9 Best Womens Wetsuits (2023 Guide and Reviews)

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No one likes feeling cold and uncomfortable.

With the best women’s wetsuits, you can keep yourself warm, help your body float in water, and protect against scrapes from rocks or coral reefs. You also get added buoyancy for snorkeling so that you don’t tire as quickly.

Women’s wetsuits are made of neoprene (a synthetic rubber) designed to be flexible yet retain heat better than other materials like nylon or cotton.

They come in many styles, including shorty (below-the-knee), full-sleeve, and long-sleeved versions with different thicknesses depending on what conditions you’ll encounter while swimming or surfing.

If you’re looking for a wetsuit, read on to find your fit!

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9 Best Women’s Wetsuits

1. Bare Evoke 3mm Women’s Full Wetsuit

Best Multi-Layered Wetsuit for Women

Key Features

  • Available in Aqua, Black, and Coral colors
  • 21-inch back zipper with tooth-design guards
  • Celliant-Infrared Technology: Wetsuit made from combined neoprene and celliant fabric

Bare Sports’ all-female in-house design team, the Bare Evoke 3mm Women’s Full Wetsuit, knows and addresses your typical struggle in moving in the water.

This wetsuit is made with a 3mm layered fabric consisting of neoprene and celliant. More so, this product utilizes its celliant-infrared technology that converts body heat to infrared energy, providing added warmth to the body.

2. EVO Elite Blaze 3mm Full Scuba Wetsuit 

Best Scuba Wetsuits

Key Features

  • Available in Aqua, Black, Blue, Coral, and Pink
  • 3mm thick Neoprene wetsuits fabric
  • Back zipper with neck velcro

As a typical aquatic attire, the EVO Elite Blaze 3mm Full Scuba Wetsuit for women satisfies every wearer who needs protective clothing in various water activities.

Likewise, it can withstand up to 21 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit due to its 3mm neoprene fabric.

In terms of accessibility, this wetsuit uses a back zipper with neck Velcro that you can easily pull up or down. Lastly, this allows you to be stylish, as it is available in five color variations.

The EVO Elite Blaze 3mm Full Scuba Wetsuit is for female water sports enthusiasts on a limited budget due to its affordability. Also, this is intended as a snorkeling and diving suit but may not be meant for other water sports activities.

3. Mares Graph-Flex 3mm Wetsuit 

Best Advanced Wetsuit for Women

Key Features

  • Layered with durable revolutionary graphene fibers 
  • 3mm thick fabric
  • Minimal black design

Mares’ 3mm Full Wetsuit is one of some wetsuits in the market that uses Graphene, instead of neoprene, as its fabric. In addition, the material is hailed as the newest and revolutionary wetsuit fabric that provides more warmth for longer hours.

In terms of design, this wetsuit brings a classier and minimalist design of black and gray colors. Accessibility-wise, you can wear and take off this suit using the zipper at the back.

Lastly, it has a flat-lock stitched seam that makes it more durable and flexible for the outdoors.

With the said material used for the fabric, this product is recommended for those willing to shell out money for this wetsuit technology. Nonetheless, the Mares Graph-Flex 3mm wetsuit is a step up from your usual wetsuit.

4. EVO 1mm Wetsuit

Best Thin Wetsuit for Warmer Temperatures

Key Features

  • Stretchable for up to 235% of its original shape
  • Neoprene skin-off panels on the chest and back of the wetsuit jacket
  • Neoprene skin-in seals on wrists and ankles
  • 1mm Neoprene layer

Like other wetsuits, this full wetsuit from EVO uses a layered 1mm thick neoprene fabric to protect against cold temperatures. However, this one is a bit thinner than other products that use a 2mm thick fabric. Thus, this warmer wetsuit is only for up to 24 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nonetheless, the EVO 1mm Wetsuit has various protective features against exposure to cold temperatures.

It includes neoprene panels on the chest and back and skin-in seals on the wrist and ankles. The thin fabric may also provide flexibility, allowing more movement for the wearer.

For its basic features, the EVO 1mm Wetsuit still can provide adequate protection needed as you move on warm water diving.

5. EVO 3mm Full Wetsuit 

Best Budget-Friendly 3mm Wetsuit for Women

Key Features

  • 3mm Thick Neoprene Fabric
  • Flat-Lock Sewn-on Knee Pads
  • Zipper on the Back of the Wetsuit

The 3mm Full Wetsuit from EVO uses a 3mm neoprene fabric for heat to trap amid colder waters. Another feature of this product is the two flat-lock sewn knee pads for added comfort and durability.

You can also quickly wear this product with its back zipper with a pull strap for easy opening.

The EVO 3mm Full Wetsuit is thicker than the 1mm counterpart in terms of affordability and features. This is preferable for those who want the best wetsuits for their various aquatic activities.

6. Waterproof Women’s W30 2.5mm Sport Series Fullsuit

Most Affordable

Key Features

  • YKK Aquaseal Back Zipper
  • Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock (WPAD) for storage of accessories
  • Polyurethane is embossed at the back part of the wetsuit.
  • Nylon-lined Neoprene

The Waterproof W30 for Women is a highly durable, secured, and reliable full-body wetsuit for female water sports enthusiasts.

