Do Fish Bite in the Rain? Here’s What You Should Know

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This is a question that has gone unanswered for a long time. While fishing can be difficult at times, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of catching more fish.

This article will discuss all about fishing in the rain and tell you what time of day to go fishing. If you want to know if catching more fish matters during the rainy season, then keep reading!

do fish bite in the rain
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Can I Catch Fish When it Rains?

Rainy seasons are typically the best time of year to catch more fish. Most fisheries will have higher catching rates during rainy months than they do in dry periods.

Fishing with high air pressure is much more difficult than catching with low pressure because the lower air pressure makes it easier for water to displace from your bait, causing them to bite.

Fishing in the rain during cold rain is possible because the pressure at the surface of a body of water creates what’s known as “low-pressure” areas.

The oxygen level, water temperature, and water movement levels are also higher during this time of year, which may be why catching more fish is a possibility.

More fish in the water will also have higher catching rates due to their increased activity levels during this time of year.

Do Fish Bite Better Before it Rains?

Fish activity levels have been proven to be higher before the rain, and catching more fish is a possibility. It’s the most productive fishing time.

During your fishing trip, other fish and big fishes are more active due to the increased activity levels in their food sources. A higher catching rate is a possibility when fish are biting better during this time of weather conditions.

The pressure begins rising, and the low barometric pressure is what triggers fish to bite more. The water also becomes clearer, and this encourages catching more species of fish with a higher frequency.

The muddy water of the lake and rainwater build oxygen levels up, and more fish are catching on to what is going on. Make sure you also don’t make noise because the heavy rain is enough to scare the fish away. And you wouldn’t like it.

Fishing in the Rain: Can I Catch Bass During Rain?

Bass will be more aggressive during the rain because they will have a heightened sense of smell, making catching them easier. The largemouth bass, the most sought-after game fish, will be more active compared to other fishes. During this time, oxygen levels, water temperature, and water movement levels are changing.

Use artificial baits to lure bass in catching them. Bass fishing in the rain will be more accessible because of the increased number of fish in a smaller area. They are more aggressive during rainstorms.

Bass feeding frenzy during wet weather will be more aggressive than usual, and most bass will bite heavier during a thunderstorm because they are looking for food. The low barometric pressure can send fish into a feeding frenzy. Not only that, but the runoff from heavy rain and the increase in river flow stirs small aquatic creatures.

Do Fish Bite Better After it Rains?

The answer to this question is yes. Before catching them on your fishing trip, you can use artificial baits like worms or lures with lots of scents on them so that they’ll bite quickly.

Rain helps the bait get wet, and it has a more pleasant smell, which will attract fish better after rain.

How Should I Fish After it Rains?

After it rains, the clarity in the water will be lower, and other fishes will bite more aggressively. As a result, you should go for catching bigger fish with heavier lures and bait because they are more active after rain.

Sometimes after a light rain, fishing can be a bit more difficult because of the water clarity, so fishing in shallow waters will become more productive. While after heavy rains, catching fish will be more effective in deep waters.

When fishing after it rains, you should use a lot of artificial bait like worms or lures with lots of scents on them so that they’ll bite quickly.

Best Time to Fish: Before Rain or After Rain?

The feeding activity rate of fish is higher before it rains than after. So catching more fish in the morning can be a better idea, but catching more fish by fishing at night will also work well.

Rainy days are best for catching more productive fishes because they bite aggressively with an increased activity rate and feeding time period. As a result, you should go fishing at the most convenient time and with the type of fish you want to catch.

  1. New moon – This is the best time to fish since they’re biting more aggressively.
  2. Full moon – Fishing will be difficult, and catching any fish may be unlikely.
  3. Half Moon is a good chance of catching more productive fishes because they bite aggressively with an increased activity rate and feeding time.
  4. Waning moon (on its way to full) – Fishing will be regular, but catching a lot of them is not likely to like when it’s either new or at half phase.
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Best Fishing Equipment

Quality waterproof gear is key to catching a lot of fish. You can get a starter kit for under $80 that has all the fishing rain gear, like rain jackets and gloves, but if you’re more serious about catching a fish, try investing in waterproof boots and waders as well.

A mystery tackle box is also a good investment. Catching more fish is more difficult when it’s raining, so you need to equip yourself with the best gear.

Some people will tell you that in order to catch more fish when it rains, you should wait until after rain and then start fishing because they bite better and are easier to catch. Still, I’m afraid I have to disagree.

Artificial baits help catch more fish in the rain and work better than natural bait because they don’t spoil as quickly.

Fishing Tip! Learn how to use artificial lures with our article on how to fish with artificial bait.

Rain does not deter me from catching fish; it just means I need to be prepared with good gear and artificial baits to still catch a lot of them.

Final Thoughts

Fishing in the rain can be difficult but catching more fish is a good consolation. I recommend using artificial bait for catching more and better quality fish when it rains because they don’t spoil as quickly.

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