphin surf bag boasts a heavy-duty and convenient bag for your fishing items. It features a ten lure compartment storage with a 7-inch depth. The strap allows you to carry this tackle bag as a shoulder bag.

The additional front and velcro side pocket design allows for more storage. And the durability of its nylon fabric gives the customer a good quality bag for the right price. 

3. Shimano Bluewave Surf Fishing Bag

SHIMANO Bluewave Surf
  • Front drop-down opening for easy access to lures
  • Wall-sepated jig holders
  • Durable rubber mesh bottom

Shimano Bluewave surf bag can handle tough fishing conditions with its high-quality heavy denier-rip-stop polyester fabric. The premium surf bag can safely hold lures and tackle without worrying when chasing your target trophy fish.

Your lures are secure with heavy-duty TPU zippers. And your hooks don’t get tangled together with its vertical tubes.

Shimano features a mesh bottom for easy access when rinsing and quick-drying your tackle. Plus, you can get the Bluewave surf bag in various sizes and styles, medium and large, and have enough space in your lure compartment. 

4. Kingfisher Dolphin SURF Plug Tackle Bag

Kingfisher Dolphin SURF Plug Tackle Bag 10 Tubes/Pockets
  • 2×2″ compartments 6 outside pockets belt loops shoulder…
  • 12x6x8″
  • drain holes

The Kingfisher plug bag model gives your fishing tackle more room for storage with its ten compartments and six outside pockets. The surf bag also features drainage holes. It is made with thick nylon material for extra durability and has drainage holes to keep it dry.

Dropping this bag accidentally when shore fishing is no problem, as it is made with waterproof material. Plus, you can strap it to your shoulder with its belt loops for easy and secure carry. 

5. Canyon Surf Bag 

Canyon Surf Bags in 3 Sizes – The Original, Made in The USA
  • Keeps your lures handy!
  • Includes: Removable shoulder strap and clear plastic case…
  • Designed to allow water to drain through the bag.

Canyon surf fishing bag uses premium, high-quality materials for a durable and convenient belt bag model you can use when surf fishing. It features storage compartments on its front and side pockets.

Among its inclusions are a clear plastic case used for safely organizing your terminal tackle with the security of a velcro closure. With Canyon, you can choose 6, 10, or 14 plastic tubes to store your lures.

It’s lightweight, washable, and lets water drain through your bag with replaceable tube drainage holes. Canyon offers one of the best products at a reasonable cost.    

6. Gear-up 2- Tube Bag

Surfcasters wanting to fish with small gears will love the Gear-Up 2-tube surf bag. It has two layers of a dacron sailcloth, making it highly durable. It features a 6-inch military industry Velcro that makes for sealing the load safely.

Inside, you get four slots for your bucktails and tins and two-tube inserts. Excellent drainage is provided by the twelve grommets on the bottom of the surf bag.

The lightweight Gear-Up bag boasts a pork rind holder, stainless steel d-rings, 2-inch belt looks, and a removable shoulder strap for convenience.

7. Daiwa Surf Bag

Daiwa surf fishing bag boasts a rigid, non-collapsible frame design made from riveted PVC. The heavy-duty tackle box features a zippered compartment with the front door securing smaller items.

Storage options are added with a velcro attachment area and a beefy Delran Zipper to resist corrosion. Daiwa tackle box will help you organize all your tackle items and give you easy front-loading access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best rig for surf fishing?

The best rigs to use when surf fishing ultimately depends on the water situation you’re fishing and the trophy fish you’re targeting. Among the best rigs are the flapper rig, fish finder rig, Pulley Rig, and Carolina rig. 

Can I use a 7-foot rod for surf fishing?

Yes, if you plan to fish closer to shore.

What should I wear to surf fishing?

If the water is cold, be sure to wear waders and a jacket. A good pair of sunglasses, a hat, and a surf fishing wearable tackle bag are a must.

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