How to Tie a Bristol Knot

The Bristol Knot is a secure knot for attaching your leader to your braid mainline. You’ll need to double up your mainline using a Bimini Twist or a Spider Hitch, then connecting your leader is a simple few twists and a single point of locking down.

Tying the Bristol Knot

Bristol Knot
  1. Start by creating a Bimini Twist or a Spider Hitch in your mainline.
  2. Put your leader through the loop in the mainline loop and wrap it five to seven times.
  3. Pass the tag end of your leader line through the loop formed by the leader and the first twist.
  4. Cinch down the knot about 80%, then moisten.
  5. Pull tight on the leader line and trim the 90-degree angle tag end. Make sure your double line trim is clean as well.
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Tying the Improved Bristol Knot

  1. The improved version of the Bristol Knot requires you to wrap your leader up and down the same number of times over your doubled mainline loop. This gives it a bit more bite on the mainline and increases its strength.
How to tie a Bristol Knot
The Bristol Knot, however, we prefer the Improved version better.


  • The Bristol Knot is only as good as the knot making the doubled main line loop. Make sure you use a connection that you’re confident of. Otherwise, you’ll lose your leader.
  • Use your middle finger to hold the leader and the doubled mainline tight while you tie your wraps. Use your index finger and thumb to make the wraps.


  • The Improved Bristol Fishing Knot is one of the standards for offshore saltwater fishing.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The Bristol Knot braid to mono or fluorocarbon is a quick alternative to an FG Knot.
  • This one can be a bit bulky if you plan to have your connection point to go through your guides. Save your guides and keep the leader outside so they don’t have to pass through.


Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Check out our guide on how to tie the Double Uni.

Q: How do you tie a simple FG knot?

A: Check out our guide on how to tie the FG Knot.

Q: How do you tie a Palomar knot?

A: Check out our guide on how to tie the Palomar.

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