Best Walleye Jigging Rod: Our Top 6 Picks

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If you’re an angler who likes to jig for walleye, then you know that having the right gear is critical to a successful outing. In this post, we’ll share our top six picks for the best walleye jigging rods on the market. With so many options available, it can be tough to determine which rod is right for you.

So, let’s get started!

Best Walleye Jigging Rod

1. St. Croix Legend Tournament Rod

Best Overall

Key Features

  • Lures up to 1/2 oz
  • Made with high-modulus graphite
  • Comes at a length of 6’3″ and has extra-fast action
  • Has Fuji K-Series guides and Kigan hook keepers

You can use the St. Croix Legend for both jigging and spinning. Graphite and machined aluminum are just a couple of examples of the premium components used in its construction.

Additionally, it has some of the fastest spinning rod action around, so you can catch more walleye, more accurately every outing.

2. G.Loomis Walleye Series

Best Walleye Rod for Vertical Jigging

Key Features

  • GLX recoil guides for extreme comfort
  • Provides light to medium-heavy actions
  • Has a fiber-blend construction for durability and longevity
  • Variety of lengths, from 6’3″ to 7’6″, to cover a wide range of applications

G.Loomis offers some of the best walleye rods in the market because they’re specifically designed for walleye fishing.

With a variety of lengths to select, these versatile rods are great for many bottom fishing techniques.

3. St. Croix Rods Legend X Spinning Rod

Best Premium

Key Features

  • Has a machined-aluminum wind check
  • Split-grip cork handle for maximum comfort
  • Comes at a length of 6’8″ and a line weight of 6-12 lbs
  • Made with high-modulus SCVI Carbon, giving you max power and strength

The Legend X is the best walleye fishing rod for many anglers because of its performance and weight.

This is made with high-modulus carbon. It’s lightweight while still giving maximum strength.

4. St. Croix Rods Premier Spinning Rod

Best Versatile Walleye Spinning Rod

Key Features

  • Made with high-quality SCII carbon
  • Line weight of 2-6 lbs and lure weight of 1/16-1/4 oz
  • Has a Fuji reel seat and Kigan master hand 3D guides
  • Comes in a variety of rod powers and fishing line weight

Among the many options for catching walleye, St. Croix’s Premier series comes highly recommended. The premium carbon construction and cork handle combine to make a rod that is both powerful and nuanced. 

The SCII carbon also guarantees a long service life, making it a purchase that will see you through your first and last casts.

5. St. Croix Avid X Spinning Rods

Best Lightweight Rod for Walleye

Key Features

  • Has a Kigan Z guide platform
  • High-quality SCIII construction
  • Fuji IPS reel seat with gunsmoke hood
  • Comes with a split-grip cork handle for comfort

Made with high-modulus SCIII, the Avid X is extremely lightweight, sensitive, and durable. You have a variety of lengths and actions to choose from, making it a versatile rod for any angler.

The Kigan hook keepers on the rod also act as extra storage for your tackle.

6. KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rods

Best Two Fishing Rods for Tournaments

Key Features

  • 2-piece fishing rods that act as one
  • Has high-strength nylon  reel seat threads
  • Comes with Fuji stainless steel guides for casting distance and accuracy
  • Made with Toray 24-ton carbon rod blank and matrix KastFlex technology

The KastKing Royale Select is the perfect rod if you’re looking to catch legendary tournament walleye. This rod comes with Fuji O-ring guides, ensuring durability and casting distance.

If you’re planning to join a fishing tournament, the Royale Select is an excellent option.

best walleye jigging rod
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Tips to Land More Walleye

Now that you know some of the best walleye rods out there, it’s time to get ready for your trip.

Aside from finding the best jigging rod, here are some tips to keep in mind to catch more of the mentioned fish species.

Find the perfect location

The key to landing more fish is finding the perfect location. While most walleye gather in lakes and rivers, they are not limited to those areas.

Just keep in mind that walleyes spawn when water temperatures are in the mid-40s.

Use the right tackle

Another way to land more fish is to choose the right tackle because this gives you the upper hand.

You can choose between live bait or plastic, but jigs are the go-to for walleye anglers.

Both types of tackle work, but some jigs are made for the cast and retrieve.

That said, it’s best to learn about the different types, so you can find one that’s suitable for your fishing technique.

Never lose track of time

Walleye fishing is popular in the spring, but remember that you have a time limit. The walleye will be back at their summer haunts before you know it, so work with the time you have.

However, you should learn when they are at their most aggressive. Keep in mind that the best time to catch a walleye is in the weeks leading up to spawning.

Things to Consider When Buying Walleye Jigging Rod

Before buying a good walleye jigging rod, there are things you have to consider. Here is the rod features to look for.


Generally, the price of a rod varies depending on the manufacturer. However, the best rod option is always one that’s in your price range with a good warranty.


While rod length isn’t that crucial, you should consider it. Generally, you’ll want to find a rod that’s 6 ½ feet long.

It’s a great length that gives a fast rod tip while giving enough power to land you a walleye. However, you can also use long rods for trolling, giving the trolling rod more strength. 


If you’re jiggling, you’ll want a rod with medium-power to medium-light power. They’re lightweight but have enough fast action, giving you the backbone to catch walleye.

For trolling, a powerful option is better. Medium-heavy rods work well, as these give you enough strength to handle trolling.

Building Material

Of course, the best rod for you is made with high-quality materials. It should have corrosion-resistant properties and be shockproof. For best results, you can look for rods made with graphite and aluminum.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a walleye jigging rod be?

For vertical jigging, choose a rod between 6’3” and 6’9”. If you’re casting jigs, a longer rod works better, with a length between 6’9” to 7’2”.

What is the best type of rod for jigging?

The best rod for jigging is a specialized jigging rod. This gives you the perfect length while still being lightweight. It’s also flexible and versatile, making it a multipurpose rod.

What size rod should you use for walleye?

The sweet spot length for walleye is 6 ½ feet, but you can also use ones in the 6’3” and 6’9” range.


Fishing walleye is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. However, finding the right walleye rods might be tricky because of the many options in the market.

Fortunately, this list has some of the best walleye fishing rods that you can find for your next fishing trip.

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