Do Kids Need A Fishing License?

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Do kids need a fishing license?

We all know that going on a fishing trip is a great way to bond with your kids, but if you want to know if they need a valid fishing license, there is more context to it than answering with a simple yes or no.

 In this article, you will get all the help you need to understand the rules and regulations in your state so you can know whether your children need a fishing license.

In addition, we’ll also talk about everything from what kind of fishing license you need to how much money you can expect to spend. If this interests you, read on!

do kids need a fishing license
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What Age Does Your Child Need A Fishing License?

Before you grab your bait, travel to lakes, ride your boat, and take your child fishing, it might occur to you that your young one might need a fishing license.

It would not be fun to get into trouble with your state’s regulations when all you wanted was to create great memories and catch fish. 

Local Regulations By State

You can purchase fishing licenses online and others that you can obtain through certain conditions. If you are a resident senior or a disabled veteran, minor or not, you can get a state fishing license free of charge.

So, do kids need a fishing license? The answer is yes, and no. Each state varies when it comes to fishing regulations.

And to avoid any issues or complications, it would be best to talk to your local authorities to confirm whether you need a fishing license for your kids.


Kids in Alabama under the age of 16 are not required to have a license.


Alaskan residents under 18 don’t need a fishing license, and non-residents under 16 do not need a fishing license.


Minors in Arizona below ten years old do not need a fishing license to fish.


Kids fishing from Arkansas that are 17 and older must have a license for fishing.


Kids in California under the age of 16 are not required to have a fishing license.

Also, check out our article on how to buy a California fishing license.


All licenses for kids under 16 years old are free of charge. While residents ages 16 and 17 will need to inquire about an annual fishing license.


In Connecticut, it is not required to have a fishing license under 16.


Delaware minor residents need a fishing license if they are under 16.


Young anglers below the age of 16 who live in Florida must have licenses.


Kids from Georgia must have licenses if they are younger than 17.


Minors below nine years old are allowed to fish without a fishing license when accompanied by a licensed adult, but minors between nine and 15 years old need to have a minor license.


A resident child under 14 has a separate fishing limit, while a non-resident child may purchase their fishing license and have their limit in Idaho.


A fishing license is not required for young anglers under age 18 for both residents and non-residents.


Anglers at the age of 16 and below may fish in Iowa waters without a fishing license.


In Kansas, No license is required under the age of 16.


Kentucky children below 16 are required to have a fishing license.


Your child must have a fishing license if they are 17 years old or older.


Maine does not require children under the age of 16 to have licenses.


Young anglers from Maryland do not need a fish license when under 16 years old.


No license is required for kids under the age of 15.


You may catch fish without a license if you are under the age of 17.


Minors who are 16 don’t need to buy a license. 


No license is required under the age of 16.


At most, younger children who are 16 years old don’t need a license in Missouri.


Minors do not need licenses if they are 12 years old or younger.


Young anglers under 16 are not required to have licenses when fishing.


Children from Nevada can fish with a license at 12 or younger.

New Hampshire

Licenses for children from New Hampshire are not required for children younger than 16.

New Jersey

You don’t need a license in New Jersey if you are under 16.

New Mexico

Under the age of 12, you don’t need to have a license in New Mexico.

New York

Parents can allow minors 16 years old or younger to fish without a license.

North Carolina

No license is required under the age of 16 in North Carolina.

North Dakota

Children 17 years old and above need to have a license in North Dakota.


Ohio does not require anglers at the age of 16 or below to have a license.


No license is required in Oklahoma if your age is 16 or under.


Children in Oregon are not required to have a license 12.


Ages 16 or younger are not required to have a license.

Rhode Island

You don’t have to get a license if you are under 15 in Rhode Island.

South Carolina

South Carolina does not require young ones under the age of 16 to have a license.

South Dakota

No license is required under the age of 16.


Children do not need a license in Tennessee if they are under 13.


License is required for children at age 18 and over in Texas.


You can fish in Utah freely at the age of 12 or younger without a license.


Vermont does not require minors to have licenses under the age of 15.


Young anglers from Virginia do not need a license if they are younger than 17.


Children aged 15 or younger can fish without a license.

West Virginia

If you are under 15 in West Virginia, no license is required.


Minors from Wisconsin do not need a license under the age of 16.


No license is required under the age of 14.

Type Of Fishing License

Different licenses for fishing can be acquired, which could also apply to adults and children. You can purchase licenses online or in person, and they are available for single-day or annual use.

These licenses will depend on the type of water you plan to fish on and varies in cost depending on whether you or your children are residents or not.

Freshwater Fishing License

A license for fishing in freshwater is for catching catfish, crappie, trout, and others within your state’s waters.

Saltwater Fishing License

Saltwater fishing licenses are used for catching fish like striped bass, salmon, cod, sea trout, tuna, and many others.

All-Water Fishing Licenses

You can utilize an All-water fishing license for both freshwater and saltwater applications.


With this article, you will know whether your kids will need a license to go fishing. Be sure to brief your children about the common rules and tips to better guide them in their angler journey.

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