The Best Survival Kits for Adventure Fishing

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Your survival depends on your preparation.

The worst thing you can do is be stuck in a situation that leaves you helpless and stranded in hopes of someone else rescuing you.

That’s why if you’re going on any backcountry or off-grid adventure, you bring one of the best survival kits on the market.

We hope you never need to use this gear, but it’s better to have it than not.

best survival kits
A bug out bag should be in your fishing must-haves. Source: Earthworm

Here are some of our favorite survival kits if you’re going to do any serious adventure.

6 Best Survival Kits for 2023 

1. G.I. USMC Force Recon Survival Kit 

Military Survival Kit 

This military survival kit works great as a basic survival kit for your fishing trips. The Force Recon kit has two sides, which helps you get by while waiting for rescue.

One side has things you need for shelter and food-gathering, such as a survival fishing kit and other emergency and necessary items. With the first side of this kit, you get to have a survival blanket, plastic bag, zip lock, candle, votive, and snare wire.

The other side of the kit contains the things you might need for escape and evasion. You have items such as a fire starter, magnesium, knife, pocket, signaling mirror, compass, smoke chaser, matches, and a whole lot more to help you survive. 

2. Kosin survival gear

Professional Emergency Survival Kit

This professional kit is a must-have on any fishing trip. It contains the necessary gear you can use for emergencies, be it natural disasters or fishing adventures. You can give this as gifts for fishing dads who love to spend a day or two out fishing.

This kit contains a compass, knife, wire saw, blanket, flintstone, flashlight, pen, whistle, and other useful items you can most definitely use in emergencies. The kit is easy to carry and placed in a backpack, pocket, or pouch or attached to your belt for convenience with its mini size. 

3. Everlit Survival Kit

Tactical Survival Kit

The Everlit tactical survival kit is a customized kit with more than 23 unique items and tools customized by U.S. Military veterans to help you on your next fishing adventure.

This tactical kit covers enough supplies to treat minor wounds, injuries, and other emergencies on your fishing trip. The backpack stores all the items and has multiple pockets for easy organization of your gadgets and gear. 

4. Gearrific Survival Kit

Watertight Survival Kit

Anything watertight fits best for your fishing emergency needs. The Terrific Survival kit is a perfect addition to your fishing gear to keep you safe and ready for anything. It includes 26 items you can fit in tight, compact spaces like a small pouch in your bug-out bag.

This survival case is great for fishing trips as it is equipped with food hunting, escape, and survival items. Plus, it is in a high-quality waterproof case to prevent water from going through.

5. Escape & Evade Survival Kit

Tactical Military Survival Kit

The Escape and Evade survival kit has over 35 survival tools that are more tactically based. The kit fits in a uniform thigh pocket or cargo pocket and is resistant to water. It offers convenience for your fishing trip as it has an ultralight outer shell. This suits emergency needs well, as it has the items needed for food hunting, signaling, navigation, and other situations requiring medical supplies.

6. Ronin Outdoors Survival Kit 

Tactical Camping Gear

Ronin Outdoors offers a tactical kit to help you get through when emergencies arise. The items in the kit have endured rigorous testing to ensure optimum quality. They are designed to be handy and for multipurpose use in unpredictable fishing scenarios.

The kit includes essential items you need for survival, like a knife, flashlight, tourniquet, whistle, wire saw, fire starter, thermal blanket, and other things you can use to last through until help arrives. Plus, it is easily convenient to carry as the whole kit weighs only 1.3 lbs. 

DIY Survival Kit List 

If you want a more personalized choice of what to put in your survival kit when you go on a fishing trip, here’s a list of what should be inside of the bag. But of course, you can add any items you think will benefit you on your trip. 

  • Multi-tool/ Swiss card
  • Pocket knife
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • Emergency Candle
  • Water Purification tablet
  • Duct Tape
  • Paracord
  • Fishing line
  • Matches
  • Firestarter
  • Emergency tinder
  • Space blanket
  • Trekking poles
  • Emergency poncho
  • Non-perishable food rations
  • First Aid/ Medical Kit
  • Whistle/signaling mirror
  • Rain Jacket 

Tactical Survival Kit

Tactical survival kits should include items that can meet the need of high-stress situations. This includes gear such as vests for organization and protection, a quality tactical knife for defense or cutting through obstacles, lights for visibility, and communications tools for operations and extractions.

Emergency Survival Kit

Accidents are events that occur or happen by chance and are in no way planned. Any fishing trip can go wrong, just like how others can go perfectly. The best thing to do is fill and equip your bag with a complete set of emergency survival kits for such situations.

While we pray that we all don’t get to use this kit for serious occasions, it is always best to come prepared. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best survival kit to buy?

Essentially, the best kit to purchase is one that fits your needs or adventure type. You want to purchase a kit that you’re familiar with and comfortable using.

What are the top 10 survival items?

The top ten would be those items that you need to have for any emergencies or mishaps. You want to have a handy knife, flashlight, extra batteries, matches, or anything that could start a fire, a space blanket, water purification tablets, a complete set of medical kit, a whistle or signaling mirror, a rain jacket, and at least a few amounts of food rations.

Insider Advice

Fishing trips are fun and exciting, but we can never be too complacent that things will always go our way. Preparing and bringing the best survival kits is the physical form of the saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

So next time, when you pack your bag for a day or a week of fishing, remember to bring your survival kit and be safe out there. 

For more ideas on how to plan for an emergency, check out Ready.gov.

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