Daiwa BG Review: A Worthy Spinning Reel?

Unboxing One Of The Most Versatile Spinning Reels

The Daiwa BG has been a favorite of anglers who want high-quality, robust, and affordable. Let’s do a thorough Daiwa BG review to showcase why you might want to add this spinning reel to your arsenal.

A favorite of anglers across the US for surf fishing and on the boats. We look at why this reel is a solid choice for most anglers who want an awesome package that won’t break the bank.

Daiwa BG Review

Daiwa BG4000 BG Saltwater Spinning Reel, 4000, 5.7: 1 Gear Ratio, 6+1 Bearings, 39.90" Retrieve Rate, 17.60 lb Max Drag
  • Black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing ("Hard Bodyz" Body...
  • Solid Screw-In Handle, Air Rotor, Dynamic Cut Aluminum ABS...
  • Braided Line Ready Spool, Waterproof Drag System, Carbon...

We were turned on to the Daiwa BG from my buddy Ricky who uses the BG 5000 and BG 8000 on the party boats when going for yellowtail and tuna here in SoCal.

He swears by them saying they’ve laid the hurt on a bunch of fish, while not breaking the bank. When I tried it on a trip with him, I was blown away by the quality. It was hard to believe there was this much power and smoothness, especially in the drag, for a reel around $100.

Then I got to talking with Chris over at Breakaway Tackle USA and he said it’s his go to reel for surf fishing big fish out in Texas.

Chris with his Daiwa BG

I was shocked at how versatile this reel was. He mentioned he’s able to bomb it way out past the breakers with his Breakaway Cannon on his HDX surf rod.

Daiwa BG Problems

The Daiwa BG doesn’t have many issues worth noting. The only thing we could think of is that it’s not the most sealed reel on the market. Therefore, if you plan to use it where it could get a lot of salt water spray or dunked by a wave or off a kayak, it’s probably better to look at a Saltist or something similar.

Daiwa BG vs Daiwa BG MQ

We had a chance to play with the Daiwa BG MQ and compare it with the Daiwa BG. We found that the spool on the MQ allowed for a bit better line release when casting. The monocoque body was also a nice addition that allowed for fewer screws, a stronger body, and a bigger internal gear stack.

However, the BG MQ does come with a higher price for the slim benefits. If you have the extra money, go for it, or just pick up a backup BG for when that day comes to replace for the same price.

Would We Buy It Again?

Yes. We feel that the Daiwa BG is one of the best spinning reels on the market for those who want an affordable workhorse. It’s a reel that is one of our favorites and will likely remain one.

The Anglers Behind This Article:

Jon Stenstrom

Johanes Godoy

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