How to Tie an Eye Crosser Knot

Eye Crosser Knot, How To

The Eye Crosser Knot is practically a Fish N Fool knot without as many twists. They say this one is a secure connection and can be used with all types of the best fishing line and thicknesses. 

Let’s learn how to tie the Eye Crosser Knot!

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Tying the Eye Crosser Knot

  1. Start by fishing the line through the hook or ring twice.
  2. Give yourself enough tag end and form a loop.
  3. Wrap the tag end around the two parallel strands of line three times. If you were tying a Fish N Fool, you’d go five to six wraps on this step.
  4. Pull the tag end to cinch down the knot lightly.
  5. Add moisture with saliva or water.
  6. Pull the tag end to cinch down the knot on the standing line fully.
  7. Pull the standing line to finish the knot to rest on top of the hook ring.
How to tie the Eye Crosser Knot

Eye Crosser vs Palomar Knot

North American Fishing put this one up against the Palomar, and the Eye Crosser Knots competed well against it. You can use this knot with braid in place of the Palomar or San Diego Jam knot if you need something tied quickly.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Eye Crosser Knot is an excellent choice if you need a secure connection tied quickly. If you’re using braid, then we think the Eye Crosser Knot can be strengthened a bit more by adding a few more twists before cinching down.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between the eye crosser knot and the fish n fool knot?

A: The fish n fool has five to six wraps instead of three.

Q: Eye crosser or Palomar knot for fluorocarbon?

A: Both are reliable options for fluorocarbon.

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