Daiwa BG MQ Review & Unboxing โ€” Did It Impress?

DAIWA BG MQ UNBOXING - Surf Fishing Spinning Reel on Steroids

Let’s give Daiwa engineers a pat on the back for these new BG (Big Game, not Black and Gold) MQ spinning reels. These reels are beautiful, but they’re also stronger and more compact, thanks to the monocoque body design.

In this Daiwa BG MQ review, we’ll dive into all of the details on why we feel this reel is perfect for hard fishing in the surf and on the charters.

Daiwa BG MQ Spinning Reel

Daiwa BG MQ Spinning Reel
  • Lightweight and incredibly strong, aluminium allows strength...
  • Daiwa's Automatic Tournament Drag uses an improved drag...
  • Daiwa's first generation of digitally engineered gear design...

If you’ve fished the regular Daiwa BG, you already know how great this lineup has been for years. Now, take that tried and true design and inject it with steroids for added strength, cranking power, and durability.

You now have the Daiwa BG MQ in all its glory.

Looking closely at the spool, you’ll notice a slight chamfer that allows the line to seemingly fall off without getting hung up. This leads to longer casts for those trying to get their baits out past the breakers. This is also helpful when chucking lures into a crazy boil where a few extra yards could be the difference between getting it in the strike zone or not.

Cranking power has also been enhanced thanks to the BG MQ design. You get substantial drive gear in this spinning reel. All models seem to benefit from this new design in strength and increased torque delivered from each crank.

Daiwa BG MQ Specs & Features

Daiwa BG MQ Review - COMPARISON - Teardown - Analysis COMPARED to Spinfisher, BG, Saragosa, Slammer

Let’s look at what the BG MQ has to offer in terms of specs and features.

1. Monocoque (MQ) Design

Say goodbye to the two-piece design of yesterday. The new monocoque body eliminates the need for side plates, screws, and weak points. This also allows for a more compact design and reduces unnecessary weight.

2. Metal Alloy Body

The metal body is strong and resists corrosion. This is becoming a favorite in the long casting community who continue to beat up their gear in rough surf while bringing in sharks, redfish, and other monsters here in the States.

3. ABS Longcast

The modified shape of the spool allows for a better line release when casting. It’s believed to give up to 5% better casting distance, which, when coupled with the right surf fishing rig, you can get some serious distance with a braided line.

4. ATD Drag

The key to not breaking off is having a smooth and powerful drag system. Daiwa has brought their ATD Drag system into these MQ spinning reels. The ATD, which stands for Automatic Tournament Drag system, uses a newer type of drag grease that allows for increased viscosity as it is rotated by the fish to give an even smoother response.

5. Digigear

The Daiwa BG MQ has an improved meshing of gears thanks to their Digigear process. The MQ has a beefy cast zinc main gear, which isn’t the top material choice in high-end reels, but it should get the job done.

6. Rear Weight Design

For the smaller size Daiwa BG MQ spinning reels, they’ll benefit from how the size and weight distribution are allocated. To help deliver the proper action while swimming your baits, the side-to-side loading has been optimized for your fishing needs.

7. Popular Models

  • BG MQ 4000d-XH – Great for the surf
  • Daiwa BG MQ 5000 – Great for the surf
  • BG MQ 8000 – Great for the boat
  • Daiwa BG MQ 10000 – Use it for big game
  • Daiwa BG 14000 – Use it for the biggest game

Daiwa BG MQ Models

BearingGear RatioLine Per Handle TurnWeight (oz)Mono CapacityBraid CapacityDrag Max
BGMQ2500D-H6BB + 15.7 : 121.5″8.38/240, 10/21010/250, 15/18522
BGMQ3000D-XH6BB + 16.2 : 136.8″9.310/280, 12/22015/250, 20/22024
BGMQ4000D-XH6BB + 16.2 : 139.1″10.110/360, 14/25020/280, 30/20026.4
BGMQ5000D-H6BB + 15.7 : 137.8″15.314/280, 20/18030/230, 40/16026.4
BGMQ6000D-H6BB + 15.7 : 139.9″15.214/340, 20/27030/320, 40/24026.4
BGMQ8000-H6BB + 15.7 : 143.4″22.416/330, 20/28040/330, 50/28033.1
BGMQ10000-H6BB + 15.7 : 146.2″22.820/330, 25/28050/330, 65/28033.1
BGMQ14000-H6BB + 15.7 : 148.3″22.625/330, 35/28065/330,80/28033.1
BGMQ180006BB + 15.3 : 149.4″30.535/330, 40/28065/440, 80/33044.1
BGMQ200006BB + 15.3 : 152.9″30.340/330, 50/28080/440, 100/33044.1

Would We Buy the Daiwa BG MQ?

The BG MQ has improvements over the BG; the price might not warrant them. It’s a beautiful reel and will serve you well in the surf or on the boat if you take care of it and don’t submerge it. I’d likely stick with the Daiwa BG if you forced me to pick between the two.

Daiwa BG MQ Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Daiwa BG MQ sealed?

The sealing on the Daiwa BG MQ is better than on the Daiwa BG. However, there are weak spots, so it’s best not to get splashed with saltwater. These reels aren’t meant to be submerged. If your reel comes in contact with salt water, rinse it with fresh water immediately to prevent corrosion.

Which Daiwa Reel Is Best?

The Daiwa Saltiga is the best reel for inshore and offshore fishing. However, the best does come with a hefty price tag.

What is Daiwa Flagship Reel?

The Daiwa Saltiga is the flagship reel. Supposedly the Daiwa flagship is “the most powerful, smoothest and longest-lived saltwater reel ever.”

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