8 Best Trout Lures to Buy in 2023

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Trouts are one of the fishes that are tough to catch, making them one of the most popular game fish. They feed on various small water creatures, so it’s best to attract them through the food that they mostly forage.

Many anglers make use of an artificial lure because they can use it all over again for a less expensive but effective technique for catching trout.  

The trout lures can be a great addition to your trout fishing gear. To help you find the great lure of over a hundred choices in the market, here are 8 of the best trout lures in the market.

best trout lures
brown trout. Source: helti

Best Trout Lures

1. Rapala Countdown 1/8 Oz Fishing Lures

Best Balsa Lure

Key Features

  • Large size range
  • VMC nickel hooks
  • Equipped with controlled depth technique

The Rapala Fishing Lure is constructed through Abachi wood with an anti-broaching design to ensure that it won’t pop back at the water’s surface. Its metal lip and hook hardware are rust-resistant for premium performance. 

It has natural color patterns like that of a real fish, and it has a custom swimming action that mimics the movement of an agitated live bait to make it attractive to catch trout. If you’re to catch fish through fly fishing using this lure, there are high chances that you’ll be able to get a larger trout.

2. Strike King Bitsy Minnow Bait

Most Versatile

Key Features

  • Suitable for ultralight rod tip
  • Maximum diving depth for up to 5 feet
  • 1.25 inches in length and weighs in at 1/8 oz

The Bitsy Minnow is made from ultralight construction materials and has a body paint that’s close to the natural colors of fish that trout loves.

It features two hooks, one designated at the head and one at the tail. It’s a versatile bait it usually recommended to kids and beginners who are into recreational fishing.

This lure looks like a sunfish with its bright color, so it can easily attract small trout. The line feed is at the mouth of the lure, so by the time it touches the water, it can perform active movements just like using a bait fish to easily persuade your catch.

3. Trout Magnet Neon Kit 

Best Value for Money

Key Features

  • Suitable for small to medium-sized species
  • Bright color pieces
  • It comes with its own storage box for easy storage

The Trout Magnet Neon Kit is an 85-piece lure kit that includes 10 Chartreuse/Orange, 10 Mealworm Gold, 10 Opaque Chartreuse, 10 Bubblegum, 10 White, 10 Black/Green, and 10 Pink with a 1 1/8 inch split tail worm and size 8, 1/64 ounce, shad-dart jig head.

Each piece is made from durable vulcanized plastic so that you can use them multiple times. 

This lure has a perfect weight that enables it to fall horizontally in the water, unlike other jig heads, making it one of the best baits for brown trout and other larger fish. This magnet kit benefits anglers who catch different kinds of fish species and those who used to throw multiple casts in the water.

4. Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Plated 1/8 Oz Fishing Lures

Best in Visual Appeal

Key Features

  • Machined-brass main body
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Copper plated, or silver-plated brass stamped blades

This trout fishing lure has a laser holographic painted finish that delivers a low-frequency vibration to produce fish-like strikes. It’s constructed with free-turning brass gear to prevent it from turning or twisting when it’s underwater. 

The Blue Fox Vibrax has a 60° shallow depth blade that can be used for shallow fishing for up to two feet of water depth. It’s a favorite lure for trout anglers because it can be used in fast-moving or calm bodies of water.   

5. Mepps Aglia Spinner – Treble Hook

Best in Functionality

Key Features

  • Three lure weights: 3g, 4g, and 7g
  • Chip-resistant paint
  • Suitable for ultra-light spinning rods
  • Single treble hook

The Mepps Aglia Spinner has two types of lures in varying sizes—with no tail dressing and squirrel tail dressing—that give anglers options based on their preferences. It features both flash and vibration to catch trout of all sizes. At a weight of ⅙ ounce, it’s suitable for casting a distance.

This great in-line spinner lure utilizes a french blade for efficient catching of trouts. When the trout or other large fish species bite it, it won’t be bent easily. If you’re to target large lures, the 7g Mepps Aglia Spinner is a common choice. 

6. Panther Martin Holograph Trout

Best In-Line Spinner Lure

Key Features

  • Convex-concave blades
  • Super sharp hooks
  • 4 sizes available: 1/16 ounce, 1/8 ounce, 1/4 ounce, and 3/8 ounce

The Panther Martin Holograph Trout is designed to spin and vibrate to mimic the movement of an injured fish. When you throw this lure in the water, its heavy weighted body cast is like bullets that go down deeper into the water whether you’re in the ocean, river, or stream. 

The intense color and the vibrations that this lure creates let the trout respond quickly to ensure a sure catch.

Anglers who prefer to fish in low light conditions or at dusk prefer to use this kind of lure because when its blades efficiently reflect light, that still lets the trout react to it.

7. Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure

Best in Spinner Design

Key Features

  • Available in 9 lure weight
  • Flashy spinning blade in copper, brass, or silver colors
  • Treble hooks included

The Yakima Tail Spinner Lure delivers a unique pulsating hackle tail with flashy spinning action that effectively attracts trout as it touches the water.

It’s a wide range of sizes that gives the flexibility in choosing the lure that best suits the weight and size of the trout you’re targeting. 

It has over 50 colors and designs to choose from, which is a great collection in your tackle box. If you plan to fish in muddy or murky waters after the rainfall, this lure is helpful with its flashy design and color that your targeted fish species can easily see. 

8. Blue Fox Classic Vibrax 03 Tip Tackle

Best in Construction

Key Features

  • Stainless steel shaft
  • French-style blades
  • Four color choices

This trout lure has a colored bell with metallic flecks as its accent. It’s quite heavy compared to other lures; that’s why it can be whipped farther.

The Vibrax is an inline spinner that has an angled blade incorporated at the wire of the lure, so its movements mimic the strikes of fishes that are a favorite meal of a hungry trout.

This Blue Fox Vibrax may not be your go-to bait used for small streams, but it’s a perfect trout lure for rivers (especially big ones). It may only produce low-frequency vibration to prevent line twists for a smooth operation.


There may be many ways to catch freshly stocked trout, but it always comes through trial and error about the best technique that you can employ. The use of trout lures can be a simple fishing accessory, but it contributes a lot to having a successful catch.

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