Best Survival Fishing Kits: How to Stay Safe During a Disaster

A relaxing day of fishing or even hiking can quickly turn into a survival situation.

Boats have problems, vehicles break down, and you can become stranded.

If you find yourself in this situation it can become a matter of life or death. Being prepared is the best way to make it through a survival situation.

Top Survival Fishing Kits

Survival fishing would mean “having to fish for survival”. Being one of the most abundant sources of meat in a survival situation, a survival fishing kit could save your life.


There are many survival fishing kits on the market. There are also guides as to how to make your own fishing survival kit.

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There are a few basic items that are absolutely necessary for a fishing survival kit. In this article, I am going to cover several brands and what they offer, as well as making sure you have everything you may need.

What Is a Survival Fishing Kit?

Best Survival Fishing Kits DIY
Anything is better than nothing when you’re in a survival situation. Source

A fishing survival kit is fishing gear that is designed to be compact for easy carry. This kit is also called survival fishing gear or emergency fishing kit.

These often come in a metal, plastic, or PVC container. This container should have a good seal and be watertight. This to prevent water from rusting hooks and so you can store matches for lighting a fire.

What Is in a Survival Fishing Kit?

A survival fishing kit should contain a variety of different size hooks, a good test size line at least 25 feet, weights, and bobber. This is the very basic kit. Others will offer more options that we will cover a little later.

Hooks are probably the most important part of the survival fishing kit. The size of the hook can make all the difference between being able to catch a fish and not. Fish that are too small will not be able to bite or beset with larger hooks.

Larger fish can be caught on smaller hooks. This is a good reason to make sure you have smaller hooks in your kit.

Bobbers will vary in size depending on the size of the fishing kit. Some fishermen prefer using a bobber while others do not. Using a bobber will increase your chances of catching a fish when dealing with smaller “bait stealing” fish.

Where Can You Get a Survival Fishing Kit?

Best Survival Fishing Kits Catfish
They work! Source

You can get a fishing survival kit online, most outdoor supply stores, and department stores that offer sporting goods.

There is usually a much better selection of the best survival fishing kits listed online. These offer more variety than the ones you find in department stores.

Who Makes the Best Survival Fishing Kit?

Bushcraft Fishing Kit, Uncle Flints Survival Fishing Kit, and Walmart Bug Out Bag are among the top brands.

These kits offer just about everything you could need should you find yourself in a survival situation.

When Do You Need a Survival Fishing Kit?

Anytime you are out in the wilderness or away from the immediate help of others, you could find yourself in a survival situation.

Becoming stranded or even injured is a very real possibility anytime you are out on a fishing trip, camping, or hiking.

It is important you have a good fishing survival kit with you each time you go out. This is something that you can comfortably put in your pocket in case you become separated from your standard fishing gear.

How to Use a Survival Fishing Kit

A fishing survival kit works in much the same way as your standard fishing gear. It should have hooks, weights, bobbers, and line.

If your kit does not have a mini-pole, you can easily fashion one from a small branch or limb. This is why it is important to always have a good knife or better yet a multitool.

In most situations, bait can easily be found. You may also have artificial bait with attractant in your survival fishing kit.

If you do not have a pole with eyelets, simply tie your line to the end of a small limb or branch. Make sure you have enough line to be able to flip your bait a good distance into the water.

Best Survival Fishing Kits

Best Survival Fishing Kit

Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit – Compact Version

The Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit, Compact Version is assembled in the U.S.A. in a Heavy Duty 6 Millimeter Ziplock Bag with a silica gel desiccant to keep the contents free from moisture.

It was designed as a collaborative effort between survivalists and avid fishermen and meets both Canada and Alaska overflight requirements.

The contents include:

  • (1) Heavy Duty 6 Mil Zip Lock Bag
  • (1) Swirl Tail Grub Jig
  • (1) Tiny Shad Jig
  • (2) 1/16 Unpainted Round Jig Heads
  • (4) Salmon Eggs Bait
  • (1) Size 10 1/8 Fly
  • (2) #4 Hooks
  • (2) #6 Hooks
  • (2) #8 Hooks
  • (1) Wire Wound Leader
  • (3) BB Split Shots
  • (3) 3/0 Split Shots
  • (1) Toothpick Float (Bobbers)
  • (1) 50 ft – 12lb Line.


  • It is designed to catch small fish in an emergency situation, so it’s only 12lb line with #4 – #8 hooks.
  • The outer plastic bag is heavy duty plastic and feels durable.
  • There is room to make upgrades.
  • It was small enough to fit in the buttstock of a rifle.
  • High quality for the price.


  • Will have to make your own pole.

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Best Emergency Fishing Kit

Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit – Basic Version

Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit - Basic Version
  • Assembled in the U.S.A. in a durable, water...
  • The perfect size for your personal survival kit,...
  • Includes a variety of jigs, flies, hooks, leaders,...

The Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit, Basic Version is assembled in the U.S.A. In a durable, water-resistant tin container. That includes a rubber seal on the interior and a silica gel desiccant to keep the contents free from moisture.

The contents include:

  • (1) Metal Durable Tin Container
  • (1) Swirl Tail Grub Jig
  • (1) Tiny Shad Jig
  • (2) 1/16 Unpainted Round Jig Heads
  • (4)Salmon Eggs Bait
  • (1) Size 10 1/8 Fly
  • (2) #4 Hooks
  • (2) #6 Hooks
  • (2) #8 Hooks
  • (1) Wire Wound Leader
  • (3) BB Split Shots
  • (3) 3/0 Split Shots
  • (2) Toothpick Float Bobbers
  • (1) 50 ft – 12lb Line.


  • The right amount of gear for an emergency kit.
  • This kit is this size of a breath mint container. Makes it easy and comfortable to carry.
  • Handy for hiking fits in a cargo pocket easily.
  • There is room in the tin for extra hooks and some small rubber tube worms.
  • Great to give as gifts.


  • The fishing line supplied could be stronger.
  • Not a good variety of hooks.

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Best Survival Kit

Pocket Survival Fire Starting Tin Fatwood

Pocket Survival Fire Starting Tin Fatwood Hand Cut in USA Bushcraft Outdoorsman Hunting Hiking Fishing Ferro Rod Striker Saw Knife Made by Steve Kaeser Since 1989
  • One (1) Tin Container 4 1/4in x 2 7/8in x 1...
  • One (1) Bag of Fatwood Chips/Dust 2 1/2in wide x...
  • One (1) Ferro Rod 5/16 x 3in, will last for 1000's...

The perfect gift for anyone interested in survival, bushcraft, camping, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Ships from USA 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Fire starting survival tin container fits in a pocket, full of everything you will need to start a fire. Fatwood sticks, ferro rod, striker, fatwood chips/dust, jute, survival hand saw, and a fixed blade stainless steel pocket knife.

Fatwood has been used for 100’s of years to start fires. Naturally soaked in the resin of the tree. No chemicals used here, nontoxic, safe to handle. Ignites instantly, burns very hot.

Great for Starting Fires to Cook Fish

Cut from dead pine stumps left after logging. Use to start a fire anywhere. Perfect for your survival kit, backpacking, bug out kits, hiking, preppers, and camping.

Fatwood never lets you down in emergencies. Jute lights on fire very quickly with sparks from a ferro rod. Lights in all kinds of weather, just place on top of some fatwood chips/dust.

Use the striker or the pocket knife to create sparks from your ferro rod. Fatwood chips save you time, no need to make tinder, it is already made for you.

Also includes a durable stainless steel 3 1/2in long pocket survival knife, 440C stainless steel, hardness 57HRC, black color,survival cable hand saw stainless steel 21in long blade, 3 inch striker for use on ferro rod to create sparks, 48in piece of jute, cut a 2in piece off and fray the end, place on top of fatwood/dust to start a fire instantly.

This pocket fire starting survival kit is put together one at a time the old fashioned way, in the seaside village of Ventura, California, USA.


  • Everything you would need in a clinch situation to get a fire started.
  • The Ferro rod is a great quality rod,
  • The wire saw is adequate for cutting down small trees.
  • The knife is durable and sharp,
  • The size is perfect for convenient storage in a pocket, bag, car, or motorcycle.


  • The knife does not stay in sheath well.
  • Will need to add fish hooks and line
  • The kit can arrive with missing parts.
  • Matches are not good quality.

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Best Compact Fishing Kit

Uncle Flint’s Survival Fishing Kit

Uncle Flint's Survival Fishing Kit
  • Packed in sturdy steel storage tin with hinged lid...
  • Survival Fishing Kit consists of over 63 pieces of...
  • Survival Fishing Kit easily fits in the pocket of...

Uncle Flint’s Survival Fishing Kit may just be the ultimate fishing survival kit. Designed with many different conditions in mind, this kit delivers.

Packed in sturdy steel storage tin with hinged lid measures 4.25″ x 3.125″ x 1″

The contents include:

  • Survival Fishing Kit consists of over 63 pieces of essential survival fishing supplies.
  • Survival Fishing Kit easily fits in the pocket of a coat, small pack, vest, etc.
  • Survival Fishing Kit has 50 ft of 20 lb test and 50 feet of 40 lb test monofilament line.
  • 50 ft. 20 lb test monofilament line, 50 ft. 40 lb test monofilament line,
  • Floating jig head lure size small, floating jig head lure size medium, floating jig head lure size large,
  • Artificial fly lure, 6 plastic twist tail lures
  • 1 spinning lure
  • 1 spoon lure,
  • 3 size 4 baitholder hooks
  • 3 size 6 baitholder hooks,
  • 3 size 8 baitholder hooks,
  • 2 size 12 panfish hooks,
  • 4 size 2/0 Tru-Turn catfish hooks,
  • 2 size 1 treble hooks,
  • 2 size 2 circle hooks,
  • 2 size 3 snap swivels,
  • 2 size 6 snap swivels,
  • 2 size 8 snap swivels,
  • 2 size 10 snap swivels,
  • 2 steel leaders 20 lb test,
  • 2 steel leaders 40 lb test,
  • 10 size 5 split shot sinkers,
  • 2 size 3/4 inch plastic bobbers,
  • 4 large safety pins,
  • Mini scraper
  • Single edge razor blade and plastic holder,
  • Heavy duty aluminum foil – folded –
  • 1 piece approximately 12″ x 24″, basic fishing knot tying instruction sheet.


