5 Best Underwater Boat Lights

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Darkness should not stall your water activities like fishing, diving, or swimming. With the best underwater boat lights, these activities can still be fun, while ensuring your safety.

If you are looking for some bright lights, this guide provides you with five of the best options available on the market. 

5 Best Underwater Boat Lights

1. Lumitec SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light

Best Overall Underwater LED Lights

Key Features

  • Made of durable, naval-grade housing
  • White/blue color output
  • 6000+ lumens

Lumitec underwater boat lights are among the best products in the industry, and the SeaBlaze X2 is no exception. For starters, it has an impressive lumen count of 6000+ that will light up the waters. In addition, it has blue and white colors that you change by toggling the power switch.

The light has an aesthetic bronze housing that is rather durable and will last for years. It has undergone rigorous salt spray testing to withstand constant exposure to saltwater. Besides, the outer glass is heat tempered.

Electrical connections and installation are pretty simple. This product needs 10 to 30 volts and works with 12 or 24-volt systems. It also requires three mounting screws plus a ½-inch hole for the wiring. 

2. Husuku SOOP3 LED Lights 

Best Budget Underwater Boat Light

Key Features

  • 42 built-in LEDs with 1,500 lumens
  • 120-degree beam angle
  • Effortless installation with the two-wire design

If you are looking for quality underwater lights for boats while on a restricted budget, get the Husuku Soop3. It delivers high luminous efficiency without consuming much power.

These lights improve visibility and can be mounted anywhere on your boat. With 42 LEDs, the lights produce 1500 lumens at a 120-degree beamwidth. This level of brightness is preferable for night fishing, swimming, or other activities. 

The built-in 42 LEDs are energy efficient, thanks to the complex control circuits and patented chip to maintain balance. This product will offer you 50,000 service hours and has an IP68 waterproof rating. 

3. Tidal Wake Underwater LED Light

Best Wireless Underwater Boat Lights

Key Features

  • Drilling- and wiring-free installation
  • 1800 lumen for ultra-brightness
  • Four color options

Forget the heavy installation and the expensive costs of the Tidal Wake light. This wireless light requires no drilling or wiring since it replaces the existing threaded ½-inch drain plug. Installation takes no more than 5 minutes with a plumber’s tape. 

This LED light produces 1800 lumens with 50,000 hours of life. The LEDs are available in white, green, red, and blue lights. White and green lights attract fish, while red is intense and stylistic.

Blue light creates a cool effect but is restricted in some areas to distinguish law-enforcement boats. 

This boat light offers a 160-degree beam that is sufficient for illumination and attracting fish. It features stainless steel construction with an IP68 rating.

4. Lumitec 101436 SeaBlazeX Mini Spectrum 

Best Underwater LED Lights for Small Boats

Key Features

  • Time Toggle Protocol to change colors
  • 670-lumen count
  • Features anodized aluminum casing

This is the second Lumitec product on this review, and it is more functional in motorboats or small trailer boats.

Made in the USA, the Lumitec 101436 features top-notch construction of marine-grade aluminum housing. It is rigorously tested in laboratories, including over 2000+ hours of salt spray testing.

It is easy to install as it mounts through a ½-inch hole, whether for transom or surface mount installation. Besides, it requires little wiring to produce 670 lumens, which is sufficient for small boats. 

This LED underwater boat light has a durable anodized aluminum exterior. It is equipped with a Time Toggle Protocol that enables you to change the light colors. 

5. Jiawill 60W Cree

Best Shatterproof Underwater Boat Light

Key Features

  • Vibration and shock-resistant
  • Low-profile design with a 3.7-inch diameter
  • Waterproof marine-grade housing 

Many underwater boat lights shatter upon impact or vibration. Fortunately, this is not a challenge with the Jiawill 60W Cree.

Its 316 marine grade stainless steel housing is resistant to vibration and shock, and it provides temperature protection. It features a shatterproof polycarbonate lens and a water-resistant stainless steel material.

For white light, this underwater lighting system uses 6 Cree LEDs but 12 Cree LEDs for green, blue, and red illumination. It is exceptionally bright with a 2853 lumens output. 

best underwater boat lights
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What Are Underwater Boat Lights?

Underwater boat lights are lights installed under the hall, on the transom, the outrigger spreader, or other parts of the boat. They improve safety by warning other boat owners of your presence, creating a bright boating environment. 

Underwater lights are either High-Intensity Discharge (HID) or Light Emitting Diode (LED). HID bulbs have exceptional brightness and generate heat. LED lights are also as bright but produce less heat than incandescent bulbs. They also use less energy and offer customizability. 

A great way to differentiate underwater LED boat lights is through their installation. Wireless boat lights do not need wiring or drilling holes.

You simply attach wireless lights with marine glue or tape. However, they have limited light input since they are powered by batteries. On the other hand, wired lights need wiring to connect them to a power source.

There are at least four types of underwater boat lights:

  • Flood Lights – Also known as navigation lights, they improve visibility while traveling at night. 
  • Fishing Lights – These attract fish to the boat or observe marine life.
  • Aesthetic Lights – They are primarily used to create an appealing effect, but they also enhance visibility.
  • Drain Plug Lights – These are mounted on the drain plug to illuminate it.  

When looking for reliable underwater boat lights, choose those with at least 600 to 1000 lumens, especially for small boats.

If you want more illumination power, check for those with 3000 to 6000 lumens. In addition, check the lifespan of the underwater boat light. The average lifespan should be a service time of 50,000 hours before burnout.

Are these boat lights beneficial? Yes, and here’s why.

Benefits of Underwater Boat Lights

These are four reasons why you should install underwater boat lights. 

Attract Bait

Bright LED underwater lights attract shrimps, plankton, and other bait to your vessel. Green lights create a distinct hue and are more effective at drawing fish. You can switch from white to green light to maximize fishing efficiency.

Boosts Safety

Lights will prevent collisions because other boats will spot you from a distance. Underwater lighting also illuminates the area you choose for night swimming or diving, hence improving your safety.   

Prevents Setbacks

It is not unusual to hit or scratch your boat on rocks or other surfaces. When this happens, you have to incur costs to fix the damages as well as your time and money.

However, once you install underwater lights, you can safely dock and prevent these setbacks. 

Enhances Your Boat’s Appearance

It would be impractical not to acknowledge that these boat lights give your boat an appealing appearance, regardless of the color you choose. The lighting also commands the attention of passersby. 


Underwater boat lights improve safety, beauty, and fishing. Therefore, invest only in the best reliable lights.

The Lumitec SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light delivers exceptional brightness with over 6000 lumens. It features premium, naval-grade bronze housing that is the most durable marine metal.

The light can withstand elements and comes with a heavy-tempered glass lens. Its blue and white colors are customizable into a color-shifting mode to create an aesthetic effect. 

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