5 Best Fishing Nets for Walleye Fishing

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Often referred to as the yellow pike or yellow pickerel, the walleye is a freshwater fish inhabiting freshwater bodies in Canada and the northern United States.

These gold and predatory olive fish come with a mouth full of sharp teeth and an attitude to match. Reaching 42 inches in length and 29 pounds, walleye are heavily sought after by anglers due to their voracious appetite and delicious flavor profile.

It can often be challenging to net a walleye appropriately because of its no-quit attitude and rows of razor-sharp teeth. The following is a list of the best walleye nets that can increase the chances of bringing that trophy walleye from the water to the icebox. 

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5 Best Fishing Nets for Walleye Fishing

1. Frabill 20” x 23” Conservation Series Landing Net 

Best Overall Net

Frabill is known for producing some of the most high-quality fishing nets on the market, precisely what anglers want when trying to net a walleye.

This 16-inch deep net provides plenty of space between its hoop and depth, while its flat bottom provides a linear base, preventing any last-minute struggles from freeing the fish.

In addition, the material which comprises the net is mesh, making it tangle-free. This is incredibly beneficial as lures and hooks will often intertwine with net material, creating a cluster of flopping fish and barbs.

This mesh protects the angler and their equipment and any fish that are under the size limit from being marred or injured by hooks. 

With its reinforced handle, adjustable from 24 to 48 inches, this net is as sturdy as they come making it an excellent choice for both shore and boat-based anglers.  

Coming in at a cool $79.99, the Frabrill 20”x23” is cost-effective, well-built, and multipurpose making it the number one choice for bringing in walleye.

2. EGO Genesis S1 Fishing Nets

Best Budget Net

For anglers on a budget looking to optimize the spending power of that dollar, look no further than the Ego Genesis S1.

With the most bang for their buck, these fishing nets are solid while still keeping a little money in the wallet. With a two-year limited warranty and a 30-pound weight capacity, this net will stand the test of time against any feisty walleye.

While some of its key features include a removable handle for storage, swapping out attachments, and an aluminum frame, its game-changing asset is its ability to float.

Any serious angler has accidentally submerged more than their fair share of gear and hoped against hope that it would somehow float. Enter the Ego Genesis S1.

Ranging in price from $32-$134, the Ego Genesis S1 is a budget-friendly solution to most anglers’ problems and an excellent asset to have when bringing a walleye into a boat.

3. StowMaster Mr. Walleye Fishing Net

Most Ergonomic Net

Not all boats are created equal, particularly when storage space. Optimizing the available space is critical for anglers with smaller watercraft.

Often, nets are left at home because they occupy too much space. To combat this, StowMaster created the Mr. Walleye fishing net. 

This telescopic, two-stage handle is only an inch in diameter while maintaining incredible tensile strength and structural integrity.

With an aluminum alloy frame, it reaches 72 inches in length when fully extended, and yet its no size is only 11″ x 34”.

Its hoop size is  20″ x 24”, and with a depth of 24 inches, this nut is no wilting flower and can handle some serious fish.

The net’s coat is designed to ensure the mesh is knotless and prevents any snags from lures; its handle is extra ridged, providing a solid grip for any wet surfaces.

This net comes in on the more expensive end of the spectrum with all these features, including the telescopic handle, tangle-free mesh, easy-to-store frame, and ridged grips.

At $138, the StowMaster Mr. Walleye Fishing Net is pricey but well worth it for anglers looking to maximize their storage space on a boat.

4. EGO Kryptek Genesis Fishing Nets

Fanciest Net

It’s not often that a high-quality camouflage brand becomes involved with fishing gear. However, the Kryptek x Genesis collaboration produced a high-quality net that excels in all facets needed for bringing in a walleye.

These net handles are inlaid with cryptic camouflage patterns with their stylish yet outdoors-centric design. 

Additionally, these nets float, so losing one of these dapper nuts is not a problem. With a removable handle for easy storage, these nets have a heavy bag depth of 31 inches and a 19″ x 21” hoop size. 

With its flat bottom bag, this net has a max capacity of 30 pounds. 

A downside of this particular make is that the handle is only 31’. However, this may be overlooked in favor of several other features that this model comes with.

With models ranging in price from $52-$133, the Ego Kryptek Genesis fishing net it’s a pricey purchase.

However, anglers looking for the aesthetic of a camouflage net with solid, well-built construction should look no further.

5. Ranger Nets Knotless Flat Bottom Landing Net

Best Flat Bottomed Net

It is hard to top the Ranger Nets Knotless Flat Bottom Landing Net when it comes to flat bottom nets for landing sizable walleye.

Its rubber-coated netting is excellent for catch and release, while its flat bottom prevents even the most significant fish from flopping out.

In addition, the knotless hoop prevents lures from becoming tangled and hooks from damaging both fish and equipment.

With a telescopic handle, the range of the net varies from 54 inches to 84 inches. This works excellently when angling from a boat.

With its 25” x 25″ hoop, this net was built to deal with the biggest fish in the pond. Construction from durable material, even the most aggressive walleye will find it challenging to wiggle their way out of this one.

Price around $75, this is a well-constructed and durable net. When it comes to keeping the fish in the net while ensuring that the catch and tackle stay intact, the Ranger Nets Knotless Flat Bottom Landing Net is a cost-effective, solid choice.  

Angling for walleye can be an enriching experience. However, with their feisty attitude and sharp teeth, these predatory fish can do some severe damage to anglers’ tackle and make a quick escape before being brought into the boat.

Anglers must use proper nets to ensure that their cash makes the safe transition from water to the ship without losing their hard-earned trophy. 

By selecting the net that works best for their angling method, fisherman and pursuit of walleye can increase their odds of success while providing a smooth transition into the boat.

As always, good luck, and stay safe out on the water. 

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