  • You get every piece of fishing equipment you could possibly want in this kit.
  • The spoons and lures are of good quality.
  • Stronger lb test line than in other kits.
  • Perfect kit for a prepper to put in a bug out bag.
  • Very good beginners survival fishing kit.


  • Price is much higher than other fishing survival kits.
  • Needs to be better organized.
  • Instructions for gear are not completely clear.

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Best Compact Fishing Gear Kit

Vigilant Trails Pocket/Survival Fishing Kit

Vigilant Trails Pocket/Survival Fishing Kit - Stage 2
  • A Pocket Sized Fishing Kit that Provides all the...
  • Two Vigilant Trails Hand Line Reels Pre-Spooled...
  • A Large Variety of Vigilant Trails Artificial...

Vigilant Trails Is a survival fishing kit that offers a unique list of items in this user-friendly yet economical kit.

The contents include:

  • 1 – VIGILANT TRAILS Fishing Guide
  • 1 – Crush Resistant Hinged Metal Case
  • 2 – VIGILANT TRAILS Hand Line Winder (sm)
  • 1 – 10 Pound Clear Monofilament Line (100’)
  • 1 – 20 Pound Clear Monofilament Line (50’)
  • 3 –Artificial Worms
  • 1 – Cricket Lure 1 –
  • Frog Lure
  • 1 – Curly Tail Grub
  • 1 – Snap-on Cigar Fishing Float
  • 2- Nylon Coated, Wire Leaders
  • 2 – Egg Sinkers (1/2 ounce )
  • 2 – Treble Hooks (size 10)
  • 2 – Barrel Swivels (size 7 )
  • 2 – Split Shot Sinkers (size 7)
  • 1 – Poly Stringer (6’)
  • 10 -Single Shank Hooks (size 8)
  • 1 – Lock back Folding Knife.


  • This kit is very thorough.
  • It is extremely compact and lightweight.
  • Nice selection of lures.
  • The knife has a locking blade.


  • Hooks could be larger.
  • Needs better sinkers.

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Best Survival Kits Final Thoughts

Even the most experienced outdoorsman can find themselves in a survival situation. Being prepared and staying calm is the best way to ensure you stay safe until you can reach help or help reaches you.

Protein is one of, if not the most important thing you need in a survival situation. It helps your body stay warm and keeps your energy up.

Most areas people become stranded in have bodies of water nearby. Fish are one of the most abundant sources of meat that can be easily obtained. As long as you have the basic equipment, you can usually catch fish.

Where to Store Your Survival Kit

It is important to keep your fishing survival kit in a pocket somewhere on you. This is in the event you become separated from your standard fishing equipment.

Most survival fishing kits have lures. You can always add lures and attractant suited to the area you expect to be in.

Live baits such as crickets and grubs can be found in most areas. These live baits greatly increase your chances of catching fish.

It is very important to teach children how to use this basic equipment. It could prove to be one of the most important things you teach them.

We hope we never find ourselves in a survival situation. However, it is a very real chance we take each time we go out.

Survival prepping isn’t something to put off. Think about it now and thank yourself later.

Survival Fishing Kits FAQ

Q: Where to get a fishing survival kit?

A: There are many choices online. Walmart offers the Walmart bug out bag. However, to get a more suited kit to your area you may want to check online first.

Q: What do you put in a survival fishing kit?

A; The more basic or least amount you put into a fishing survival kit, the easier it will be to carry. Basically, A variety of hooks, high test line, sinkers, bobbers, various lures, and a knife. Those are the most basic items. You can add more to your kit as room allows. You would want to make sure it fits in a pocket.

Q: What does bug out mean?

A: This is a term used by preppers. It basically means, to be off the grid or out of civilization.

Q: Are Fishing survival kits easy to carry?

A: If packed correctly, yes. Most kits will fit in a cargo pocket or fishing vest.

Q: Can you do more than fish with a fishing survival kit?

A: Some kits have items for building fires, as well as building snares to trap small game. It will depend on the type of survival kit you purchase.

Q: How do you use a fishing survival kit?

A: you use a fishing survival kit in much the same way you do standard fishing gear. The big difference would be, you will most likely have to make your own pole.

Q: How durable are fishing survival kits?

A: Most of the kits today are very durable and waterproof. The most durable kits are the ones that come in the metal or altoid boxes.

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