Utilizing a 2.5 mm nylon-lined neoprene fabric, this attire protects you from moderately cold temperatures, but not in colder conditions below 21 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

This product has a lot of impressive protective features against flushing. The back zipper, for instance, is made from YKK Aquaseal zipper material, and the back panel is built with polyurethane. 

What’s more interesting is that this one is affordable enough as it makes the Waterproof Women’s W30 the most valuable wetsuit attire for your surf sessions!

7. Bare Elate 3/2mm Wetsuit 

Best Wetsuit for Women of Various Body Types

Key Features:

  • High-stretch neoprene fabric
  • Armor-flex Knee Pads for full use of Neoprene fabric
  • Heavy-duty back zipper

If you’re concerned with body size and shape relative to the wetsuit, don’t worry, as Bare Sports has you covered.

The Elate 3/2 mm Wetsuit from Bare Sports fits various shapes and sizes due to its high-stretch Neoprene fabric. It also has a three-dimensional fit feature that corrects the form of the wetsuits for all body types.

The Bare Elate 3/2 mm wetsuit satisfies every woman interested in aquatic sports which needs a high-quality water suit in terms of quality and performance.

8. O’Neill Women’s Reactor 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit 

Best Stylish Women’s Wetsuits for Surfing

Key Features:

  • Available in Black, Graphite, and Berry colors
  • 3mm Thick Neoprene fabric on the torso, 2mm thick fabric on the arms and legs
  • 30% super trench neoprene material on shoulders and arms
  • Double seal neck closure for added protection

Looking for the best wetsuit for all water activities? You’re in luck, as we have the O’Neill Women’s Reactor 3/2mm Full Wetsuit – the best women’s wetsuits for surfing.

This suit is designed for those who want a soft, comfortable fit with Neoprene fabric. For instance, the 3mm and 2mm thick material on the torso and arms and legs, respectively. The shoulders are also composed of 30% FluidFlex super trench neoprene for upper body flexibility. 

The sophisticated design and reliability of this wetsuit from O’Neill are worth the purchase.

9. XCEL Womens Axis Back Zip 5/4mm Fullsuit 

Best Cold Water Wetsuit for Women

Key Features

  • Thick neoprene fabric: 5 mm at the torso, 4 mm at the arms and shoulders
  • Ultra Lightweight neoprene fabric to sustain elasticity across all body shapes
  • Thermo-Lite technology for added warmth

Do you know that the thicker the wetsuit, the higher the ability to withstand cold temperatures? In this case, the XCEL Axis 5/4 mm Full Suit for Women can handle up to 16 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Fahrenheit making it the best cold water wetsuit on our list.

In terms of suitability for various body types, this wetsuit from XCEL fits nearly all shapes and sizes, plus the ultralightweight and thicker neoprene fabric is versatile.

For its advanced features, the XCEL Women’s Axis 5/4mm Fullsuit is not for people who prefer budget-friendly wetsuits. However, for people who are looking for thicker wetsuits, this product is the best option.

Best Women's Wetsuits
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Things To Consider When Buying The Best Womens Wetsuits

Warmth Factor

Combat Cold Temperatures with Warm Wetsuits

Remember, if you want a suit that will keep you warm, check out the thicknesses of the wetsuits and their suitability. Thicker fabrics in such clothing are appropriate for colder water temperatures or when you’re in an environment with low temperatures.

Traditional neoprene is often used as fabric for wetsuits. However, other brands use new materials, such as graphene, providing more warm air to the user.

Comfort & Flexibility

Wetsuits Will Affect Your Movement

Water activities require us to move more often. However, an uncomfortable or inflexible diving or surfing suit may lead to limited movements, resulting in untoward incidents.

Thinner suits are generally more flexible than their thick counterparts. These make them great options if most waves in your area require quick reaction times from surfers.

Likewise, comfortable surf wetsuits will make going onto waves easier than ever. 


Aim For Longer Usage of Your Wetsuit

You should take into account the frequency of use of the suit over time. Besides, those who wear this attire more often will need more durable suits that can withstand impacts and long-term stretching.

Meanwhile, occasional or hobbyists may want something with a little less rigidity for ease of movement. 

Those who plan on buying a wetsuit should also look into its warranty. Doing so will avoid extra costs in repairing or replacing your suit.


Add Spice to your Aquatic Action

Wetsuits are sold initially in only black colors. But, wetsuit brands have customized their products to add stylish elements such as colors and unique lines over time.

Trendy scuba or surfing wetsuits may add to your confidence as a sporty individual.

Tolerance to Cold

Wetsuit thickness matters in cold temperatures

Thinner wetsuits, while providing flexibility, may also entail less support in colder waters. This makes thicker wetsuits preferable in terms of temperature.

Wetsuits are typically thick at up to 7mm, which means that they can withstand up to 10 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and thicker suits usually fall under dry suits.


Wetsuits make the perfect addition to your diving wardrobe and can help you stay warm when it’s cold out in the water. This review is a helpful reference to find the best womens wetsuits for all of your underwater adventures!

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