3 Best Surf Fishing Rod Holders for 2023

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Surf fishing is one of the best ways to pass the time on a beach vacation. You can get your rod wet without having to leave your travel companions for a offshore excursion, can you catch some pretty monstrous fish and still pack it in when it’s lunchtime.

However, with surf fishing comes to some challenges. In particular, keeping a rod in one place with enough rigidity to set the hook and not be pulled off into the surf. 

Enter the surf fishing rod holder.

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PVC piping is used as a common DIY rod holder. Source: ajax15

3 Best Surf Fishing Rod Holders for 2023

1. The Beast Sand Spike Rod Holder 

The Beast Sand Spike Surf Fishing Rod Holder is perfect for anglers who want to relax on the beach while keeping several fishing rods active.

It features a knee plate that allows users to push the spike deep into the sand and keep it stable. The rod holder is approximately 57 and a half inches long and can be adjusted down to about 47.5 inches.

Even though it has a knee plate, you really won’t need it to push this rod deep into the sand. You can use your hand to wiggle it deep down so you can take the plate off if you want. It will undoubtedly hold your rods high and steady, so you should get several of these.

The only thing that is a bit off-putting about the rod holder is that it is a bit on the heavy side. Plus, you have to put it together before you can use it, so make sure you’re handy.

2. Fish-N-Mate 266 Sand Spike Anodized Aluminum

This rod holder is perfect for shore fishing. It is long enough to keep the tip of the rod over the waves easily, and it can be used to accommodate 8 to 9-foot-long fishing rods as well. The spike also comes with a measuring tape on the side.

The spike is made from a noncorrosive and anodized aluminum finish and is equipped with a foot push so you can easily shove it down into the sand. Since it is quite tall, other beachgoers can pass under your line instead of stepping over it or getting tangled in it. 

One of the great things about this beach fishing rod holder is that it comes with a nylon cap that will protect your reel from wear and tear and a small notch that holds it in place.

3. Sea Striker 36-2P PVC Sand Spike

Sea Striker Sand Spike is made from high-impact plastic, which is resistant to corrosion and comes with an aluminum stop pin. The construction is sturdy and slides easily into the sand. It can hold a 10-foot-long surf fishing rod easily and can take a lot of abuse without sustaining damage. 

Even though it is just a spike, this beach rod holder stands out from others in its category because of how sturdy it is. However, you may have to struggle to push it down in gravelly sand before fishing. 

Why Buy a Surf Fishing Rod Holder

If you don’t have one of the best surf rod holders, you risk damaging your expensive fishing rods. A good quality rod will provide the sturdiness required to keep your gear in place while you rush over and start fighting your fish.

Types of Fishing Rod Holders

Spike Rod Holders – These beach rod holders have a holder on top along with a sharp spike, thus the name. This secures the beach fishing rod holder and ensures it remains upright even if you have an aggressive fish on the line. These sharp fishing rod holders can also be placed in the water, and the aluminum spike will remain. 

DIY Fishing Rod Holder – Homemade

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ipe, a hacksaw, and a marker.

  • First, mark where you want to make the cut and the angle
  • Make your cut
  • Ensure that the end is point enough to penetrate loose dirt and sand with ease.
  • Check to ensure you will have sufficient penetration into the ground with enough up top to hold the rod in place.

That’s it. However, while DIY surf fishing rod holders are quite similar to those you can buy online or in a store, they are far from durable or sturdy. Fishing brands have been perfecting rod holders for beach fishing for years, so this is understandable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a surf fishing rod holder?

Please refer to the steps mentioned in the guide to make your very own beach fishing rod holder.

What is the best line to use for surf fishing?

The best line for surf fishing or to catch saltwater fish is a braided line. It has the ideal strength to thickness ratio to withstand the power of aggressive fish, has low memory, is almost invisible underwater, and is used by the pros for those reasons. Even if you have strong surf fishing rod holders, a weak fishing line will make you lose your beach catch.

What size surf rod should I get?

The size of the beach fishing rod you should get depends on the type of fish you are going after. If you have to cast several times, a 7 to 9-foot long rod should be perfect. If you want to cast long distances for deep water fish, a 10 to 15 feet long surf rod will do. These will work whether you are surf fishing from the shore or a jetty.

What gear is needed for surf fishing?

The vital pieces of equipment you will need for surf fishing include sturdy surf rods, reels, lures, lines, and of course, surf fishing rod holders. You will also need fishing pliers, casting tape and flashlights if you are fishing in low light conditions. If you have to wade out into the water, make sure you wear waders. This equipment will keep your body dry, especially if you pair it with wader boots and a jacket.

When is the best time to go surf fishing?

While you can catch fish anytime during the day or when surf fishing at night, some are more active at certain times near the shore. Most big species spend most of their time in deep water and only come near the shore when the tide brings in smaller fish, which they prey on. The strongest currents occur during high and low tide, so the best time for surf fishing is before dawn or dusk.

What type of rod should I use for surf fishing?

Usually, an 8 to 12-foot long rod is ideal for surf fishing, especially from the shore, but some anglers also use a 9 to an 11-foot long rod. A long rod will allow you to cast further i.e., beyond the breaking waves, but if it is too long, you may have difficulty controlling it.

It should give you medium-fast action and have a reasonably stiff tip, especially if you are using heavy sinkers and live bait. A good rule of thumb is to choose a rod that matches your height and comfort level.

This is where a holder can prove invaluable, so make sure you take one with you. You can either make your rod holder or buy one from a well-known brand. 

However, the best holder you can get for your surf fishing adventures can withstand the elements and the fish you want to catch. Rather than making one from scratch (which you may lose in the water anyway), opt for a branded one with good reviews.

You will end up saving money down the line and avoid a frustrating day out on the surf because a homemade holder is not made to last long.

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